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Open Irish style pub in Pocitos – Requirements, Operation and more

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Open Irish type pub in Pocitos

Pocitos is a neighborhood that has all the characteristics to make a business located there prosper. However, what this legendary neighborhood needs, is that investors are encouraged to invest in it to give it new energy and renew the proposals that have been around for years. What it needs is for someone to decide to open Irish type pubs in Pocitos and thus be able to bring all the tradition of Ireland to a neighborhood with its own tradition.

Of food and drinks you can have your business, look at everything here

 How an Irish pub works

A pub is a type of bar or establishment where alcoholic beverages are sold, especially, so it is a business where only adults are allowed to enter. It becomes a profitable business if it is properly located and it is well promoted, since they are sought after places at the end of a heavy work day, to finish the week, to celebrate a special date, etc.

On this occasion, the pub that we plan to set up has the particularity of being decorated, set and organized from an Irish type, so that it will give the special feeling of being located there from all its organization.

Key tips for opening a pub and making money 

Requirements to open an Irish type pub in Pocitos

Let’s see then what it takes to open an Irish type pub in Pocitos:

Habilitation: the company must register with the BPS, the DGI, the MTSS, insure the employees in the Bank of Insurance against accidents at work and process the bromatological habilitation in the IMM, while getting the permission to make noise in the IMM, too.

Local: it must be suitable for a pub, that is, have a bar, swimming pools and be able to obtain a permit to make noise after a certain time of night.

Personal: there will be a part of the staff to be in contact with the public and another part to be in charge of finances and purchases. Perhaps you can take care of the latter two parts and hire bartenders and cleaners to prepare the drinks and wash the glasses.

What you need to know to open 

The first thing you need to know to open an Irish type pub in Pocitos is to negotiate with the drink suppliers. Try to get a good price for a constant supply. The drink shop Las Duelas, is in charge of supplying several night establishments, doing it with responsibility and ethics. However, never fail to check and count that each of the units that you have requested are found.

Secondly, you should know the recipes for the Irish drinks. Currently, in Uruguay it is not possible to get Guiness, which would be ideal to recreate the atmosphere. Anyway, you have to deal with the drinks you can find in Uruguay and prepare drinks such as Café Irlandés de San Patricio (coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar, double whipped cream; Ojos Irlandeses (Irish whiskey, mint liquor, red cherries and double cream). Get a recipe book to delight your customers with the strongest Irish drinks with all the character.

What you should not miss when you open an Irish type pub in Pocitos

Decoration: the three possible settings are city, village or castle. The walls should be covered with wood or stone to recreate the Irish style. The floor should also have one of these two materials or earthenware. The wall should match the floor. The bar should be made of the same wood and colour as the tables and chairs, which you will find throughout the pub. There will also be high stools around the bar. Mirrors, swords, armour and other elements will be hung on the walls to match the style you have chosen.

March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day: Finally, celebrate in style this traditional day for the Irish.

Requirements to open an Irish type pub in Pocitos

How to start an Irish type pub in Pocitos?

It is important that, according to the dimensions of the place and the tables or spaces that exist, you hire personnel to be in contact with the public and another party to take care of the finances and purchases. Maybe you can take care of these last two parts and hire bartenders and laundresses to prepare the drinks and wash the glasses.

On the other hand, an important point to keep in mind is to try to get a good price for a constant supply with your suppliers. The Las Duelas drinks shop is in charge of supplying several night-time establishments. Check very well the availability of each drink supplier.

A good way to start is to carry out a market study that allows you to know how this type of business works in the market so that you can become familiar with the sector.

Key tips for opening a pub and making money 

The name you choose for your bar should exemplify the theme we are addressing: Irish guy. Try

that’s easy to remember and ingenious. Also, the menu you have should have the same focus. You can include the famous “happy hour” to increase the number of customers.

As for the setting, you can decorate it with a city, a castle or a village. If necessary, take the time to research and create a design that provides the Irish type image to be eye-catching to your audience and invite them in.

Remember to leave money for advertising, especially at pub opening time. Not only can you distribute flyers and brochures in nearby areas, but it is also crucial that you use social networks, a website and emails to alert your potential audience.

Weaknesses: There are several aspects to consider when opening a business like this, one of them is the investment capital. As we saw, there are several items and arrangements that must be taken into account to open a pub like this, so we will need to have a considerable amount of money to open it, however, the return will not be seen in a short time. Consider that this will only happen when you start to be recognized and have an established audience.

Planning can take time, especially if you don’t know how to start and even the theme of the pub. Make sure you have good advice on how to get started, as well as market research to minimise unnecessary expenses.

Advantages: specialized businesses, which have a particular theme, easily, if they offer a quality product and have a good location, become important references in the target audience, since this is one of the first points that attract attention. This allows them to be points of attention that the public visits frequently.

On the other hand, a business like this is extremely profitable due to the frequency with which a bar is visited by different types of people, whose age range may vary.

Success stories

To give an account of the success that a business like this can have, we show you in the following link a series of companies that have managed to set up their own franchises in the sector, specializing in a market that is always on the move.

Be inspired by the best and start growing with your own Irish style pub in Pocitos.