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Setting up a Frankfurterie – Startup Guide, Entrepreneurship and Requirements

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Start in the Frankfurter’s business

Fast food is the icon of our society: it solves the much feared dilemma of what to eat when we are at the office or when we arrive home tired. Lately, however, attempts have been made to avoid fried foods, given their high saturated fat content.

That’s when they’ve been looking for alternatives to be able to sell fast food that isn’t necessarily junk or cooked in boiling oil. This is how the idea of setting up a Frankfurteria came about, a bar that offers a different alternative to fast food.

Are you interested in this business idea? Find out how to open it.

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First steps of a Frankfurter 

The first thing is to carry out a market study that allows you to become familiar with your business. In this way, we can identify the location of our main clients, possible competitors, best installation areas, prices that are handled in the market and in this way we can work on strategies that will allow us to gain position.

Later, you will need to make a business plan that allows you to calculate the amount of initial investment, since it will specify everything that our business will need.

What is a Frankfurter and how does it work?

Start in the Frankfurter's business

What are the requirements of a Frankfurter?

Before opening this business, you need to carry out some preliminary procedures, such as finding out the necessary information from the state offices in charge of qualifying companies, as well as going to the Ministry of Health and requesting the requirements for setting up a food processing and dispatch facility.

Likewise, in addition to having a physical establishment, you will need to properly equip and condition it to turn it into a frankfurter bar, with all that this implies. The premises must have views and an exit to the street.

Business equipment

This is a separate chapter on the subject of the premises, since it is a question of providing it with furniture, such as tables and chairs, a counter, while also equipping the kitchen, refrigerator and other elements related to the preparation and conservation of food.

To this you must add the decoration of the place with photographs of the food, the menus, the name, among others.

We move on to the search for suppliers. Although each frankfurter will be assembled according to particular menus, the product itself must be purchased. To ensure a good supply, you must become a good supplier, who will provide you with good quality products on time.

How to promote a Frankfurter?

When the time comes to promote the frankfurter bar, you will need to reach the population living in the area near your place, as well as the city in general, since there is no shortage of people who travel a few kilometers to enjoy a tasty meal.

When promoting and advertising your food venue, you should concentrate on the points you want to emphasize, such as the price, quality and variety of the menu you have decided to create by setting up a Frankfurter.

Key tips for setting up a Frankfurteria 

In addition to the basic equipment, when setting up a Frankfurteria it is necessary to give it a decoration that identifies it. This will range from the style and material of the furniture, to the curtains, including the posters and interior pictures, which can be classic images of brands of drinks that you sell in your establishment, as well as images that you send to design especially for your business.

Customer service is the key point of food business, and it can’t stop being a key point for your own business. Offering quality, friendly, respectful and efficient service can easily make a difference and improve the image customers have of you. Put yourself in the position of a customer, think about how you like to be treated and make sure that the people in charge have the same skills to serve your audience.

Weak points: if you do not have experience in the preparation of the food you are going to sell or knowledge, it is advisable to take some time to get to know all the procedures that the products have to go through for the final dishes. This, even if you are not the one who will be in charge of preparing them, because every entrepreneur must know every aspect of your business.

Location is a key point for food businesses, especially for fast food businesses, since there is a high level of competition. That is why you must open a business with the most delicious products, the best combinations, the best service and in this sense you will have everything to be chosen.

What are the requirements of a Frankfurter

Points in favor: it is a business idea with very good profitability, given that fast food is one of the most consumed dishes in the world. In the same way, it allows you to experiment and create new combinations

to captivate your customers’ palates, as you can also take advantage of the wide variety of profiles to create different products to suit all tastes.

On the other hand, you can increase the sales channels by offering these products at home and thus increase your sales.

Success stories 

In order to know and give an account of the profitability of this sector and especially of this type of food, we find a great variety of companies. These are companies that managed to open their own franchise network and today are consolidated as the market leaders. Learn about their modes of operation, experience and more to set the course for your own business.

Start today and start growing with your Frankfurter.