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Food truck business – Strategy, Planning and Initiation

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Start a food truck business

If you want to set up a food business and do not want to embark on the adventure of setting up a restaurant because it is so expensive and the investment so great that you must do, mount a food truck or a food truck, as is usual to call them, is one of the business ideas that has been taking much momentum these days.

Therefore, if you are attracted by the world of food to undertake and formulate your own business project, then this is one of the ideas that you should take into account.

How to start? Let’s see everything you need to know.

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Running a food truck business

We can divide the structure to assemble a food truck into two different sections:

The truck: today there are many models of trucks, so we can try to choose the size that fits our pocket and the conditions we are looking for. There is the option of buying a new or used truck, where sometimes the best option ends up being to buy a used one, until the business stabilizes. This, to reduce costs, but not without first evaluating the vehicle conditions.

The framework of the kitchen: here comes the preparation of the dishes, the kind of food you will offer, you must know if they meet the health requirements demanded by each country, if you will offer cold food such as salads, sandwiches, or fast food in general with a wide range.

Start a food truck business

Requirements for a food truck

The first thing you need to do is to check the permits that are needed to implement this business in your city. This is because operating and regulatory requirements often vary by city. This way you will know what expenses you will have to make in order to enable this business on wheels.

After you know what initial permits you need, you can then check what insurance you need and the cost, which will depend on the insurance company, although it should not be much more expensive than insurance for a regular car. You should get a certificate of a food vendor. Each city has its own regulations and in many cases you will need separate permits for you and your food cart.

How do I start my food truck business?

After you have all the paperwork to set up your food truck, you will need to determine what type of food you will sell, create a menu and see what types of food can get the attention of potential customers. To do this, we recommend that you carry out a market study that will allow you to know not only the demand of your public, but also the market rates, competitors and more.

Try to avoid complicated menus or meals that are difficult to prepare, also keep in mind that the space of the truck is reduced, but beyond that, the ideal is to have the food prepared to avoid wasting time and sell quickly.

How do I promote my food truck?

Far from the location, promoting this type of business depending on its location can be a complex matter, since you can easily move around in search of customers in areas with high pedestrian flow. However, the truck itself should have bright colors with the menu on display to attract the attention of the public.

Hand out flyers for your launch, so you can set up a frequent location where your customers can find you. Also, create social networks from where you can be in contact with your audience and even point out your location to expand your possibilities.

Key tips for making money with a food truck

Key tips for making money with a food truck

The food trucks you usually see are the ones that sell Hot Dogs and Sandwiches. Therefore, there is usually a low competition in the Food Truck market, giving us the possibility to enter with other foods, such as those dedicated to international meals, healthy foods, smoothies and drinks.

The most important thing for this business is the price and quality of the food. Remember that most of the people who buy in the food truck are people who are just passing through and are looking to eat well for little money. If you offer good quality food at a reasonable price, success is assured.

You must also adapt and personalize the truck, remember to determine the meals you will offer to organize it according to that and their needs.

Weaknesses: The initial calculations for this type of business, which involve the purchase of the food truck, adaptation and so on, can be around $8,000, which would be too high an investment if you are looking to reduce costs. So a good option would be, as we told you, the purchase of a used truck that we can adapt or even one that is already adapted to become a food truck.

On the other hand, it is convenient, before buying the

truck, consult the operating permits for businesses like this, since in many areas there are not even regulations to be able to roll on the streets and sell our products.

Points in favor: Nowadays, the eagerness of daily life generates the need to buy products of immediate consumption, that is why this type of business is so well received in the market. Also, operating costs can be reduced considerably if we take into account that we do not need to rent a place of operation, which ultimately generates significant costs.

On a general level, this is a good way to do business, as you do not need experience or specialist knowledge, but only those who are responsible for preparing the meals you are going to offer. You can even invest in chairs and tables that you can put in the area where you are going to be located.

Success stories 

If you are your first venture, then you can be inspired by other businesses that have achieved success at a slow but steady pace. In our success stories, we leave you with companies in the food sector that have managed to open their own franchise network.

As you can see, the possibilities with a food truck business are many, so starting up in this sector is one of the best options.

And you, what are you waiting for to start