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Sugar Free Dessert House – Features, Benefits and Tips

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Start in the sugar-free dessert business

Why open a business like this? Since sugar was dubbed with the not very sweet (worth the redundancy) nickname of Sweet Poison, more and more people are abandoning it to replace it with different sweeteners, either chemical or natural. Among the problems that sugar brings are: obesity, diabetes and even has been linked to cancer.

Under such circumstances, setting up a sugar-free dessert house seems to offer a double solution: health and good profits.  In this article, we will focus on both aspects, since without one of these, the other cannot exist.

Find out everything you need to know to open your own sugar-free dessert house.

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How does a sugar-free dessert house work?

Like any dessert store, ours can add to its conditions all the requirements of location and conditioning of the premises to work, however, its main difference is that the products there, although delicious, will not have within its ingredients, the rejected sugar.

So, how do you sweeten the desserts of a dessert house without sugar? Many people use honey as an alternative to sugar, you can also use artificial sweeteners heated, but certainly we must not leave aside the star sweeteners of this type of business:

Splenda: its base component is sucralose and it’s NOT natural. It contains no calories and is suitable for diabetics.  It is recommended to use some skimmed milk powder to increase the volume and improve the texture of the products.

Stevia: is the natural sweetener par excellence. It comes from the plant of the same name, about 40 times sweeter than sugar. Its presentations are in liquid and powder form, the latter being the most recommended for the preparation of desserts.

Who is your business aimed at?

Two large groups will make up your clientele: people with health problems and people who take care of their aesthetics and/or prevent possible health problems. However, it is a product that can be consumed by anyone else who wants to try the deliciousness of a sugar-free dessert.

Start in the sugar-free dessert business

What do I need to set up a dessert business? 

Setting up a sugar-free dessert business requires learning about the different types of sweeteners, their behaviour when cooked, their contribution to the volume and texture of desserts and their side effects. That is, previous knowledge in the preparation of desserts, even if you plan to hire someone to do it.

Because this type of offer has not yet become widespread, it is a good idea to set up a sugar-free dessert house in a residential area with good purchasing power (bear in mind that the costs, and therefore the final price of the product, are much higher than if you used sugar), with a concentration of population that must eliminate sugar consumption.

Do not forget that for the operation of your business you will need to acquire all permits and licenses to operate, as well as register your company with the appropriate entity.

How do I start my sugar-free dessert house?

Carry out a market study that allows you to know the market conditions according to your business in order to identify competitors, customer preferences and other data. This should be accompanied by a business plan in which we specify the activity of our business, the items we will need, a quote and finally, an approximation of the initial investment capital required.

Once this is done, your investment will depend on the size of your store and what type of products you will be making. What you will not be able to miss are the mixers, blenders and mixers. You will also need spatulas, bowls, moulds, roasters and pyrothins, as well as an oven, a fridge and displays with and without cold. You can start with a simple business, offering basic products, and then increase your supply as demand consolidates and increases.

Promote your business with flyers and brochures in nearby areas, but don’t rule out digital advertising, through which potential customers can find your business. You can even consider expanding your business and offering delivery service to people who are not close to the location.

Key Tips for a Sugar Free Dessert Business 

Even if you have a star product such as sugar free desserts, any kind of business can go down the drain if you don’t offer good customer service, that’s why we always emphasize that good service should be one of the pillars of your business, which includes kindness and respect, being nice to all the people who come in improves the shopping experience.

One of the most important and necessary requirements of today’s entrepreneurs is to differentiate themselves from the competition in order to be competitive

starting from different aspects, not only for the product or service they offer, but also, adding a touch of distinction such as the decoration of the place, possible offers, discount coupons, free accompanying articles, among others. Evaluate your possibilities and add the added value with which you will differentiate your sugar-free dessert house.

Use a novel, ingenious, easy-to-remember and easy-to-spell name so that your customers can easily remember you and soon start recommending you.

What do I need to set up a dessert business

Weaknesses: the search for customers can be a process that takes time, since at present, consumption has decreased significantly with the rejection of the high level of sugar that usually have desserts at the general level, so we must be patient so that customers know, try and enjoy again these products but with the advantage of not having included sugar.

The preparation involves a correct procedure, as well as necessary machinery, so the level of investment can be higher, but with proper planning and commitment, we can have the return of money in a short time.

Points in favor: it is a business idea that responds to a growing need and has stopped becoming a requirement only for those who by health must stop consuming sugar, to be a product of preference from a very early age, because it generates the real sensation of not abandoning its delicious taste without this implying a danger to health.

As we saw, you can sell not only from your store, but also at home and why not, contacting your customers through the web to send by other means the final product. Soon you can become an important reference in the market.

Success stories

A business like this has all the potential to succeed, as long as it has other ingredients included such as commitment, perseverance, effort and passion for what you do. That is why businesses or companies like those you will see below, managed to consolidate in the market and establish their own system of franchises

Get inspired by successful businesses and start setting the course for your sugar-free dessert house.

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