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Frozen Yogurt Shop – Features, Costs and Tips

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Start in the Yogurt Shop business

Ice cream is the ultimate dessert, but it has one major disadvantage: it’s high in calories. What if we told you that you could experience its flavor in a much lighter mix, with 40% fewer calories (in fact, less than 100 calories per serving) and with a unique texture?

Yes, you guessed it! We’re talking about teaching you how to set up a frozen yogurt shop and succeed.

If you are passionate about this business idea, stay until the end to find out everything you need to know to get started and make the most of your venture.

Let’s get started!

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How does a frozen yogurt shop work?

This business idea proposes to open your own shop for one of the most consumed products in the world: ice cream, but with the particularity of being combined with another delicious product: yogurt. The combination of these two products has resulted in a delicious proposal in the world of desserts and therefore, it becomes a business idea that we should not discard in the sector.

The frozen yogurt shops become an excellent alternative to offer one of the most desired desserts and that is taking more and more position in the market. From this physical premises the product will be offered to the public. You can install some tables and chairs where customers can enjoy the dessert comfortably.

How does a frozen yogurt shop work

What do I need to open a frozen yogurt shop?

When you think about setting up an iced yogurt shop you should not overlook the legal paperwork and business and marketing plans, as well as the permits and state authorisation, as well as the bromatological permits because it is a food company.

In addition to the legal paperwork, you will need to have a place to operate. The size of this will depend on the service you want to offer: sale and space to consume on site or exclusively sale. It should be a bright place and also have good artificial lighting.

You will need a machine to make frozen yogurt, freezers, fridges, display stands, slush machines, chocolate heaters, glasses of different sizes, take-away plastic foam containers, as well as the ingredients; crushed fruit, toppings (chocolate, strawberry, caramel, etc.), chocolate chips, and other extras you want to include as extras in your desserts.

How to start a frozen yogurt business step by step?

Now, to start, the first thing you will do is a plan with detailed fixed costs with all the necessary elements that we include previously, adding the staff, if you are going to hire.

Once this is done, it will be time to start acquiring the equipment of the place and to prepare it to set up your frozen yogurt shop. This process should be done, preferably, with the guidance of a professional in order to allocate correctly the investment money. Decorate the premises and turn it into a pleasant and comfortable place for your customers.

How do I promote my frozen yogurt shop? Develop a main strategy and other secondary strategies to promote both the business and your product. You can do this by using flyers and brochures in nearby areas, but also through the Internet, participating in community groups and other platforms to sell your product.

Key tips for opening a frozen yogurt shop

Those who are going to set up an iced yogurt shop have the option of buying a franchise from a company that already has a history, success and a significant customer base. Now, if you want to set up a frozen yogurt shop with your ideas, you must make it a unique business. To do this it is essential that you have a RECIPE. It will make you find your own market niche, the one that nobody has covered so far.

A business that is starting, needs a committed staff to give the best of themselves to start to fall in love with their customers, so it is so important that people who serve directly to the public, are friendly, cordial and respectful. If possible, experience is recommended.

What do I need to open a frozen yogurt shop

Weaknesses: a business like this depends mainly on suppliers to obtain the raw material with which it can produce its sales products. This dependence can be harmful if the supplier options are not properly investigated and we find one whose quality is poor or whose delivery times are not met.

That is why the ideal is that we carry out a previous study to evaluate the best suppliers and in this sense, we can count on at least two that supply our needs.

Points in favour: the food sector is always an open field for entrepreneurs, since it responds to a constant need, as well as proposing, in this case, a delicious product that delights the palate of the smallest

even the biggest one. You can adapt the size of your business to your needs and conditions, since it is not obligatory to open a very large premises to start with, as in fact it is convenient to do it in small groups to evaluate the viability of the business in the area you have chosen.

On the other hand, it is a business that with a good promotion and a good customer service, you can easily build public loyalty, hence it is so important to have friendly staff, because much of the performance of the frozen yogurt shop will depend on it.

Success stories

The best businesses in the sector have started their entrepreneurial journey at a slow but sure pace, with commitment and dedication, which is why today they have become the market leaders and a reference for many entrepreneurs who join in and decide to move forward with their own projects.

That is why in the following link you will be able to see the companies that have consolidated franchises in different parts of the world/ and today they are becoming an example. Be inspired by their business models and set the course of your project to start growing.

Think carefully about the ingredients, percentages and flavours that will make your recipe the most sought after in the area.

Take all these factors into account and decide to set up a frozen yogurt shop that makes a difference.