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Business of selling cereals and nuts – Features and Tips

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Getting started in the grain business

The field of food, when setting up a business of their own, becomes one of the most considered options by entrepreneurs, and this is because it is a basic human need, allowing them to reduce the risks to their investment capital in a sector that is always moving.

On the other hand, nuts and dried fruit are one of the products that has grown the most in sales in recent years, since they are increasingly added to diets, as an improvement to eating habits, so they are increasingly consumed by those who want to improve their diet with a delicious and healthy product.

How to start your business? Let’s see:

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A grain and nut shop is in operation

The first thing is to understand the activity of this business idea. Well, this type of store will be physically installed in an area with high pedestrian flow and with a view to a wide variety of customers who might be interested in buying cereals and nuts.

In this sense, products will be offered such as: almonds, sweet peanuts, salt peanuts, different types of cereals, granola, oatmeal, seeds, flours, pistachios, macadamia, quinoa, organic seeds, a variety of dried fruits, snacks, blueberries, dried plums, nuts, herbs and spices, teas, among others.

Requirements of a cereal and dry fruits store

The opening of a store selling food products, to operate, requires a series of procedures and operating licenses with which it can operate smoothly, as well as contact with suppliers, meet the standards set by the corresponding entity and so on.

On the other hand, before choosing where to put your nut shop, first analyze the market to identify the areas where it could be sold more easily or the area where your potential customers are located. One of the best places is at the exit of means of transport or areas that do not have a large offer of related products, where the nuts and dried fruit of your store will take the lead.

Getting started in the grain business

Needs of the premises to set up the store 

You can even start from home, especially if it has the necessary conditions to reach your customers easily and be visible.

Depending on the size of the premises, you can dispense with various elements that fill and visually cloud the business, so the key is to choose showcases that allow you to see the products, glass shelves from which you can take the specific measure requested by the customer. A sober decoration will be enough for a business like this. It avoids the accumulation of useless tables inside the premises and prioritizes what is essential for the client.

How can I start my cereal and nuts shop and earn money?

The first thing is to have the activity of our business clear. The business will be dedicated to the sale of nuts and dried fruit, in a physical location and, why not, with the rise of digital tools, in an online store that complements our sales.

One of the great advantages is that this field offers us a great variety of products that we can have in our catalogue, so that with a good supply from good suppliers, we can easily become an important reference, not only for private customers in retail purchase, but for other businesses and traders.

How do I promote my nuts and grains business?

Today it is necessary to have an online store that, although it is not our only sales channel, serves to complement the activity on a large scale, reaching customers in other parts of the city where we are, or outside it. Create a website where you publish your catalogue and place your contact details for orders or even turn it into an online shop.

To publicize your business, we recommend good business advertising with a visible name that will attract the attention of customers, as well as flyers for the opening day and discounts for the first customers.

Who is my business aimed at?

As we mentioned, it is the people who are starting to take care of their eating habits that are deciding more on this product, approximately between 20 and 35 years of age, however, this is a product that we can sell to almost anyone, especially if we find a good location, because it becomes the best snack to calm the appetite before coming home, during free time after work or study, etc.

Tips for opening a cereal and nuts shop

Given the boom that is gradually allowing this product to lead its sector, the advertising and promotion of your products is one of the keys to allowing it to grow and advance on a large scale. Therefore, we recommend flyers, business cards, creating a pleasant image and above all, making customers fall in love in these first steps to gain their trust and to this extent, also gain recognition in the market.

Do not forget that the main ingredient to open a store of nuts, cereals, is the perseverance and commitment you have with your business, because like everyone, growth and progress, may not be simple and you must strive to bring your business to success, so much energy in this process you start and do not forget that no project grows without a little effort.

Tips for opening a cereal and nuts shop

Weaknesses: in the market, it is not very easy to find stores dedicated to the sale of nuts, but this does not happen because the product is not sold, but because most of them are distributed in stores that sell, also, other types of products, so in many areas, finding this type of business would still be something new.

Here we recommend having a wide range of related products without losing the main focus.

Pros: One of the great advantages of this type of business is that it does not require too much space, but with a couple of shelves and display cases, you will have everything to get started. That is, later you can turn it into a bigger store, but if your priority is to reduce costs and start little by little, this way you can do it.

You don’t need experience to open your own store, so it offers more possibilities for the entrepreneur.

Success stories 

Businesses focused on the food sector, even if they participate in a field with high profitability, do not have it earned, since many stay in the first steps and give up. However, those who remain standing, are passionate about their project and take it to the end, are the ones who achieve success.

Proof of this are the cases we will present below, entrepreneurs who follow their dream and today are the market leaders.

Set the course of your business and start building your entrepreneurial dream today.