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Meat Business – Profitability, Trade and Profits

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Starting the meat business

The food sector enjoys great prestige and productivity. Despite the fact that nowadays there are people whose preferences are rooted in fruits and vegetables, which is not bad, since the food diet of each individual must be complete, they usually give up the consumption of any kind of meat. However, people who consume meat have not let this type of business down, because the profitability that it has, is quite high in the market.

If you have knowledge in meat products or always wanted to undertake with that type of products, this is the business idea you were looking for. So, on this occasion, we present you everything you need to know before starting and in this way, get the best out of one of the projects in the food sector with more performance in the market.

Let’s get started!

Businesses that are food and beverage, generate profits here

How a butcher shop works

Let’s start from scratch, from how it works. Well, a butcher’s shop is more than just a place that sells meat; it is a space that, although it offers this product especially, it also has within its offer, others as accompaniments, such as sauces, arepas, among others. Likewise, in this same place, the staff is in charge of preparing the meat in ways of cutting and presentation.

Some of the representative factors of this business, imply the investment of reduced amounts of money, so that the new entrepreneurs have the possibilities to enter this business, besides the necessity to count on own abilities at the time of incorporating, such as the confidence, the taste by the service to the client, the security, the cordiality, the organization, among others that will be strengthened in the way.

This is a profitable business that offers its new entrepreneurs the possibility of generating income, guarantees tailored to their productivity and profitability.

Starting the meat business

Requirements of a butcher shop

The conditions and requirements for the profile of the entrepreneur are really flexible, as they do not involve complex or difficult conditions. This means that it is possible for entrepreneurs who do not have experience with meat, as well as not involving the presence of key training for this, however, it is necessary to have key knowledge about the handling, care, storage and cutting of each of the meats to be marketed.

It is also necessary to have the permits and licenses to operate. This is because the Ministry of Health is responsible for regulating that the product is fit for consumption, so it will be necessary to have regular inspections as well. Having the permits to operate will allow you to have all the documentation of your business up to date and without problems.

As for the staff, certainly have a proper staff, attentive and friendly, is key to the operation and performance of the butcher shop, because if a customer does not feel well treated at the time of making your purchase or receive a bad treatment in assistance, this would represent a loss to the business, as surely not buy again.

Location of the butcher shop 

Since it is a food store, the meat business must enjoy a good location, so it will be necessary to look for a suitable area with a high level of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, as well as being visible and relatively wide, as this allows for better observation of the products. Among the points that you can take into account we find that it is better to choose an area close to other food establishments, such as fruit shops and supermarkets, because the public that can buy in your business is general.

Equip your butcher’s shop, what do you need?

It is not superfluous to have some figures and calculations about the expenses you are going to face, however, this is directly related to the conditions, the public, the area and other conditions. Some aspects that will represent the expenses of your business will be related to the equipment, because you will need a cold room, refrigerators, shelves, external, signs, tools for cutting, uniforms, weights, meters, among other items.

Likewise, the local, also adds an expense, this depends if you buy it definitively or if you maintain it through the rent. And finally the first purchase of the meat and sausages to supply.

How do I start my own butcher shop in the market?

Bearing in mind that it is an edible product, you need to make sure that you comply with the regulations on handling and the specific conditions of the product. On the other hand, in order to stand out and have a factor that differentiates you from the competition, you can gradually incorporate other products from the same market, which will gradually awaken the interest of potential customers

and finally, decide to try, this you can do with methods such as tasting, for example.

Product prices: for the process of setting prices for each product, you must take into account the quality of the establishment and the strict conditions to which the meat is submitted to reach each customer in the best way, in addition to the prices with which other meat businesses compete and the real costs by weight.

To set them, do not forget to carry out a market study that allows you to know the current conditions of your sector and the prices that are being handled in the area.

Requirements of a butcher shop

Tips to set up a butcher shop and not fail in the attempt 

Remember that the number of employees depends mainly on the size of the premises, however, you may need two or three people to take care of customers in the butcher’s shop, at midday and after 6pm, especially as this is when the number of customers increases.

Remember that customer service is a key aspect in businesses like this that have direct attention to their potential customers, which is why it is so important to take care of a friendly, cordial and kind treatment.

In a product as delicate as this one, it is convenient to choose the best suppliers. That is why the selection of those who are going to supply you with the meats, must be a process that is not taken lightly and in which we do not let ourselves be carried away by low prices in order to save money, because in reality it can be very expensive. The best thing to do is to check the documentation of whoever is supplying it, investigate their experience in the market and the prestige they have, before signing the contract.

Weak points: the handling of meat, one of the most delicate products, must be done under strict conditions of hygiene and health, in order to avoid contamination of the product, so it becomes a necessity to have training on this aspect and that the staff to be hired also have experience in it.

It is a business that depends a lot on its suppliers, because in case they do not fulfill or lack some product, it will be your butcher’s shop the one that gives the refusal to its clients on the requests, for that reason it is advisable to have at least two suppliers of the products. However, each one is properly evaluated.

Points in favor: as we mentioned, one of the biggest advantages of this business idea is that it does not present many difficulties to set it up, since although it does not require experience, it does not establish that there should be initial training either. However, it is convenient to know the business before launching it, so it will be necessary to carry out a market study, and learn about meat, even if you plan to hire a person specialized in it.

Although the investment cost is considerably high, especially if we consider the purchase of the refrigerators, products and so on, the truth is that the butcher’s shop is a very busy place, so profits will start to be seen in a short time.

Success stories 

To give an account of the profitability of this sector, in particular, we find the following companies, which have managed to open their own network of franchises in the market and today are positioned as leaders. They will be very important references that you will have to take into account to set the course of your business.

And you, what are you waiting for to start your own butcher shop? The time is now.