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Bakery Business – Getting Started Guide, Features and Costs

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Start with a bakery

The buns refer to our childhood: the snacks with those little crunchy balls that would melt in our mouths making the warm filling explode. Just as bakeries offer their typical cakes, we suggest you open your Bread Shop and we give you all the tips to turn it into the profitable business you were looking for.

To learn more about this venture and so that you can start it as soon as possible, we have created this post where you will know everything you need to know and more.

Let’s get started!

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First steps in a bakery

Having done the above to have an approach to the operation that will have our business, it is time to start with the assembly of the equipment and everything you need. Since you will need to cover not only the preparation of the food but also the care of the premises, the cleaning and the box, it will be necessary to hire staff that can take care of it.

Quality must be one of your priorities and main characteristics of your business, since your reputation will depend on it, so you must use the best raw materials in the market and learn the best techniques to offer the highest quality products.

This implies looking for suppliers with a good image, with experience in the market and who are reliable in their deliveries. Establish a good relationship and comply with the payments, so they can consolidate a good connection that allows you to have everything on time.

Start with a bakery

How a bakery works

Before we get into the different types of buns, let’s define what buns are. Well, they are individual pieces of pastry, most of the time sweet, made from flour, butter, eggs, sugar, baking powder and yeast, depending on the dough used, as several different kinds are used to make them.

So opening a shop means building a physical place from which the buns can be sold. Why open a business like this? The buns accompany our breakfasts and are the infallible ones at tea time, are desired by a large part of the public, may have different potential customers and is one of the most consumed products.

We will tell you about its different types, since a Bread Shop must offer all of them:

Puff pastry: croissant, Neapolitan, palmeritas.

Doughnut dough: doughnuts, bagel, doughnuts.

Scone dough: scones and Welsh cake.

Brioche dough: brioche and Swiss roll.

Pate a choux (bomb dough): nuggets, bombs.

Biscuit dough: cupcakes, muffins, Berliner and muffins.

Requirements for a bakery

Start by consulting with the corresponding entity, the documents necessary to register your store, as well as the operating licenses that will allow you to know the conditions in which your store must remain. To equip the Bread Shop you need an oven, if it is a convector it is better for cooking your products, stoves (a stove is ideal), blender, mixer, pans, pots, wooden spoons and other kitchen utensils.

Then take care of the furniture, the counter and the displays are the first thing you should buy, as well as the location of the store. Open it in a high-density neighborhood.

In the course of these first steps, it is extremely important to make an initial quotation that allows us to approach the investment value we will need to open the bakery.

How a bakery works

Key tips for opening a bakery

If you are going to offer the option for customers to consume on the premises, you will need tables and chairs in accordance with the decoration of the place. Of course, in that case, you will also need to extend your offer to tea, coffee and chocolate to accompany the exquisite buns you will prepare in your Bunshop.

Another very important point to keep in mind is that you must keep a permanent offer, that is to say, try never to run out of some kind of scone. There is nothing more disappointing for a customer than to go and buy their favourite ones and have them all gone. Bake enough buns to have all of them always available.

Remember that the taste and presentation, must be the combination present in each product to be chosen by your customers.

Weaknesses: one of the aspects you should consider in a business like this is the dependence on suppliers, since they are the ones who provide the raw material for the products you will have for sale in the bakery. That is why it is extremely important to have two or three suppliers of the products, so that, in case of delay with the orders, you have an alternative that supplies what you need.

On the other hand, the investment can be considerably high, so to avoid falling

in money losses, don’t skip the planning and the previous market study to know what you will need and quote.

Pros: There are ways to save in the initial stage, especially when most of the investment will go towards the purchase of equipment and raw materials. Among these options we can consider online sales and promotion through the network, as well as the sale of our products with allied businesses.

It is a business idea that allows you to organize your own time and even delegate, since you will need personnel to fulfill several functions.

Success stories

Let us know the success stories of this sector so that you can evaluate its performance, measure strategies and learn more about how these businesses move in the market.

These companies have become market leaders, in addition to opening their own franchises. This is why they have become the reference points for entrepreneurs targeting the food sector.

Now, with all this information, you are ready to start your business. Remember that planning is the most important step, so don’t skip this step and start today.