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Hairdresser Unisex – Needs, Advantages and Equipment

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How to Set Up a Unisex Barber Shop

Unisex hair salons are simple beauty centers, where haircuts, hairstyles and basic dyes are performed for both men and women, and sometimes for children as well. What makes them eligible? The speed and simplicity of their services, since in women’s hairdressing salons the waits can be very long, especially if you go to them without an assigned time. Therefore, in a Unisex Hairdresser’s, clients are attended to quickly and efficiently. Let’s see now your advantages and your requirements.

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Advantages of opening a Unisex Hairdresser’s

Opening a Unisex Hairdresser’s is a venture with many advantages, among which we highlight:

Low Investment: since it is a hairdresser’s shop where only simple and basic work is done, the investment to be made is very moderate. The same one will consist of the premises, the adjustment of the same one, with its mirrors, swimming pools, seats and utensils of hairdressing salon.

Large clientele: the clientele for a Unisex Hairdresser’s is quite significant. This results in an important gain.

Easy to learn trade: of course, setting up a hairdresser’s shop, whatever its orientation, requires a professional hairdresser to take care of it. However, it is not an impossible business to run if we decide to take a hairdressing course, which is both economical and practical.

Requirements for Setting up a Unisex Hairdresser’s

Let’s see now what you need when setting up a Unisex Barber Shop to make everything run smoothly:

Business Plan: this is the planning stage. In this stage we decide the profile of the business, the type of public we intend to address, what services we will offer, who will be our suppliers, what is our price to the final client, among many other things, such as the location of the hairdresser’s and how close to the city center it will be.

Local: you need a place to develop your business. It must be qualified to set up a hairdresser’s, which implies that your real estate agent should be advised on this matter before presenting the premises to you, as it depends on the owner’s authorization and the kind of facilities it has, so you must be sure before signing the contract.

Equipment: it is necessary to ask for several estimates before equipping your Unisex Hairdresser’s. It is best to have four or five different ones so that you can evaluate prices and quality. Remember that it is important to buy furniture that will last you for many years, even if you have to invest more at the beginning. However, it also depends on your financial situation at the time of investment. As for the equipment itself, what you will need in your business will be hairdressing chairs, mirrors, hairdryers. As far as accessories are concerned, you will need scissors, rollers, tweezers, pots, brushes, combs and brushes. Then, you’ll also need shampoo, conditioner, styling creams, gels and foams, as well as hair dye and straightening and perming products.

How to Set Up a Unisex Barber Shop

Advantages of owning a Unisex Hairdresser’s

In society, personal presentation has become indispensable, so unisex hairdressing salons are extremely necessary for the common worker, representing an important advantage when it comes to attracting clients who seek service on a daily basis.

Due to this, your business can represent an important affluence of clients almost from the beginning, representing profits almost immediately of opened the premises, factor that represents an important advantage in this model of business.

In addition, there is an endless number of style and design preferences that call the attention of thousands of young people to innovate the personal presentation, establishing a difference of vanguard that is emerging in the new times, making this business always avant-garde and innovative in terms of unisex hairdressing, one must only be attentive to the trends and constantly train in the most modern techniques of hairdressing sought by the public.

Tips for setting up a Unisex Hairdresser’s

Always be attentive to fashion trends in personal presentation, in this way you will always be at the forefront in the world of unisex hairdressing, attracting many customers who seek to look different in today’s established society.

Always looking for trained staff willing to work and meet schedule faithfully every day, a business that does not open on time or not open at all is a business with problems, disappointing the customer with the service hours can lead to that, this store to find another place, delivering the potential customer to the competitor on a silver platter.

Acquiring a space large enough to receive a significant amount of customers, this is a business that reflects its

margins directly on the daily influx of customers who come looking for the unisex hairdressing service, so it is convenient to seek to acquire a large and well equipped space.

Success stories 

Llongueras, is a successful hairdresser’s in Spain, created in 1975 opened together with the International Institute Llongueras, showing that, the world of hairdressing demands in addition to a constant training and renewal professional success, which is needed along with enthusiasm and method.

Another successful company in this market is Celeste Peluqueria, with one of its star products which are the secrets of water, which is the new line of cosmetics that have just incorporated into the centers and virtual store. Based on the methodology and the characteristic of water to store and transmit information. Thus, Biopolar Water is the main ingredient of the products, that is, intelligent water that transmits order and information to the cells to correct alterations and the devitalization process.