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Popcorn Sales – Advantages, Disadvantages and Beginnings

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Start with Popcorn Sales

Possibly if you are thinking of a profitable business idea as an entrepreneur, setting up a popcorn business is not the first option that comes to your mind, so in this one, we talk about an alternative and profitable business. Although it is not one of the most common, it is still one of the most profitable.

This is because it is possible to find popcorn stands almost anywhere, and its operation easily sells the thought that it is not a good idea, but what is unknown is the productivity it actually offers.

Do you want to know how to make money from popcorn?

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First Steps in Popcorn Sales

To set up this type of business all you need is a popcorn machine, also known as a popcorn pot. One of the particularities of this business is that it does not involve large amounts of money as an initial investment, since this is practically defined by the entrepreneur. This is because he is the one who chooses the amount of popcorn machines with which he is going to start the business.

What is recommended is to start with a maximum of two or three popcorn machines to evaluate the viability of the points or areas where they are located, in addition to being able to have a quick return on investment and then continue buying machines.

Do not forget to carry out a market study that will allow you to know the location of your potential public, prices and possible competitors.

Start with Popcorn Sales

How a popcorn business works

This is a fairly simple business idea, since it involves setting up a popcorn stand that can either operate on the street or inside a much larger establishment. There it will be possible to show the product to the audience and with the price set, the customers will start arriving.

So the initial investment of this business idea consists of buying the popcorn stand, along with the products and the packaging and handling material to sell the final product. Although we can start with one stall, it is possible that with the profits we make, we will set up a second stall to increase the profits to continue operating.

Requirements for selling popcorn

Popcorn businesses must also have permits and licenses to operate, because it is a business that, like any other, needs it. Because it is a traveling candy business, you must have certifications that allow you to make the sales on the street and thus, not have any problem of operation.

Having the permits and certifications is vital for both the entrepreneur and for the one who could hire the machine, because they always look for legitimate companies and businesses that have all the law.

Tips for making money from popcorn

Although it might whet everyone’s appetite, the truth is that its viability is not everywhere, which means that not every place is perfect for a popcorn machine, so we will have to choose the right place.

Choose an area with high pedestrian flow, preferably near areas such as parks and shopping malls, where families tend to be present, since it is a product that is consumed by both small and large families.

On the other hand, some people in this sector of the market, choose to integrate the machines with some businesses that are already established, such as shops, malls, shopping areas, etc.

Although it is the taste and smell of traditional popcorn that will draw your audience’s attention, you must go further. By this we mean that although the product is consumed by itself, a good way to differentiate yourself from others is by trying different combinations and presentations that will attract the attention of your customers. This will turn you into an innovative business with a different proposal.

Weaknesses: something you should keep in mind is that you will not become a millionaire overnight with one or two popcorn stands installed, because although it has movement, its purchase represents a small value that should double over time. On the other hand, it is a type of product that is subject to several factors, such as the flow of pedestrians, as we mentioned. Sales increase especially during night hours and weekends.

Pros: One of the advantages of this type of food and candy business is that it is able to please almost anyone, since many of its customers are children, teenagers and adults, what more do you need? Clearly the business planning. Therefore, here are some instructions to make it a reality and make it more efficient and profitable possible.

Tips for making money from popcorn

Success stories 

Before launching, it is worth taking a look at ventures that started small but are now positioned as market leaders, experiences of entrepreneurs who succeeded. This, to know their experiences, motivations and paths.

Take advantage of the taste of one of the most consumed products not only to go to the movies, but to share at any time; popcorn, and start your profitable business today.