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Juice and Smoothie Shop – Startup Guide, Entrepreneurship and Tips

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Start a juice and shake shop

Food products are always very well sold all over the world, as they are among the most important needs of all human beings, therefore, consumption demands a large supply of food and drinks, and this is not ignored by entrepreneurs.

At present we can see a large number of businesses with a very varied offer of them, however, in the hot seasons, especially, juices and smoothies end up being one of the sectors that is quite appealing.

So, if you are interested in this business idea, in today’s article we will see how to set up a juice and shake shop in your city, and how to get the best results.

Let’s get started!

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First steps to a juice and shake store

It starts by making a business plan, which will be the basis for the juice and shake store, as this document is also one of the best mechanisms for obtaining and quoting close to the total initial investment we will need.

One of the most important things for those who want to learn and set up their juice and shake store, is the choice of the trade point, so if you can find a place where there is good movement of people, where the interior space is adequate for work and where you can comfortably receive your customers, this will be a space with very good conditions to set up our store, where the chances of success are very high.

Don’t forget to adjust the menu of the products sold in your store. By this we mean making a first offer and offering varied juices and smoothies, such as watermelon juice, cashew juice, strawberry juice, orange juice, pineapple juice and several others, as well as avocado, banana, papaya, vitamin fruits and varying a number of other types of drinks. In the course of your business you will be able to acquire more that will be demanded by the public.

Start a juice and shake shop

How a juice and shake store works

In different areas of the world, this is a business idea that starts in an informal and simple way, setting up only one stand from which the drinks are sold. However, we can go further and open a shop that specializes in the preparation and sale of juices and vitamin shakes, an alternative for all those who not only seek to refresh themselves, but also to consume a healthy drink.

In this place we can have a great variety of drinks, in different formats and for all tastes. We can even include small foods or snacks to accompany the drink. You can also consider placing some tables and chairs so that your customers can enjoy the drinks comfortably.

Juice and Smoothie Store Requirements

It is necessary to analyze the legal factors to have everything working properly, so you must register your company with the Board of Trade. Ideally, you should look for an accounting company to help you with all these initial details, as it will be crucial for your drinks shop to become a reality.

Setting up a drinks and natural juices store without applying a good initial investment will not be successful. Starting with the commercial rental or purchase of the juice cart, the decoration, the counter to prepare juices, the greenhouse for snacks, chairs, freezers, the purchase of fruit, blenders, health permits, drinking utensils and other products to work on a daily basis, as well as other basic accessories and so many other things.

The investment could be around $5,000, however, this is a figure that can easily vary, as it will depend, to a great extent, on the general structure of the store you want to set up and the concept.

Needs of the premises: Equipment 

It should be taken into account and know that the internal organization of the store will be very important, as well as separating an area with a large balcony made exclusively for juice, have a large greenhouse for snacks, a place to stock up on fruit and other products, as well as a small kitchen and at least one bathroom.

In addition to the material mentioned above, another key requirement is the suppliers of the products with which the juices and smoothies are to be prepared. Make sure you buy quality products, preferably as organic as possible and always have a base available for the daily supply.

Juice and Smoothie Store Requirements

Tips for opening a juice and smoothie shop 

Most new entrepreneurs who seek to understand how to set up a juice and shake shop, end up with a bit of fear, because they consider that it will not generate the results they expected, especially since it is not a business that works exclusively very often.

So this is where we should do a good market study, talk to the people in your city and create an effective business plan that will allow us to capture their attention. We can

Take a look at the demand for juices and smoothies in other businesses, as this is a constant in practically all regions of the world, and therefore worth investing in this business idea.

Don’t forget the importance of offering different types of drinks and natural juices for all tastes and any occasion for your customers.

Weaknesses: it is extremely important that the investment capital is organized and distributed, responding to all business needs, from the purchase of the items to the advertising for the launch.

On the other hand, it is also important that if you plan to use the public space to install your drink cart, you have the necessary permissions to do so, otherwise you may be fined by the local entities if you do not have it.

Advantages: It is a business idea that allows you to choose the concept on which the business will be mounted in general, ie, according to your amount of investment and conditions, you can mount this business with these features and start making money. If you mount a drink cart to start, you invest less, but you have the possibility of moving to the areas where your potential customers are.

If you decide to open a place, then you propose an innovative proposal in which creativity flows, being one of the main needs of entrepreneurship in the current market.

Success stories 

Creating a new proposal is not easy, but it is a requirement for success, as entrepreneurs know that today they are positioned as market leaders with business ideas that started this way, at a small pace and today managed to expand through its network of franchises.

Little by little and with a lot of effort, commitment and passion, following a detailed planning and some other tips we have seen before, your business will grow directly to success.

Get started today.