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Anti-Smoking Clinic – Offering, Treatment and Costs

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Open Anti-Smoking Clinic 

Many people say they started smoking without even realizing they were getting into serious trouble. One thing led to another, and today they are heavy smokers who cannot quit this harmful habit. Therefore, as an entrepreneur with a vision of the present and future, you can open an Anti-Smoking Clinic and become a very successful business person. How can you achieve this? We tell you all about it below.

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Services to be offered when opening an anti-smoking clinic

When we decided to open an anti-smoking clinic, we were making a commitment to our clients and to society, as individuals are not islands but are part of a whole. Therefore, to promote health on an individual level is to promote it collectively. This leads us to assume a serious commitment that goes far beyond helping the person to eliminate his or her smoking habit, but we must also commit ourselves to follow up on it so that it does not relapse, as the consequences could be fatal and irreversible.

Therefore, when we undertake a business that implies such a commitment to society, what we should have most is ethics, since thanks to this value we will assume a serious and consistent responsibility, which goes far beyond the money we will charge for treatment. If you are one of those people who mainly value the economic part, you must also be guided by this principle, otherwise your clinic will soon be pointed out as one that only thinks about money and cares little about the true welfare of the person behind the wallet.

In short, you must provide a service that helps the person in a holistic way. This means that when they are discharged from treatment, they will be people who will have all the tools, thanks to the care they will have received during treatment, to stay out of tobacco for the rest of their lives.

Treatment to be implemented when opening an anti-smoking clinic

There are several treatments for quitting smoking when we open an anti-smoking clinic. Among the most effective are acupuncture with mild shock. This inhibits the anxiety in the person, which is the primary cause of the need to smoke. However, it is not the only method, there are others that also achieve this. The important thing is that your treatment, which you can also develop, goes to the root of the problem. This means that it must eliminate the person’s need for tobacco, whether through methods that act on the psyche or on the body’s biology.

On the other hand, follow-up is essential in order to finally terminate a treatment. It is not a matter of getting the person to stop smoking for two weeks and consider it finished. Psychological support during the withdrawal period is vital to ensure the ultimate success of the treatment. Therefore, once the goals have been achieved, a psychologist from the clinic should work with the patient to close the treatment until the patient no longer feels the need for tobacco in his or her life.

Requirements for setting up an anti-smoking clinic

To have a space to develop the activities of the center, which has the convenient areas for the treatment of tobacco addiction, so that the client can feel comfortable in the center and be able to treat his addiction in a safe and effective way, the space should be distributed to assign a waiting area and offices to treat the patient addicted to tobacco.

The client must be professionally trained in the field of psychology of addictions and must seek certification in the medical school of his or her university, so that the client feels confident that he or she is being treated by professional staff in the field, giving faith that their methods do work and are established in the existing institutional knowledge tree.

Tips for setting up an anti-smoking clinic

Surround yourself with professionals in the field who are in constant contact with the world of tobacco and treatment against addiction, looking for modern treatments and establishing good quality classic treatments existing in the field, so that you have a seal of quality and cutting edge treatment against smoking.

Having a well-distributed space is always important, so the location of the area should be well studied according to the desirability of the service and distribution of the anti-smoking center.

In addition, it is recommended to always have professional certification in sight, an element that draws the attention and safety of users of the center who intend to receive treatment for the first time or come from another treatment clinic looking for a better way to quit tobacco addiction.

Open Anti-Smoking Clinic 

Advantages of having an Anti-Smoking Clinic 

If you are a person who likes to help others, this business can be very satisfying on a spiritual level, since you are helping to improve the quality of life of a person and his family environment. In addition, customers who are satisfied with the service can attract others, which represents an important advantage for the business, as well as representing good profit margins due to the influx of users of the center.

In modern society the search for health has been increasingly stimulated, it is well known that tobacco can bring multiple diseases from oral or lung infection to cancer, which has encouraged the user population to seek to quit smoking, which represents an excellent advantage for the center.

Problems that can occur at the Anti-Tobacco Clinic

At the beginning it can be problematic to attract customers so be aware of the area where your business is established, the first 6 months can be very weak until the business takes enough reputation.

Having support staff can be difficult to obtain, and professional fees can be very expensive, which can be a problem if you do not have enough capital to support the expenses while the business takes reputation and purchasing power.

This business model requires professional training, so it can be a problem to set it up if you do not have the necessary instruction in medicine and psychology, customer confidence is the almost complete source of this business so if you do not have certification the business may lack security from the users of the center.

Success stories

The ROMOE Method is considered a successful company in this market, because its method is applied by qualified health professionals whose main goal is the integral and personalized attention of each patient. With a proven effectiveness, since 9 out of 10 people treated stop smoking.

Another successful company in this market is GlaxoSmithKline, which launches ‘NiQuitin’ to help quit smoking. It is a drug based on oral tablets

which must be administered for a minimum of 14 weeks, although they can continue to be used over time, with which people find effective help in quitting smoking.