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Local Business Condensed Milk Desserts – Startup Guide and Tips

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Start in the condensed milk dessert business

The desserts are the ones that close the meal, give that final touch to the main course and are the kings of the celebrations. If you add to their taste and texture that they are made with condensed milk, you will have a fabulous profitable business: a local condensed milk dessert.

Why open a bmilk dessert shop? The answer is provided by the taste, quality, consistency and texture of the products made with it. That is why it becomes an excellent option to undertake.

Stay until the end and discover how to open your own business.

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First steps in the condensed milk dessert business

Carry out a market study that allows you to identify the area where most of your target audience is located, which, in the case of a dessert business, are usually areas where the child and youth population is concentrated, but, by offering other options, you can expand your potential audience. A business like this does not require a very large premises, so you can look for one that suits your initial needs and has a good location.

Set up your business with the raw materials, utensils and other equipment, evaluate the possibility of placing practical chairs and bars, where your customers can sit and enjoy dessert.

A very good option to attract the public’s attention is themed decoration. Since you offer desserts, your decoration should include pictures, too, of your products, as well as the colors that are in the place, should match everything in sight.

How a condensed milk dessert business works

How a condensed milk dessert business works

This business idea proposes to open a store that sells, especially, condensed milk desserts, a delicious product and one of the main references in the world of desserts. Condensed milk is half the way to dulce de leche, that is, it is obtained in the middle of the dulce de leche production process.

Although the products you will offer are the same classic desserts, such as cupcakes, scones, cakes, tartlets, puddings, cookies, croissants, custards, puddings, various fillings for bombs, among others, the difference of using condensed milk will make you make a difference in your baking proposal.

It is a proposal that dessert lovers will not be able to resist.

Requirements of a condensed milk dessert business

In order to open a condensed milk dessert shop you will need to pay for the opening and operating permits of your company. In turn, you will have to invest in the rent of the premises and the corresponding deposit, if the owner requires it.

You will also need to invest in the initial raw material to produce your products. It is important that you know that condensed milk is expensive to produce, since from 3 kilos of sugar and 1 litre of milk, you get approximately half a litre of product. In order not to have losses in your business, it is important that you take this into account.

Finally, you must think about the equipment, which will be made up of an oven, a stove, a mixer, a blender, kitchen utensils, pudding moulds, cupcakes, cookies, dough sticks, wooden spoons, among others. Make a quote of its cost to add to your initial investment.

How do I promote my business?

Concentrate on letting people know that the products are made from condensed milk, you can place beautiful and attractive pictures of the desserts you offer (you can’t imagine the miracles Photoshop can do for your advertising campaign), you can also choose the best media, such as flyers, brochures in restaurants or nearby areas.

Keep in mind that when offering a top quality product, trifolds must be of equal quality: glossy paper, full color photos and short, concise, to the point text.

Requirements of a condensed milk dessert business

Key tips for opening a condensed milk dessert business

In order for you to become familiar with the market and your own business, it is advisable to opt for various channels that allow you to reach your audience. One way to do this is by making desserts for special dates and contacting event businesses where you can promote them. Thus, you can make delicious condensed milk desserts for marriages, birthdays, Christmas, etc. You can even sell to other businesses.

Keep a sales record with the values of the products you sell to have an initial control. Also, we recommend you take pictures of each product, especially if they are new recipes or with new decorations to add to the advertising.

Do not forget that the Internet can become your best ally, so take advantage of its reach to sell your desserts there, communicate with your potential customers and publish promotions to which  they’re not going to be able to resist.

Weaknesses: among the disadvantages, one point that we must take into account is that this type of business requires a considerable investment, especially when considering not only the equipment of the premises, but also the purchase, rental and / or adaptation of this to install our business, including its decoration. However, in order to have a return in less time, we recommend you to use other sales channels.

The hiring of personnel should be done with great care, always evaluating the references of the interested parties, their experience and knowledge, because not doing so would imply one of the greatest initial risks.

Points in favor: desserts, among the food products to undertake, comprise one of the best sectors given the conditions it has in the market, since it is one of the most sought after and desired by the public. That is why, taking advantage of this panorama, it is convenient to create a very varied offer of products that can be aimed at the whole family.

Innovation and creativity are essential aspects for those who undertake in a sector like this, so it is key that you are innovative with what you present to the public, either in the name, decoration, theme and name of the desserts, delivery, etc.

Success stories

To begin with, there is nothing better than having reference points to which we can point our business, so in the success cases of this business, we present you some restaurants in the food sector, which have managed to consolidate as market leaders, taking their enterprises not only to success, but also opening franchises that have allowed them to expand.

Evaluate their operation, modes of operation, experience in the market, among other aspects that will be key to your business and allow you to enter with greater knowledge to create much more efficient strategies.

And you, what are you waiting for to start your condensed milk dessert business? Don’t think about it anymore and start planning your own profitable project.