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Manicure and Hair Removal Salon – How to open it, Costs and Needs

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Open a nail and hair removal salon

Have you thought about setting up a nail salon? These can be two services that work very well together and will generate good profits for you.

The truth is that both products as well as services for the female public usually work in practically all cities and offering some of these services in the same place can be a way to have your clients even more committed to you.

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Professional preparation for setting up your salon

Something that I always repeat, but that has great importance for those who are going to open their own business is professional preparation. I say this because it is not enough to want to know how to set up a manicure and depilation salon, if you are not really qualified to offer a good service and please each and every one of your clients.

Today there are good courses for both manicure and hair removal, either in person or online, and you can invest a small amount of money at the beginning to learn the key techniques, specialize even more in the area and start the salon with the highest quality possible.

How to Set Up a Nail Salon and Hair Removal Today

One of the most important details in the process of setting up your salon is the choice of location, and you can choose to work in a certain neighbourhood or even travel in the city centre where the presence of people is always very great. Your space cannot be too small, in front of you you will work with the manicure services and you must also have an exclusive room to work with hair removal, as well as a bathroom.

Equipment for a beauty salon manicure and hair removal

Your biggest expense at this start will be the work teams, as your salon will offer two different services, you need to invest in a number of accessories for use in everyday life. See a list of the main equipment essential to your salon:

Chairs, mirrors and sofa for the clients.
Nail polish, nail clippers, nail files, accessories and many other equipment.
Maca for hair removal, towels, hair removal products, fans and more
Cost to open a nail and hair removal salon

Since your goal here is to know how to set up a manicure and nail salon, you have to take into account the costs that this business will require for you, and financial planning is very important from the very beginning. So you need to rent a commercial property, buy all the necessary equipment, decorate the salon and other small expenses, and all this is going to require a minimum of £25,000 to start running.

Open a nail and hair removal salon

The work and staff for your salon

Something that I consider essential for the proper functioning of a company is organization, both in the domestic environment and in working hours and for you who are studying how to set up a manicure and hair removal salon has the need to take this very seriously. So the ideal is to work with scheduled schedules, to get your customers online and to schedule the service for a specific time.

The hiring of employees will depend largely on the size of your room and the demand for these services, but at first it would be interesting to have someone to work with only a part of the manicure and one for hair removal, but depending on growth they will have to hire other employees.

Requirements to start a manicure and waxing salon

First of all, acquire a physical space, either in a shopping mall or independent commercial premises, so that there is enough space to have several workstations and receive more clients. Each workstation must have the necessary tools to offer the manicure and depilation service, or else the workspace can be distributed to your own preference.

To count on personnel trained to offer a good service, with the necessary courses to provide the depilation and manicure service, the more personnel you hire and the more workstations you have, the more clients you will be able to receive.

Acquire the professional equipment needed to provide the service, the business must be fully equipped with the necessary supplements, so that the customer is completely satisfied.

Problems that can occur in a manicure and depilation salon

Sufficient equipment must be acquired to provide a good service, so coupled with the cost of renting the premises can be an expensive business to mount, therefore, you must have a significant capital depending on the quality and brand of equipment to be purchased and supplements such as paints, wax, tools for applying wax, files, among many other supplements that must be owned in the business to provide a service complete.

The staff can be a problem, you must know well the type of people who are hired, if you have a bad staff who works with little expertise or works reluctantly the quality of business can go into a tailspin, so you must be careful when hiring the human resources needed to run the business optimally.

Advantages of having a manicure and depilation salon

Every day thousands of women want to pamper themselves, maintain their hygiene and personal presence to be always radiant, which represents an important affluence of clients for the business, in addition the costs for this type of work are usually very high depending on the client’s need, being nevertheless an attractive option with high possibilities of obtaining important margins of profit.

It is a business that does not require strenuous physical activity or forced work schedules, so it can be a comfortable business to run once, the investment is made and you start receiving customers, it all depends on the quality with which the staff works and customer satisfaction.

Success stories 

A successful company in this field is SAPPHIRE, which has gradually but steadily opened up to markets through international distributors, established in Portugal, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Russia, Turkey, Chile, Egypt, Morocco, India, China, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. Entering also Canada, France and United Kingdom.

The Sapphire company participates widely in international fairs such as those in Hong Kong, Dubai, Paris, and Bologna. The company seeks to be in all markets with the opening of paths and overcoming barriers, to achieve a more sustainable, committed and healthy market space.