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Bakery Business – Commitment, Plan and Strategy

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Entrepreneurship with a bakery business

Opening a bakery is a rounded business project, since it works with a product of mass consumption, very economical and has no age limit. All these reasons put us in front of a popular product, of easy elaboration and of infinite possibilities.

Bread is a very versatile product, which means that it can always be changed from the usual classic. To learn everything you need to know when starting up and requirements of this business, keep reading and you will become an expert in the bakery business.

Let’s get started!

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How does a bakery work?

It is easy to understand that a bakery offers bread, but in reality, its work goes far beyond that. Although the main product is bread, this includes a wide variety of formats and presentations of this same product, in addition to other related products such as cookies, desserts and other classic products of a bakery. Opening a bakery implies having a working place and professionals in the area, who can create exquisite and quality products.

We often see bakeries that offer breakfast and all kinds of drinks within their premises, as they have chairs and tables that, although they work very well in the morning, also play the role of cafeterias in the rest of the day. This movement makes it one of the most profitable businesses in the market.

Starting requirements: What do you need to open a bakery?

Now, let’s talk about the basic requirements to open this business. The first thing is to have the permits and licenses. Like all businesses, you will need them, as well as certificates and licenses for handling products directly as a manufacturer. Go to your city’s regulatory agency and learn about the particular procedures you must follow to get them. These documents will allow you to operate legally, as well as facilitate contact with suppliers.

Another key aspect has to do with the equipment of the premises. As far as possible, it should have a double function: the first is to be equipped and suitable for manufacturing baked goods, while the second is to have a shop window in front of it to display the product. You need interior showcases, machines and equipment to make the products. A common bakery works in an industrial way, so there will be a machine for each function and phase of the products.

According to the needs of the bakery, evaluate which products you need. You can also make another list of other products such as sweets, breakfast products, cookies or others that complement your product catalogue. Remember not to overdo it. This, to start with the search of the suppliers.

Entrepreneurship with a bakery

How to start a bakery?

For the business of opening a bakery to work successfully, it will be necessary to develop a business plan through which we will select the recipes with a criterion of uniformity, quality and variety. Uniformity and variety are not opposites, but complementary, so it will be necessary to investigate how it can be varied without implying a decrease in quality.

In turn, we will detail all the expenses that we will have, dividing those of investment like those of monthly fixed character. We can have an approximation of the amount of investment from the quotations that the business plan shows.

Pre-planning: What products will you sell?

Before starting to make the baked goods, it is necessary to plan what we will sell. To do this we will need to have a recipe book, which will have been carefully selected, according to the products or types of bread most consumed in the sector. Among the possible recipes we find different styles of bread, the pastries, the croissants, the cakes and other bakery products and jams, such as cakes and pastries.

You can be in charge of the elaboration of the bakery products, however, if this is not your strong point or you do not have the knowledge to do it, you can hire a baker to do this task. In addition, you will need one or two other people to take care of other complementary tasks in the making of the product, as well as someone to clean and take care of the place.

How to promote a bakery?

To promote your business you have several options. You can start by making flyers and hiring a group of people who like the work and who have enough time to walk around the streets and distribute them in busy places. You can also make your business visible with signs and banners outside the store so passersby can see you, even leaving flyers at homes or other businesses in the area that don’t

to be your competition.

A good image and reception of customers, you can become an important reference point, so it is also desirable to have a presence on the web, where you can even publish your products and sell them online to areas of the same city. Do not discard this important tool.

Key tips to make money with a bakery as a business 

Suppliers who attend a Bakery are as important as the employees, because if they arrive late, we will not be able to produce our products on time, while if they do not come, they will make us lose the day, and if they deliver less goods, they will make us lose money.

A happy customer’s palate is a priority and a goal in the bakery, so working to improve and increase customer satisfaction is a continuous job. Customer loyalty is based on good service and kindness, as well as the confidence and taste that your staff has in serving them, this will allow them to want to buy again in your bakery and recommend your product and service, which, these days, is what has hanging more than one business.

Weaknesses: one of the most frequent mistakes made by bakeries and that limits their profits, is the production of few types of bread based on the most consumed by their customers. It is clear that we need to meet demand, however, producing only a few types of bread could limit our profits and not innovate in the market. Try to do both; both producing for the most consumed, and proposing new products that will surprise customers.

To obtain profitability with new products, it is important to promote them and put them on offer, as customers will find it more feasible to get to know them and try them out.

Points in favor: the main advantage that we must emphasize of this business idea, is without a doubt the massive consumption of its products, since it has become one of the most important references of the public and therefore, with the products always in a constant demand.

With this venture, you have a greater potential to expand it as you consider it necessary, because as we mentioned, it also becomes a space to share the consumption of the products. In addition, you have the control of your products and their quantity to offer them to the public, even focusing on a particular line.

What do you need to open a bakery

Success stories 

To account for the profitability of businesses like this one, it is necessary to look at the success stories of many entrepreneurs who have managed to achieve it on a path that they laid out with much effort, commitment, discipline and passion.

Set the course of your business with these important market references.

Opening a Bakery is a business that requires effort and dedication, so you must pay attention to every detail, even after it is open and operating, since permanent supervision is necessary to adjust details and fix procedures that do not work and thus be able to reformulate the proposal as many times as necessary.

Start today.