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Espresso Machine – Beginnings and Warnings

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Getting started in the espresso business

Coffee machines are interesting models for making money, as they require little knowledge to manage and operate, and provide one of the most consumed beverages worldwide. Their operation is simple; insert water and filtered coffee, press a button and the machine will have the coffee ready in the cup.

There are many models in this category that produce milk with espresso and cappuccino coffee. It may be the most suitable for those who want to open a small business. However, you can aim for a larger business, such as a restaurant or a larger company, where you will need a professional machine.

Are you interested in this business idea? Let’s see what you need to get started:

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First steps in the espresso business

As we have said before, it is key that you inform yourself well before buying, and not run the risk of not collecting all the necessary information. A good option would be to rent for a while, even to find out if you have an audience to consume your product. This will allow you not only to save a little money, but also to get closer to the market so that you become familiar with it.

Look at the brands of espresso machines that provide after-sales support and a good maintenance team. The maintenance price of a professional espresso machine is usually high, so be careful and don’t forget to keep the warranty that they provide after the purchase very well.

When looking at the place where you are going to install them, make sure that, if it is not a place or business of your property, the area you choose has good visibility to the public or that they are businesses where customers can ultimately find the sale of coffee.

First steps in the espresso business

How a business with an espresso machine works

This business idea proposes investing in the purchase of coffee machines that can be installed in different areas. It is essential to evaluate the main Italian espresso machine brands (which are the best in export) Saeco, Gaggia, Bianchi and LaSpaziale and they are among the most chosen.

Usually, the machines already come with a grinder in the machine. This will depend on the model of the espresso machine you choose to start with.

Espresso requirements

It is crucial that before buying the machine or machines, you check the models, features, brands and look mainly on the Internet for the opinion of other buyers.

Sometimes the cost of the equipment can be low, but it becomes impractical when it comes to maintenance. Remember that not always the quality of the product is reflected in its economic value, be sure to investigate very well, because the performance of your business will depend on its proper functioning.

Tips for making money with an espresso machine

In order to have a good quality of the final product (espresso), it is necessary to have a certain care in its preparation, especially with regard to the water.

That is why we have gathered here some recommendations for this procedure, such as: avoid the use of tap water because of the excess of chlorine that can alter the taste of the drink. Preferably use filtered or bottled water. Use the filter of the water network that enters the machine. The best water filters are those with activated carbon or silver. Since the impurities in the water are inside the machine (boiler) or in the drink, contaminating and altering the taste of espresso.

Do not try to get more cups than the size of the filter. A good espresso should be served in a 50 ml cup and finally, always evaluate the state of the machine and perform a correct and continuous maintenance to avoid any failure or detect it in time.

Weak points: unless you are an expert in coffee machines, buying it can be a simple process, as your experience will tell you which machine and type is the most convenient, but if this is not the case, this process can take more time and there will be more risks, as sometimes it is not worth trusting the seller if he does not know the need and the use you will give to it.

That is why we insist on previous research, because this first approach will provide you with many tools knowing what you need and the most convenient type of machine to offer the most demanded in the market.

Advantages: investing in an espresso machine can be a business idea that allows you more flexibility in a matter of time and presence, since you can either rent it out with other businesses or divide the profits according to the coffees prepared if the premises where it is located are not owned by you.

Success stories 

This type of business allows the profits to not stay in one place,

but the purchase and investment of other machines allows them to be installed in other areas to increase profitability. Proof of this are the businesses whose franchises are already operating internationally.

Analyze their experience, know their operation modes and be inspired by these successful businesses, which you can achieve with your own venture.

And you, what are you waiting for to start?