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Start your business with a mobile restaurant or food truck – Advice and Rules

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Starting a mobile restaurant business

Businesses in food and all kinds of edible products are one of the most profitable because of the need they represent for the human being. Thanks to this, every day entrepreneurs and traders seek to innovate in the sector, as is the case with the mobile restaurant, which proposes that, instead of customers attending a fixed location, it is the restaurant itself that goes to them.

For this reason, if you are interested in the food business, a very good investment will be to open a mobile restaurant, since you do not have to take care of it necessarily, but you can hire staff to take care of it.

Let’s see how it works:

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How does a food truck business work?

The first thing is to understand how it works. Well, with the purchase or fitting out of a small mobile restaurant in a van, we will start our business. In other words, this idea proposes to adapt a vehicle to offer, from there, food.

We can choose from the different dishes that are generally served in this type of business, which, for the most part, are fast meals, but you can opt for other types of products and accompaniments. You will be located in an area with a high influx of pedestrians to take advantage of their passage through the area.

Starting requirements: What do I need to start a mobile restaurant?

It is necessary for your business to be registered with the main regulatory body of the area in which you are located, as they are the ones who will provide you with certificates of operation so that you do not have any legal problems. Each entity works in a particular way, so it will be necessary to consult the documents you need to start in your region.

You must have: company registration, permission to sell products in public areas or spaces and a certificate of food handling.

Your food truck needs

However, in terms of equipment, a mobile restaurant needs to have the following: a converted trailer, which can start at $1,500 depending on the size and characteristics, or buy or rent a food truck already conditioned and equipped.

In addition, it needs to have all the products and ingredients for food preparation, packaging material for storage, cooking utensils, sauces, condiments and spices, drinks to accompany the product, clothing for staff.

And finally, there may be one or two people to operate it, depending on the size and operation of the food truck, although we recommend a companion to receive the money and attention while another person is in charge of preparing the products.

Starting a mobile restaurant business

Where can you locate your food truck or mobile restaurant?

We know that we can be located in any area as long as we have the permits for installation in public spaces. That is why we recommend installing in places with high foot traffic, residential areas and places with an absence of restaurants of our type.

A good way to take advantage of these spaces is to install the restaurant outside of cultural events, theatres, etc.

How do I start my food truck business?

Although we can install the restaurant practically in the place we want, it is convenient that first we study the market and the area to know the profitability that it offers us there, to do so take into account the following:

Tips to make money with a mobile restaurant 

To go to a certain point and install your mobile restaurant, it is wise to first evaluate the viability of the business to be placed there, from the related businesses nearby, to the public that may pass through this area.

A good way to have your customers ready in any part of the city, is to tell them through a website or social networks where you are going to be and the time, so that the closest ones will come to visit you after they have tried your product. Although

In itself, this type of business is very practical and draws the attention of the public. Its growing presence generates the need to capture the interest of customers, so it is necessary to present an innovative, creative and novel idea, whether in the name, the presentation of products, decoration and theme, etc.

Weaknesses: not having a permit to be located in a public space could lead to the eviction of the business and the loss of sales by the competent authorities when illegally occupying an area. This should be taken into account, since in many areas of the world it is forbidden to set up businesses of this type.

The investment could be considerably high if we take into account that this business idea involves the use of a vehicle to operate, which must be conditioned for sale. However, one way to offset the costs could be to rent one that is already adapted.

Favourable points: among the advantages of a business like this we can highlight mainly the possibility of being closer to your customers, since we relate to them directly and instead of creating a fixed point, we are the ones who go in search of them.