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German Style Bakery Business – Entrepreneurship and Tips

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Start in the business of Artisan Bakery

Bakery products are always welcome and their uses are so varied that we can find them in a wide variety of situations; breakfast, a dessert and an afternoon snack, where bread can solve with the wide range of options they offer and, if we add the plus of making typical products of a country, the charm increases even more.

That is why in this article, we show you how to start a German-style craft bakery business so that you can start a business with high demand in our times and with that special German touch.

Find out here everything you need to start.

Let’s get started!

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Step by step of a German type craft bakery

To get started, draw up a business plan detailing all the fixed expenses you will have each month, from rent to employee salaries, through the bills for electricity, telephone, taxes, water, gas, etc. To this you must add not only the activity of your business, but also whether the premises will be bought or rented, etc.

You will also have to sit down and calculate the costs and sales price of each of the products you offer as a German Type Bakery. Equip your business with refrigerated display cases, common display cases and the machinery and utensils to make the baked goods.

The preparation of the recipe book is a vital part of starting a business of this nature. It is advisable to go through the three most important sectors in this field: bakery, pastry and fine pastry. You can select the best known recipes and make them; then you can look for the less popular ones and launch them as “product of the month”.

Start in the business of Artisan Bakery

How a German-style craft bakery works

Fashion has marked that bakery products come pre-made, which is very convenient, both for the practicality and for the time saved. However, when it comes to taste, nothing can compare to handmade products and a tradition that supports them, such as the baked goods that are made in a German-style craft bakery.

The truth is that a niche has grown in the market, which demands the existence of bakery products, pastries and fine pastries that are made in the same point of sale, which guarantees the freshness of them.

This is the environment in which this business idea moves that we propose with a German-style bakery, where these products will be the hook to your customers.

Requirements of a traditional bakery

The first thing to do in the planning process of a German Style Craft Bakery is to go to the government offices in charge of issuing the corresponding authorizations so that you can open and operate your business. Also, to acquire the licenses and permissions of operation, since it is a business that manipulates and elaborates foods. You will also need the authorization of the Ministry of Health of your country.

On the other hand, you will need to get a place with enough size to exhibit and to produce bakery products.

In order to avoid problems with the regular controls of the Ministry of Health, you will have to maintain the hygiene of the premises down to the last corner, while at the same time following the health and safety rules that the Ministry will indicate when granting the permit.

How do I promote my artisan bakery?

With slogans in the best style: “Germany at home” or “From Germany with Love”, send yourself out to make flyers to distribute around the neighborhood and thus be able to fill your German-style craft bakery with customers.

The specialty of this type of bakery, can easily become an important reference if you put a website that interested customers come to know your products or through social networks. Do not waste the scope of the web.

Key tips for setting up a craft bakery of this type 

Since this is a business idea that requires an investment that includes many elements for its operation, as well as another series of preparations and previous planning, it is extremely key to keep a record of its operation at a general level, adding possible expenses not previously stipulated.

Although you can hire professional staff such as bakers to take care of the specialties and additional equipment, it is very important that you have knowledge about all the processes that are carried out there, not only to supervise the work of the people who work there, but also because it is key to understand and be able to answer any questions.

Make sure you choose reliable suppliers, evaluate the options before choosing them. Consult their track record and experience in the market, delivery times and compliance, reputation and

and image, before you start buying their products. Don’t forget that you will need at least two suppliers of the products in case a delivery is not made on time.

Weaknesses: although it is a type of bakery that is not easy to find, one of the points you should take into account is that nowadays bakeries are one of the most numerous businesses installed in the market, so you will have to compete with the traditional bakeries that people already know and chose for so long. Consider, too, the level of investment.

On the other hand, you must analyze very well the location area, not only in terms of competition, but also in terms of accessibility to the public, so that the areas with more trade, become a good option taking advantage of the influx of people.

Favourable points: businesses that are launched into the market with a theme have a very important advantage, given that at present, the level of competition demands that a way of distinction be sought that allows the public’s attention to be drawn, and this type of business allows this, as it focuses on German specialities of artisan baking.

A local business does not imply that you should limit yourself; on the contrary, you can take advantage of other channels and implement strategies that allow you to increase your profits, such as offering home deliveries, specific wholesale products, specialized decorations, among others. You can even choose the size of your store and, if possible, install tables and chairs where your customers can comfortably consume your products.

Key tips for setting up a craft bakery of this type 

Success stories

A business like this is a field open to many more opportunities in the market, where you can use the different sales channels to promote a unique product such as those made in a German-style artisan bakery. By undertaking ideas like these, important market leaders have grown who are now among the most important.

These are some of them, who, along the way, have even been able to open their own franchises. Take a look at them so that you can get to know how they work and why not, be inspired by their experiences

Don’t give it another thought and start planning your business today.