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Sausage Stand Business – Concept, Entrepreneurship and Tips

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Start the sausage stand business

Tempting street foods can take on a new meaning if you decide to open a Sausage Stand with the innovations that modern machinery and gastronomy allow today. This is because it is still one of the products, within the fast food sector, that is most consumed, especially when exquisite combinations are made.

A street food stall can be more attractive than a restaurant, it all depends on the aesthetics and the proposal that your menu proposes. We invite you to explore this magnificent possibility in the quest to create an innovative concept that allows you to stand out from the crowd.

How to start? We tell you everything here.

Of food and drinks you can start your business, learn how here

First positions of a sausage stand

Now that we know how it works and what you’re going to need, it’s time to take the next step. Start by defining the products you will offer, including creating a menu with different amounts, sausages with potatoes, small arepas, or other accompaniments. Don’t forget the drink. Evaluate the viability of each proposal to know the response of your customers.

As for the elaboration of the menu, it should be planned in advance, even before buying the cart, since it is necessary to know what we will offer and what are its modalities. There are hundreds of options, since not only can we sell sausages, but hamburgers, fries and salads are not to be dismissed.

Carry out a market study that allows you to identify who your competitors are, locate your potential customers, know the rates that are handled in the market and other data to build your launch strategies.

Start the sausage stand business

How a sausage stand works

The first thing is to know how the business idea works. Well, it’s about opening a sausage stand that we can comfortably move from where the product will be sold to the public, which allows us to move around in search of customers. A business like this, with only one location, does not need more than two people for its operation, even if the stall is reduced in the initial stage, one person will be enough.

Why open a sausage stand?

When we think of opening a sausage stand on a street corner, we must be very clear about the reasons that will lead us to do so. One of them is that it is a high-demand business, since street food is in demand by those who pass through the area, who may well be students and office workers who spend the whole day away from home.

It is a business that offers a delicious product, with many possible combinations immediately, and that is why it becomes the first option for those who are looking for something to eat quickly and deliciously. In addition, it is a business that does not involve large sums of money to be undertaken.

Why open a sausage stand?

Starting requirements: What do I need to open my sausage stand?

However, in terms of requirements, we must first have the permissions to open a sausage stand and sell food at the same time. So you must apply for the company’s licence, as well as the permits from the Ministry of Health, which you must always have up to date once the company is up and running.

Sausage stand needs 

As for the equipment, in addition to the product, you will need to have a power generator to cool the products. This, together with the cart, will be the most expensive investment you will have to make.

You will also need to have a solid and constant disinfection system. You should try to disinfect everything at least twice a day and use suitable products and procedures for this purpose.

Don’t forget to include utensils, packing material, shelves for products and sauces, available garbage bags, among others.

It is necessary to make a good selection of the supplier or suppliers of the sausages and other products with which you are going to combine them. Make sure they are quality products, in the best conditions and origin. Don’t get carried away by the costs.

Tips for setting up a sausage stand 

Although there are many options to include in the offer of a sausage stand, we recommend that you do not lose the focus of your business specialty. Having a star product or one that is taken as a reference, is a basic aspect to attract the attention of our clients.

On the other hand, both the trolley and the cooking equipment and utensils must be in good condition, as only this guarantees the hygiene and safety of dispatching products free from contamination and dirt.

Good customer service can define the performance of your business, so you must be respectful, friendly and cordial with each person who buys from your business.

Weaknesses: Often and increasingly, fast food is falling into oblivion when it does not offer healthier alternatives, as its close relationship with high calorie content has generated rejection from those seeking to care for their health. This is why we formulate a first challenge for your enterprise.

You can propose accompaniments and lighter combinations next to the sausages to create a new proposal that recognizes this inclination to reduce fat consumption.

Points in favour: having a stall on the street reduces costs significantly, if we compare it with a restaurant or a catering house, for which we will have to pay the rent and other fixed expenses that these cars do not have.

In addition to this, if we manage with low prices, we know very well that the profits will be high, since we will have many clients, since they all look to pay less for a high quality product.

Success stories 

To undertake in the food sector, from now on, is a challenge and a field full of opportunities, this, because if on the one hand we have high competition, on the other, we have open the door to possibilities that allow us to distinguish ourselves from the other businesses in the market.

Proof of this are the companies that today are leaders in the sector with proposals that managed to innovate and today achieved success.

Evaluate their operation models, learn about their experience and get inspired to formulate your own entrepreneurial project.

What are you waiting for to start? The time is now.