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How to open a pharmacy – Requirements, Features and Steps

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How to open the Pharmacy business

Opening a pharmacy is not difficult, but you need to research the procedures carefully and hire a licensed pharmacist.
A pharmacy, like any other activity that starts in a competitive market, has to have a strategy or a business plan, because it is still a business activity with the purpose of profit.

Opening a pharmacy requires the possession of profitable products and the commercial competition is very high, especially due to the fact that the products that are sold are usually available in online over-the-counter, thus, where large groups can offer affordable prices.
From a practical point of view the first step is to carefully identify the place where to open the pharmacy: this will ensure a good user base and can be sufficiently distant from pharmacies and other potential competitors. In this perspective, even small towns may be suitable, due to their remoteness from large shopping centres.

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Characteristics of the location: The aspects to be taken into account in the choice of local factors are mainly location and space, as well as cost, room availability, accessibility, visibility, condition of the facilities, etc. Each strategy can be implemented or not depending on the space available. The chosen location must be large enough: 100 m² is the minimum necessary to fully display the products and also to have the necessary space for storage and for the preparation of the bathrooms.

The initial investment: The initial investment depends mainly on the size of the room and then the costs that include the rent or purchase of space, furniture, lighting, cash registers, bar code reader, computers and software. If we do not have a large budget available, we should consider the ‘ opportunity to purchase furniture and equipment for lease. In addition, if you do not want to embark on this major investment alone, we can also evaluate the opportunity to open a pharmacy franchise.

Requirements to open a pharmacy: To start the project you must first report the beginning of the municipality for at least 30 days before the opening; then you have to provide the same communication to the Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Health, the Medicine Agency, the order of the pharmacists and finally to the Region. The store owner does not necessarily have to have a degree in pharmacy: despite what the law requires the presence of a full-time pharmacist member of the order. So if you are not licensed you will need to hire graduates immediately, a qualified pharmacist who can follow your activities. That automatically becomes a cost to your business.

What can you sell by opening a pharmacy: The pharmacy, is based on the needs of consumers who want to limit the use of drugs, offering a range of products designed to treat the cause of evil, rather than the consequence. In a pharmacy then, in addition to traditional products, veterinary and health items, customers can also buy herbal products, herbal medicines, homeopathic.

If you follow all these precautions in your locality you will be able to take off slowly and build up a loyal clientele. Patience and perseverance are the perfect combination for success. Now that you understand how to open a pharmacy, you just have to get into the game: it is a great investment, so we recommend caution.
Requirements to start a Pharmacy

Firstly, acquire a physical platform large enough to supply the medicines and have an area of attention to the public, you must have a fresh space so that the medicines are not affected, preferably with standard air conditioning.

You must have training in pharmacy, this instruction is achieved after a university career in medical school, you can acquire staff without professional training, but must be properly instructed to locate and sell the medicine, nothing else.

How to open the Pharmacy business

Tips for starting a Pharmacy

It is recommended to acquire a space whose location is central, so that it can facilitate the access of customers to your business, in this way you can have a significant influx of customers daily, perceiving high margins of profit every day.

In addition, it is advisable to have preferably trained personnel or professionals in pharmacy, thus significantly increasing the possibility of providing adequate service, minimizing the percentage of accidents or inefficiencies that a staff without proper training may present.

Advantages of having a Pharmacy

Drugs are vital to human life, in modern society you can not live without a place to get drugs, today people rely heavily on components to improve their health or mood, which represents a large profit margin and influx of customers for your business.

Having access to medication at the level of owning a pharmacy can be an extremely important advantage, your family and you will never suffer from lack of medication or lack of purchase of medication, an advantage that thousands of people would like to have.

Success stories of a Pharmacy

One of the successful pharmacies is Lloydspharmacy, which offers a variety of in-pharmacy services financed by the NHS, such as adherence to new treatments, smoking cessation, preparation of SPDs, treatments for minor illnesses, pharmacotherapy follow-up (MURs), among others.

Problems that may arise 

Having a pharmacy business is often not an easy task, you must have control and knowledge about the supply of medicines and know the components that are sold, many customers come asking with symptoms of discomfort and if possible should help it.

However, it should always be suggested that a doctor should be consulted if a serious isolated problem occurs. In addition, selling medicines without a prescription can represent a risk, so it is important to be aware of which component the client is asking for and whether a prescription from a professional in the medical field is needed.

Permits can be tedious and complex, since you are working with delicate materials that can seriously affect the health of the individual if you do not know what you are doing, a circumstance that can represent a great problem and possibility of legal consequences depending on the case.