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German Bar and Catering Business – Requirements and Steps

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Start in the German bar and restaurant business

When we talk about Montar Bar and Casa de Comidas Alemanas, taste and knowledge merge in one single point and this makes the place an unavoidable meeting point for lovers of good food, accompanied by a civilization whose strength is appreciated in the flavors they offer, and in being the only country capable of producing beer for pregnant women.

This is the essence of a business like this one, which you can get a lot out of if you start it with passion, commitment and discipline. If you are interested in this venture, then stay until the end to learn everything you need to know.

Let’s get started!

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First steps of a German bar and restaurant

Now that we have this ready, it’s time to start the assembly. For this we always recommend a market study to identify your competition, the rates being handled, the location of your audience and the best area to set up. This must be accompanied by a business plan in which we specify all the needs of our venture and, thus, have an approach to the initial investment capital.

Although it is the union between a bar and a restaurant, you can establish schedules or days a week for the specialty of each, for example, dedicate the restaurant for Sundays and make family events or vice versa. The menu will be the element that reflects everything we have described above, since the flavor and aroma is a fundamental part of showing this wonderful culture.

Start in the German bar and restaurant business

How does a German bar and restaurant work?

When we think of a bar that represents a country, one of the first that comes to our mind is the German one. This is because, unlike many other traditional bars and restaurants, the German appeals to our senses in every possible way, since the beams of German houses can be seen from several tens of meters away, and they are a delight to the eye.

In addition, we have a whole German aesthetic that is translated into the decoration of the place and the dress of the waiters and waitresses. Therefore, it turns out that to mount Bar and House of German Meals is an experience, in all sense of the word, sensorial.

Why open a business like this? In addition to the above, it is a project that combines two of the most profitable businesses in the market: food and drink. Therefore it is an excellent option that can easily invite the whole family with a good investment, planning and execution.

Requirements of a German bar and food house

Like any other business, you need to have all the operating licenses and permits that correspond to the type of business you plan to set up, since you will have to buy drinks and this requires other types of qualifications. In the registration of your business you will know the documents you need to have ready and the conditions that your premises must meet in order not to have problems with the regular inspection processes.

The knowledge is part of the list of requirements, because although it is your first business, we advise you to take some introductory courses in bar and house of meals to know the activities that you will have to do and in this sense, familiarize yourself with the tasks of your business.

The choice of suppliers is a very delicate and important process, so it is advisable to make a previous investigation with concrete options to evaluate the quality, delivery times, reputation and prestige, experience and other determining aspects to choose the suppliers of your business.

Requirements of a German bar and food house

What kind of food to prepare?

It is very important that the food is handmade and made in the same place. Homemade flavors have nothing to do with frozen food, so you should avoid resorting to this resource. Consult everything about German dishes and add the touch of distinction that will allow your business to become the favorite.

How do I promote my business?

One of the advantages of a specialized or thematic business like this one is that it becomes an important reference point, since with specific searches it will be among the first to appear on the list. That is why it is advisable to invest in digital advertising through a website where you publish the menu of the business, promotions and offers, contact details and location.

Days before the launch, you can start with physical advertising by handing out flyers and placing posters in nearby areas. Use an eye-catching and creative name to get your customers’ attention. Don’t forget that the decoration you use in your restaurant and bar will be key to attracting attention.

Key tips for a German bar and restaurant 

When we talked about the Montar Bar and Casa de German Meals, we think about lunch, dinner and bar service, pub style. However, we are missing another point: the snack. So tea time can become another attraction for customers and, consequently, another income.

The organization, in terms of schedules, having the food stock and the food ready, will be paramount to successfully manage this trilogy of options, since each instance should start and end at a certain time, so as to have time to change tablecloths, clean floors and prepare the minutes to be served hot.

And finally, it is necessary to make a detailed investigation about your menu and include the main representatives of this display of flavors. To cite an example, you can’t miss the sausages, the strudel for dessert and the classic beer.

Weaknesses: the investment capital can be considerably high if we consider that it is not only a bar that comes into operation, but also a house of meals, and this implies a greater amount of money to buy everything that is needed, from the raw material, to the tables and chairs, the premises, the decoration, the staff and more. In this same measure, the lack of a correct planning could easily make us lose our money, especially if we do not make a previous quotation looking not only for the best prices, but also for the best quality.

Don’t let the eagerness take over, especially in the initial stage when we should be more serene with the planning of our project.

Points in favor: one of the biggest advantages of a business like this is that it is incorporated with a theme that manages to attract much public attention, allowing you, with good advertising, to be placed comfortably in the first options of customers when they look for us. That is why it is key to invest in advertising, especially digital, to have a greater reach.

On the other hand, we cannot leave out that by combining two key business concepts, we open our enterprise to a greater variety of clients. Consider opening spaces for family and business meetings, days with specific themes, among others. The possibilities are many.

Success stories 

To learn about the success of businesses like this, we can take a look at companies that have managed to expand their ventures to the point of opening franchises and consolidating themselves as market leaders.

Learn about their operation models, experience and strategies, so you can be inspired in your enterprise and start growing taking as a guide the success stories of a market as competitive and growing as this one.

What are you waiting for to start? The time is now.