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Hamburger Business – Features, Investment and Costs

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Start a Burger Business 

Do you like good food but have little time? Do you want to offer an alternative within the classic fast food? This is an excellent way to do it, because hamburgers are one of the star products of this sector and the truth is that very few can resist its taste.

Although it is certainly a business where there is a lot of competition, our hamburger shop will stand out for its varied offer of ingredients, including healthy products that do not distance the palate from the delicious combined flavours.

If you like this business idea, stay tuned to find out how to open it and all you need to know.

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How does a hamburger restaurant work?

The word “hamburger” seems to be inextricably linked to “junk food” and there is a wide variety of products that have nothing to do with junk food and that can be offered when setting up a hamburger restaurant.

Here are just a few examples that you can modify and add to your convenience and taste: defatted beef burgers, chicken burgers, mixed pork and beef burgers, vegetable burgers (eggplant, zucchini, carrot and leek mix), veggie and vegan burgers, among several other options and even add side dishes with the same characteristics.

You can open a burger restaurant with tables and chairs so that customers can eat the product comfortably.

Start a Burger Business 

What do I need to set up a hamburger restaurant?

When opening a hamburger restaurant, there are several aspects to take into account, among them: the legal qualifications and licenses of the state agencies that are responsible for giving permission to new businesses. You will also need the bromatology and firefighter’s permit. We also include the premises, which can be medium or large, and enabled to produce food. The ventilation and lighting of the premises will be very important. Try to choose one that has a lot of natural light.

Within the needs of the premises we need to include the equipment, where you will require at least a kitchen, an air extractor, a refrigerator and the typical kitchen utensils. For the operation of a business like this, it is necessary to have at least two people available according to the size of the premises to serve the food, keep the premises clean, take care of the cash register and the customer service.

How to start a hamburger restaurant step by step?

Start by identifying your target audience: from young children who go out for a walk with their parents, to adults who don’t have the time or desire to cook, including teenagers who get together to party with friends, all of them and many others.

Once this is done, it is time to calculate the investment capital according to a market study that allows us to know the value of the equipment items, the value of the raw material according to our suppliers, the conditioning of the premises, the payment of initial personnel and other basic aspects.

Look for a place with good visibility and proximity to your audience. Set up your business there, not without first having made a good advertising campaign that should include both traditional or physical advertising as well as online. Distribute flyers and brochures for the launch, but also create a website and social networks from which it is possible to place orders. Don’t forget that this must be maintained at all times.

How to start a hamburger restaurant step by step

Key tips for setting up a burger restaurant

One of the keys for a business to achieve the profitability it seeks has to do with offering something new, creative and ingenious. This can be printed in the decoration of the place, the way it works, the name and the product itself.

That is why accompaniments can become the protagonists and different types of bread: don’t stay with the classic sesame-seeded turtle. Research and try out different options for serving your exclusive burgers: garlic bread, cheese bread, spiced bread, bread with olives, butter bread… the list goes on.

Following the line of exclusivity, create your own dessert menu, among which you can include pancakes, cakes and sweets, ice cream, dough, tartlets, among others. In addition, you can offer services such as birthday parties for children and adults, in which they rent the premises and have a private party.

Weaknesses: the investment and distribution of the money must be subject to detailed planning, because due to the great variety of elements that you will need to acquire, easily, without a good quotation and organization, the money can be lost or not taken advantage of to the maximum. According to your initial public, prepare the food, do not fall into the error of over-preparing and having to get rid of it in case it is not purchased.

Location is the key to a business like this but so is customer service, so unfriendly service can drive your customers away.

Points in favor: as we saw, it is a business idea with many possibilities, because although it has a lot of competition in the current market, the way out is to distinguish and offer a different product to continue to take advantage of the demand and the growing public that enjoys this type of product but is looking for alternatives that reduce the percentage of fat and other dangerous ingredients.

Success stories

The best food companies in the market did not grow overnight, it took them a lot of time, effort and commitment to their project, to bring it to the success they enjoy today.

That is why we show you below some companies that have managed to open their own franchises worldwide and bring a product that becomes a leader in the sector and an important reference for entrepreneurs

There is no doubt; setting up a hamburger restaurant is a business that has several points to exploit and become the star of profitability. Set the course for your business and start growing.