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Celebration Cake Making Business – Getting Started Guide

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Getting into the cake-making business 

The candy business is growing every day. Celebrations compete with each other to offer the most beautiful, colourful, modern and tasty birthday, wedding, baptism or any other celebration. And who doesn’t want to have the best cake for an event like this?

How do they achieve it? By hiring the best professional in the area, who will know what to offer for each occasion and that their table of sweets is worthy of competition or, as used to happen in the far-off kingdoms of fairy tales: “so beautiful that from all the far-off kingdoms they came to admire it”.

This is precisely what can be achieved by dedicating yourself to making cakes and pies for celebrations.

Let’s see what you need to get started:

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First steps in the celebration cake business

Choose the type of channel you are going to choose or the concept on which you will set up your cake and pastry business for sale, from this your initial needs will be different. If you plan to open a store, then you will need to find a suitable place close to the public, the same if you plan to offer at home, because you will need a bicycle or a motorbike to carry the product.

All this must be incorporated into the business plan you make, where we specify not only the activity of our business, but also how it will work and in this sense, the investment needs that will allow us to have an approximate figure of the amount we need. Buy your starting materials, establish the first recipes with the professional and start the base production for the sample of your products.

Do not forget:

The sweet table is a fundamental requirement of any party, especially when it takes place in a hall that we hire to hold the celebration there. It is then that we must show off with a corner in which all the colour, brightness, originality, skill and flavour have their chance to be displayed.

Getting into the cake-making business 

How a cake and cake business for celebrations works

Well, the idea of entrepreneurship that we propose is to open a business where we will prepare our own cakes and pastries for celebrations, with a series of designs and creative and innovative combinations that will manage to capture the attention and then the palate of our target audience. This offer can be offered through different sales channels.

One of them would be to open a shop open to the public, with the offer available and from where orders can be placed. However, you can also sell to bakeries with established premises or other businesses exclusively for them to sell to their customers. You could even choose to operate without a store and take the products home.

The latter options involve more dedicated advertising work, as this is how we will reach our customers.

Requirements of a cake and pastry business

In addition to the permits that all companies must apply for in order to operate, in the case of food handling, we will need a special permit from the bromatology section, or the section that corresponds according to the country, belonging to the ministry of health. This also implies registering our business with the corresponding entity.

On the other hand, knowledge in the area is another essential requirement, this, even when you plan to hire a professional, because it is your duty to know all areas of your business. You should know all the types of light doughs, their whipping and cooking points, all the possible fillings and baths, the points of the candies and the meringues. In other words, be the kings and queens of sugar.

Key tips for starting with cakes and pastries 

However, it does not only take money to start a business, it actually goes much further than that, we need process planning and strategies to take advantage of the market and gain position in it, so it is important:

Originality: you need to print originality and a lot of creativity, to know how to put our own brand on cakes and pies, either in the form, design, name, or flavor. A cake must know how to “sell” itself and this is done by its exterior design, everything we put in the bathroom, not to mention the promising flavors of its interior.

If you open a children’s section, you have to keep up with the latest trends and fashionable characters.

Customer Portfolio/Sales Techniques: When we get into the business of making cakes and pastries for celebrations, it is not enough to know how to make delicacies that are also presented in a very attractive way, but it is also necessary to handle the marketing and sales techniques that experts in these areas recommend. Once we manage them, we will start to form our own client portfolio.

Key tips for starting with cakes and pastries 

Weaknesses: it is key to take into account the level of competition that this type of business has, because in today’s market we can find a wide variety of products that offer this same demand and that promise everything to customers. That is why more than a necessity, being creative and original becomes a requirement that the entrepreneur cannot forget.

It is an activity that requires much effort and patience to grow, so do not be overwhelmed if in a short time you do not have the results you expected, it will be a matter of continuing to work and evaluate possible strategies that allow us to gain ground.

Points in favor: as we saw, the possibilities for entrepreneurship are many. This business idea, in particular, allows us to start our own cake and pastry business in the dimensions that are within our possibilities, since we are the ones who choose how and to whom to sell, which allows us to accommodate it to our current conditions.

This, in turn, facilitates a much more flexible work schedule in which you can organize your time and start offering delicious cakes and pastries.

Success stories

There are many examples of enterprises that started small but steady, with a particular product and today have an offer available to the public in different areas of the world, as the expansion of their business in the form of franchises has allowed them.

All of them started with little, but always with the effort, energy and discipline that a project they are passionate about, allows them to put into practice.

Start your profitable business today and start growing.