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Hairdressing for women – Tips, Advice and Structuring

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How to set up a women’s hairdresser

A woman can always become beautiful, because when nature has not been very kind to her, her hairdresser can solve the problem. Hair is the frame of a woman’s face and is what brightens or darkens the look. For all this, learning how to set up a women’s hairdresser is the business you were looking for.

No matter how tight a woman’s pocket is, hairdressing is a non-negotiable expense when it comes to tightening your belt. So study your potential client well, make a good sales plan and find out how to set up a salon for women

Know all information about health

First steps to a women’s hairdresser

Before you know how to set up a women’s hairdresser, you must be clear about who you are selling to:

older women who need to raise their self-esteem
older women who do not accept their age
women who wouldn’t go out to the supermarket without a good haircut
young women who want a very innovative and striking look
women who dye their hair… the same color
women who want to hide their gray hair
women who want to look natural
women who want to look sophisticated
women who have no one to talk to in their daily lives
women who want to talk about each other in their day-to-day

And now… who’s going to deal with all this? – The staff needed to know how to set up a women’s hairdresser’s

Who’s going to cater to all this difficult audience? Definitely very qualified personnel, well trained, who know what they are doing, who can dispel all doubts and INTERPRET what the client wants, since that is basically what this business will be based on.

Psychology and empathy are part of the capital that you will have to invest if you want to make your hairdressing salon a profitable business.

How to set up a women's hairdresser

Necessary materials to set up a hairdresser’s shop for women

You’ll need to have the following:

wall mirrors
hand mirrors
hand dryers
floor dryers
waterproof layers
customer chairs
waiting couches
coffee for those who wait
magazines for style ideas
magazines to learn about show business life

How to set up a hairdresser’s – services to offer

These services will be essential when you think about how to set up a women’s hairdressing salon:

hair coloring
California fuses
hairstyles (simple and sophisticated)
changes in look (ideas must be given and passed on to clients)
eyebrow coloring

However, there are ways to optimize all this so as not to end up offering “more of the same”:

Create your own color chart by combining shades and displaying it to customers.
Look for models for exotic cuts and photograph them to make your own cut catalogue.
Offer a personalized service: suggest your clients a look, cut, color, etc. for their face and skin color cut.
Always be updated with the latest trends and offer them first in the market.

Requirements to start in a women’s hairdresser

When opening a hairdressing salon, investment capital for the rental of the premises, equipment, physical environment and supplies must be taken into account.

Another important requirement is the location of the salon, which is usually opened in shopping malls or residential locations with easy access and flexible hours to attract customers.

It is very important to seek advice from lawyers and consultants who are experts in business and also in franchising for the design and development of the premises, decoration, facilities and computer equipment.

The owner of a hairdressing salon can operate as a self-employed entrepreneur, or be incorporated as an entrepreneur through a limited company. This last formula is the most common, since it prevents any possible risk of the activity from affecting the entrepreneur’s personal assets.

Advice on starting a hairdressing salon for women

The following tips are suggested when setting up a hair salon. Get the license of activities and facilities, register the name of the company, obtain the Tax Identification Number (NIF), liquidate the Tax on property transfers and documented legal acts.

Likewise, they must make the census declaration of the start of activities, pay the tax on economic activities, register the company with the social security, obtaining the affiliation number. Acquire and legalize the books of visits, and register the personal files in the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Success stories of a hairdresser’s shop for women

A successful company is OH EXPRESS, in which customers can get the airbrush make-up service, being a premium service and at the same time accessible, performed in a short time (express service), specializing in

airbrush make-up, hair styling, manicure, pedicure, semi-permanent glazing and hair treatments

Llongueras Peluquería, is another successful company with salons, which are based on a concept that for years has been consolidated and strengthened, as far as modern cuts based on the aesthetics and beauty of the face, with a wide knowledge and experience without competition in the world of hairdressing.

The franchise has great advantages, among which the opportunity for a solid franchise, with knowledge and experience that are being implemented recently in the hairdressing market, focused on the customer and their needs, working the customer-brand relationship

Problems that can occur

One of the problems a hairdresser’s investor may encounter is location. Because if it is placed in a space with limited access and there is no flexible schedule, customers will always go looking for better options.

Another problem is not having a clear idea of the type of hairdresser’s you want to open, sometimes you have to understand from the beginning that the hairdresser’s business has multiple variants and from the beginning you have to define the type of hairdresser’s, before making the decision.