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Step by Step Drinking Bar Business – Needs, Tips and More

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Start a Drinking Bar Business

The term this type of business is often used in countries such as Spain, although without the same concept, it is also carried out in other countries and continents. Well, the cocktail bar proposes what could be a kind of disco in a smaller proportion or a small bar with music, perfect to share a pleasant time.

A cocktail bar is a highly profitable business focused on drinking, which, although with the atmosphere of a discotheque, prioritizes this product and allows those who prefer to chat with a drink in hand, to do so comfortably. If this type of business is what you are interested in, why not learn more about it?

Let’s see everything you need to get started.

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How does a cocktail bar work?

As we mentioned, cocktail bars are mostly inclined to consume drinks with a varied atmosphere between music, decoration and the theme of the bar. For this reason, a cocktail bar does not operate every day of the week, but, unlike other physical businesses, it operates with more flexible schedules.

How to approach the bar business: According to the prices you set, as well as the music you want to set the space with, you will have the power to define the type of customers you are going to address. As we mentioned, you can have a particular theme or offer other products that can be consumed during the day.

 What do I need to open a cocktail bar?

Because of the type of products you are going to handle, it is extremely important that you have all the permits and licenses to operate according to the conditions of the law, since this type of business is usually governed by other laws and regulations, and needs other mandatory licenses. Make sure you know all the legal aspects of your bar and that you have all the necessary documentation.

Even if it is a small place, it will be necessary to have staff to deal with different tasks within the bar. Among the tasks that will be executed are: direct attention to customers, bartender, administration and bill payments. However, these tasks can be distributed and even install a security system in the bar that contributes to this area.

How do I start my own bar?

In order to find a place for your business, you must take into account that for this sector of the market, it is convenient to set up on a route where there are more bars, because if you look, potential customers of the bars often pass by the business to determine the best place.

In addition to the chairs, tables, products, utensils, glasses and cups, decoration, theme and so on, in the equipment of the bar we must include the costs of remodeling and arrangements that we have to make for the proper operation.

As for the detailed costs of the equipment, products and materials you will need, these depend on several aspects, including whether they are new or used, the material of manufacture, etc.

Start a Drinking Bar Business

What products do you offer in a cocktail bar?

According to the main products handled by this type of business, we find the following types of drinks to start looking for the best suppliers: cocktail, gin, beer, cognac, vodka, brandy, tequila, rum, whiskey, punch, food, non-alcoholic drinks, fruit to incorporate into the drink, among the most important.

How do you promote a cocktail bar?

It is important to emphasize the great launch of the bar, so advertising, mainly, should be focused on this day. Hand out flyers and place ads to announce your new business around the place. Also remember that the business must be visible and indicate what it is from its external appearance, this will be a plus for customers passing through the place.

Online promotion for a business like this today is a must. You can open your own website or social network profiles from which you can be closer to your customers, publish promotions, days of events, etc. You can’t imagine the reach you can have if you stay active.

Tips for setting up a bar and making money

To search for your suppliers, it is convenient to do a search on the web or in the directory of your city, as well as to consult which are the suppliers of the businesses related to this sector. In order to make your choice, make sure you know how each supplier works, as well as their prices, delivery times, prestige and compliance.

For the launch, the first sight of the bar to the public, it will be necessary to plan a series of strategies that allow us to call the attention of the potential public we are looking for and invite them to enter our business. For this, we can offer free food, a significant discount for the first drink, a free beer, offers to the first customers, among other