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Business of handcrafted or homemade preserves – Features and Tips

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Starting a craft canning business

The market has witnessed changes and new consumer preferences throughout the food sector, where there has been an important trend towards organic and natural products and foods that more and more brands are offering, so that is where the entrepreneurs of this niche are oriented.

It is here where artisan preserves play a fundamental role, since they are based on the preservation of food by discarding processes that may alter the quality and leaving aside the additions of artificial preservatives.

That is why today we will tell you everything you need to know to start your artisan or homemade canning business, step by step. Let’s see.

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Operation of a craft cannery

Today we have two options to open a store like this; to sell our products in a physical establishment or through a web portal, although both options can be combined. In both cases we will need to take into account the following:

Physical sale: we will need a store that we buy or rent, as well as it requires the investment of equipment such as shelves, counters, staff available for direct sale in the store, cleaning products for physical care, among other elements.

Online sales: in this case, you will need to invest in the creation of an online store and its promotion, as well as profiles in social networks, professional photographs of the products, payment of product shipments, packaging material and permanent maintenance of your sales channels, as this type of media requires 24/7 attention.

Starting a craft canning business

Requirements of a canning business

Like any business, you will need to have the permissions to start your business, whether you are just selling or preparing products. In the second case, you will require health certificates and other permits to guarantee the quality and hygiene of the process you are carrying out.

Having all the permits and licenses to operate is a crucial aspect, so it is necessary to go to the government entity in your area and request information about the procedures and documents you need to have to obtain them.

A market study before starting

Before any other step, it is extremely crucial that you carry out a market study that allows you to identify where establishments offering products similar to those you offer are located (competition), as well as knowing the prices that are being handled, the form of sale, and so you can carry out sales strategies.

If you are going to focus initially on the preparation of handmade preserves, it is crucial that you look for top quality materials and food from the best sources, as well as your work tools should also be made of good material.

How do I start my canned food shop?

The first thing is to determine the activity of our business. Although you can start in a physical place or with the online sale, it is necessary that you define previously if you are going to dedicate yourself only to the sale of the preserves or if you want to add your own preparation of them.

Requirements of a canning business

If you want to prepare and sell 

The preparation of preserves requires several factors that go from the selection of the food, to its care and preservation with the conditions of hygiene to obtain good results that allow us to sell them.

On the other hand, it also requires an adequate procedure with all the necessary conditions, so it is not superfluous to take a course or workshop on it.

According to the modalities in which you have chosen to start your business, it will be necessary personnel for the area of sales, the creation of the virtual store, the attention to the clients by the communication channels that you have established, preparation of the handcrafted conserves, administrator of the money and accounts, among other areas.

Whereas if you only want to focus on the sale of the handmade or homemade preserves, then it is convenient to carry out a previous study that allows you to identify the best suppliers of the market not only as far as price, but in quality, fulfillment and prestige.

How can I promote my canning business?

Regardless of whether you decide to launch your business with a physical establishment or an online store, the ideal is that we use both digital and traditional tools, ie from a website to make us known, social networks and forums, to flyers, business cards, media and notices.

Advice on how to set up a shop for handcrafted preserves

Whenever possible, hire experienced and qualified personnel for the tasks you are going to assign them to, it is always a better condition than hiring inexperienced personnel, since bad practices could compete with the best compromise the process and progress of the business, especially in its initial stage.

One way to promote information about these products is to achieve a greater impact and visibility among the public, so that not only our business is recognized by young people interested in trying other eating habits, but, little by little, the product can be present in general markets that reach older people.

A tip that you can take into account is to create valuable content in physical or digital format, through which you make known the processes of conservation of the products you offer, as well as the variety that exists, the benefits and advantages of consuming handmade and natural preserves, no doubt many more will be encouraged to what you offer.

The day of the launch of your business, if it is within your possibilities, make promotions and important discounts, as well as gifts for the first customers and other strategies that catch your customers from the first moment. Adding organic products to your product catalog will not be a bad idea.

Weaknesses: although the number of people choosing this type of products and foods is growing more and more, there is still a lack of information about the benefits of consuming them so that older consumers are encouraged to try these products.

Points in favour: among the advantages of opening a business like this, there is not only the profitability offered by the food sector, but also the product itself, given that the need for this type of product is more often seen in the market thanks to the increase in demand, as many people are joining in changing their eating habits and including this type of product in their daily meals.

Success stories 

To give an account of the success of a business that is undertaken with passion, commitment and discipline in the food sector, there is the following list with the most important franchises in the market, where we tell you part of their experience to inspire you and start your own business.

And you, what are you waiting for to start? Open your store today and take advantage of the growing demand to become one of the references in your own community.