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Opening a brewery – tips for success with a brewery

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Tips for opening a brewery

Beer is the quintessential friend meeting drink. No one can resist its bubbly frost and its intense taste. So what could be better than setting up a brewery? In that area, beer will no longer be one of the many offers of the place, but will become the owner and lady of the place.

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Keywords: Building a bar-brewery

Steps to follow to set up a brewery

Business plan: detail in one sheet all the fixed costs you will have (rent, electricity, water, personnel, taxes). On the other hand, detail the initial investment costs (glasses, plates, kitchen elements and appliances, such as pans, irons, the kitchen itself) and the costs of opening a business. Once you have it, compare it with the money you have available and evaluate whether it is convenient for you to apply for a loan or if you can manage it.

Choosing the place: make sure it is a place that is suitable for a lot of people and where you can make a lot of noise. It should also have sinks for washing the dishes, two bathrooms (male and female) and, fundamentally, allow you, if you rent it, to reform it.

Marketing Plan: develop strategies to attract the attention of customers. In the following section, we will give you some ideas to stand out from the other breweries, which you will have to make known to the people so that they attend your exclusive brewery. Two very effective methods are advertising through flyers (with exclusive designs and photographs) and then the must-see website and Facebook. Invite the customers you have to share their Facebook with you, this will make an endless chain of friends that, if you learn to handle the Facebook with a commercial perspective, your customers will line up to enter your brewery.

Steps to follow to set up a brewery

How to set up a brewery and stand out from the crowd

When setting up a brewery, it is important to look for ways to make ours unique. To do so, the first thing we must think about is DECORATION.

Decorating and setting the brewery will be 80% of the business set up, as the sensory aspects that I can exploit with a good decoration will be the attraction that customers will find in our establishment and that will make them come back again and again. To do this, you must take into account the following:

LIGHTS: in the amber tones and quite dim, the lights will give you that warm touch that will make customers feel like in their second home.

WOOD AND COPPER: wood will be the star: furniture, cladding, bar, decorative barrels… wood will complement the warmth of the place and give it that touch of Irish tavern, while copper will evoke the processes of distillation.

BEER BRANDS: ask the suppliers to give you posters and metal items to hang, on which the beer brands appear. Once you have them, arrange them as if they were pictures on the back wall facing the customers.

Finally think about the details: ceramic chops (if they have the name of the brewery much better), exclusive design furniture, retro paintings on the walls, candles on each table, some characteristic aroma you want to float in the air of your brewery and, of course, the food. Offer a basic but exquisite meal service and you will see your clientele increase. A tip? Potatoes and their different ways of cooking go very well with beer.

Problems that can arise when opening a brewery

Making a bar work can be a difficult undertaking. One of the mistakes is that the prices you put on your beer bar don’t offset the costs. Many times prices are set just by the competition without taking into account your own fixed cost structure. If you make this mistake you may be selling below cost and losing money. If you don’t balance the costs very well, you can have a lot of losses. Another mistake you can make is storing the products you are selling. Product that doesn’t go out means loss for the bar. Another mistake you make is not doing any control and follow-up. The bar needs to be managed.

Final recommendations for the success of your brewery

It is required to make a business plan with all the fixed and variable costs involved in opening your bar. Set prices according to the costs you have incurred. Be very careful in the selection of the products you are offering so that you do not keep cold inventory that does not sell. Above all, you must keep track of your bar, weighing sales, costs, profits and inventory.