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Business of your own pizzeria – Formulation, Entrepreneurship and Advantages

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Start your own pizzeria business

Food-related businesses are always a good idea to start with, since they respond to a fixed need, so there will always be customers looking for the product, in this case, pizzas, one of the fast food products most chosen by the public.

The first step in building a successful pizzeria is to want to do it and feel passionate about this type of business, putting in all the effort, commitment and perseverance. For these are the main ingredients of a formula like this.

Now let’s see what the steps are to start with.

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How does a pizzeria work?

Opening a pizzeria means taking charge of the process from the production of the pizzas to the moment they are brought to the client, so we have to take care of this whole procedure.

It is a business that manages to attract a large number of people, especially if it has a strategic location. For this reason, opening a pizzeria must be well thought out in order to set it up in the best area with premises open to the public.

Start your own pizzeria business

What products do you offer in a pizzeria?

The answer would seem obvious, but in reality it goes far beyond just pizza as we know it. One of the reasons why pizzas are chosen the most, has to do with the variety of ingredients they can have, formats and presentations, so consider options such as sausage pizza, ham pizza, vegetarian pizzas, Neapolitan pizza, mushroom pizza, seafood pizza, mixed pizza, Mexican pizza, Hawaiian pizza, among others.

Although the star product is the pizza, customers also expect to find a number of other products within the pizzeria, among which are drinks, side dishes such as potatoes, and even other types of fast food,

Starting requirements: What do I need to open a pizzeria?

Businesses and physical premises must comply with a series of standards and conditions that you must take into account so that you do not have any kind of problem when you start your business. To register it, you need to go to the entity in charge in your city and there you will know the procedures to follow to start with the legalization of the business.

The preparation of the pizza is one of the main processes, so you can decide whether to take care of it or not, since you can start a cooking course in the preparation of fast food or hire someone with experience in this process. You will also have to train as a complete entrepreneur, so that you know not only about pizza preparation, but also about administration and human resources in order to take your business on the best path.

And don’t forget…

You must have staff for the preparation of meals, assistants, waiters for the public, money box, organization of products and cleaning tasks. Easily 3 or 4 people can be in charge of the pizzeria initially, but you will need staff as demand increases.

Needs of the pizza place

As it is, some of the elements you may need are the following:

Kitchen: basic kitchen appliances, utensils, cleaning products, protective clothing, napkins and packaging material, products and ingredients for the preparation of meals, gas, water and electricity service.

Service area: cash register, bills, business cards (with a home number, optional), telephone, packing bags.

Customer area: Chairs, tables, benches, mirrors, containers for sauces and spices, refrigerator for drinks or natural juices from the kitchen and decoration of the place.

How to start my own pizzeria as a profitable business?

Before launching, it is important that you get an idea of the market you plan to enter. You can start by going to some pizzerias to find out about the prices they charge, the presentations and varieties of the product, and you can even come up with some ideas for creating an innovative business.

Analyze where your target audience is to choose a location.

Needs of the pizza place

How to promote a pizzeria?

Do not limit yourself to promoting your pizzeria. There are many mechanisms that we can use to promote the business, such as: business cards in the premises and to customers, flyers and notices to people in the place and its surroundings, social networks and websites where your customers know the product catalogue and can contact you more easily even if they are not near you.

Tips for setting up a pizzeria and making money 

The ideal for this type of business is that we look for a location in a public area close to other food establishments, but looking for direct competition not as close to us, as other pizzerias and fast food establishments.  Although although

it should not be too big, at least this one should have a kitchen, bathrooms, attention area and the possibility of placing some chairs, tables or stools where your customers can sit and enjoy while consuming the product.

The final recommendation for this type of business goes directly to the search for distinction from the competition. What we can do is create new delicious formulas for the preparation of the pizzas, propose combinations that consumers can enjoy and add particular names to each one of them. You can also choose a theme for your pizzeria and the decoration to complement it.

Weaknesses: gaining recognition in a market as competitive as fast food, taking into account the positioning of the biggest pizza brands, can be an image that frightens the initial entrepreneur, especially if he or she does not do anything to make a difference.

This, because it can easily be forgotten, as customers will prefer their usual pizzeria, before risking to try another one that, apparently, offers the same.

Pros: this is a business idea that you can adapt to set up according to your economic capabilities, since in itself, you can do without a very large premises in the initial stage and focus on producing the best pizzas from a small place. This allows us to start up without being subject to large costs for renting the premises, especially in this first part of your business.

On the other hand, you will not need a large team to start your pizzeria, especially if it is a small place, so you can even count on another person, so that one is in charge of the preparation and the other of the direct attention to the customers.

Success stories 

To inspire and motivate you to start your own business, you need to look at the success stories of other entrepreneurs who launched into the same market and started growing. A sample of them are the following companies, which managed to expand their business network from franchises that operate in different parts of the world and, started like you, at a small but steady pace.

Don’t forget that besides the products, the attention to the public is one of the most important factors, because on the image that they have will depend the continuity of operation and our growth, because as rich as a product is, the possibilities that a client returns where it was not attended with cordiality, are reduced substantially.

Apply this and start receiving your customers.