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Swiss Bakery Business – Functions, Organization and Advantages

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Setting up a Swiss type bakery is a venture in the regional cuisine sector, one of the most special in the market. A business like this, participates in a trend that has been growing over time in different parts of the world.

This is mainly due to the fact that there is no one who does not feel really fascinated by tasting the most exquisite sweets from the other side of the world or, if you are in Europe, from your own neighbors, but who cook so differently from your own country.

In this article you will have the opportunity to learn how to open a bakery that is able to offer Swiss sweets, Europe’s confectionary bonbon.

Let’s get started!

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First steps of a Swiss type bakery

There are several ways to run this business. Among them we find a traditional bakery and a handmade one. The traditional one works with industrial and sophisticated machinery, while the artisan one has a more rustic elaboration and makes everything possible by hand, with the help of elements such as sticks and cutting moulds, among others.

Two other options are the bakery al paso and the one that has tables for customers to sit and taste the baked goods on site. The first one is based on the displays, while the second one uses them to attract the customer to the place and make money by offering a tea service, which is one of the biggest income in the business.

According to the concept you choose, you must evaluate the needs for the assembly of the bakery.

How a Swiss type bakery works

The recipes of desserts and Swiss pastries, stand out as products that have the presence of chocolate, nuts, butter and different creams. Undoubtedly, a series of delicious combinations that manage to delight the palate.

To start a business like this, unless you know the processes and recipes, you must have training and a professional book of recipes from that country, as the information on the website is not entirely clear and accurate about Swiss pastries.

How a Swiss type bakery works

Swiss decoration: Swiss decoration is characterized by the use of wood, which gives warmth to its cold climate. It is preferably dark. The walls, floors, ceilings and furniture will be made of wood. The curtains will be white, red or ivory and the most characteristic is that they do not start from the top of the window, but ideally from the middle downwards.

Requirements of a Swiss type bakery

When we are going to open an ordinary bakery in our own country, we must take into account factors such as investment money, profit capital according to tariffs, state and Ministry of Health permits, personnel to be hired, recipes and procedures for making the baked goods, fixed monthly expenses, among some other details.

However, the picture changes when we talk about Setting up a Swiss Type Bakery, since other factors come into play. Among them are the Swiss recipes and the decoration. These elements will be key to include in the cost per recipe and calculate the initial needs of our business based on them. 

On the other hand, as we mentioned, it is key to have a professional who has knowledge in the preparation of the products of a Swiss bakery, and if this is not the case, we recommend you to take some time to learn it.

How to promote your business?

A bakery like this should be located in a commercial area with a view to a large number of people, preferably. In this sense it will be easier to promote yourself with the decoration of the establishment, but it will also be easier to locate from the physical and online advertising.

Hand out flyers days before the launch and stick posters in nearby areas to attract attention. Create a website from which customers can find out about the products on offer and if they are not familiar with these types of recipes, they can have a first look at them.

Key tips for setting up a Swiss type bakery

A good idea when setting up a Swiss type bakery is to also include other desserts from the region, such as Strudel from Germany and Sacher cake from Switzerland, as this will be offering more comprehensive recipes from the region, allowing us to offer a wider variety.

Remember that offering a good customer service can make the difference between one business and another, so it is important that our customers feel very well served in our business. If they don’t know the recipes, make sure you explain the ingredients to them, without the magic touch that you will put on them, so that they become familiar with the product.

Commitment and perseverance should be part of your list of components, don’t forget.

Weaknesses: the speciality and the difference of a business like this, especially in remote areas where this business model becomes a completely new establishment, implies a greater constancy for the customers to approach the products. This can be a challenge in the initial stage, as you may not get the results you expected. This is normal, but you should not be overwhelmed by it, but stand up to see your business grow.

The staff you hire should also receive at least a little training to start knowing the type of products they will be selling, including knowing where the recipes come from in order to respond to possible inquiries from your audience.

Pros: This business idea meets one of the most important requirements of today’s business and has to do with creativity and how new a project should be when it is launched into the food market. To this extent, presenting this business manages to attract the attention of the public and become a reference point, which, with many possibilities, may be the only one in a very wide area.

Key tips for setting up a Swiss type bakery

Success stories 

To give an account of the success that is possible to obtain in this sector of the market, there are the companies that today manage to have their own network of franchises and to position themselves as the most important leaders.

Learn about their business models, experience, strategies and more to start setting the course for your own venture, fulfilling your big dream and owning a business that aims for success.

And you, what are you waiting for to open your own business?