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Massage clinic – Equipment, types and tips

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How to open a massage clinic

Take a look at the details on how to set up a massage clinic to be taken in this branch that only grows more and more every year!

You may have noticed that massage is a common type of service in many places, so what are you waiting for to open your own massage clinic and get to work? Basically this is a business that requires little money and a great deal of knowledge in the area.

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Types of massage that are most commonly used

The truth is that clinics specializing in massage end up not offering just one type, but a wide range of different types of massage to satisfy the tastes and needs of each client, and then it becomes necessary to learn the techniques of each massage or hire experts in each type of service. Hot stone massage, which uses Abhyanga oil and sports massage are good examples of what is always in good demand in the market, but in their massage clinic it is also possible to offer other services, such as detoxified drainage massage which focuses on reducing inflammation and draining the body’s abdomen.

The Bamboo Therapy technique, which is a massage with bamboo, is also always one of the most requested in the clinics of this type, but it is not always possible to find trained professionals in the area to offer it to the clients.

 How to set up a massage clinic?

Even before opening your business, it is necessary to analyze the local market to find a point where your clinic can be more attractive and at the same time offer easy access to customers. It is natural that people start working from home, but if you have a capital available it is valid to rent a space in a popular neighborhood of your city or even near other clinics in the center. Another good option may be near a gym, as with respect to internal space you will need to have about 2 or 3 massage rooms, bathrooms, dressing room and a reception room.

The legalization article will also be sufficient for those who do not know how to set up a massage clinic, since it is necessary to have a license from the city council, and a number of other determining factors so that the establishment can open the doors.

Equipment for the massage clinic

In your work as a massage therapist, it is necessary to invest in the purchase of certain items such as sofas, bamboo massage kits, creams and oils, massage rollers, stones suitable for various other massage work tools. In addition to your clinic you should purchase sofas for the reception, concierge service, computer with printer, you should invest in good lighting, ventilation and internal cleaning, as well as a variety of other details that will culminate in a pleasant and suitable environment for performing massages.

How to open a massage clinic

Cost of opening a massage clinic

I have seen cases of people who work with outdoor massage and achieve good results with this business that requires the least amount of investment, but still has a low cost it is impossible to set up a massage clinic without having a capital available to invest. I say this because you immediately need to rent a workspace, invest in the decoration and structure of this space, buy your work equipment, you may need the help of more employees, legalize the company and more, not to mention the need to have a free amount of working capital from the company and advertising.

The cost to open a massage clinic is $30,000 to open a small/medium clinic, well structured and able to satisfy a large customer base each month.

Requirements to start a Massage Clinic

Acquire a physical space large enough to distribute the business in different areas of massage and the administration of the premises, also must have professional massage trained staff.

To acquire the necessary implements to attend your business and your clients, so that an excellent service can be given, stimulating the satisfied client to come back again at another time, when he needs our services again.

Acquire the necessary equipment, such as surgical beds to position the head correctly, massage tools for the back and other parts that may affect stress and muscle tension.

Tips for starting a massage clinic

Surround yourself with professional massage people who are creative and innovative in the field, in this way you can be avant-garde and provide a unique and satisfactory service to the user of the business, in addition to always be well supplied with the necessary elements to provide a complete massage, so that the client always notes that it has the necessary implements in full and enjoys a excellent quality of service.

This type of business also lends itself to natural treatments or a sharing that can even have a spiritual character, offering an atmosphere of relaxation and perhaps consumables that go along with the business as different types of TE, to stimulate relaxation and leave an elegant impression of the business, stimulating the client’s pleasure so that he considers his business first when he wants a massage combined with natural skin treatments and other services that adhere to this field that have to do with the relaxation and physical healing of the subject in matters of daily stress resulting from work or daily life.

Success stories of a massage clinic

El Templo del Masaje, is considered a successful company, being a chain of massage clinics, with a wide spectrum of services, has body treatments, facials, manicures, pedicures, hair removal, with almost all types of massage on the market.

Another successful company is Fariolen, which offers a particular type of massage, which comes directly from Manila, based on acupressure, applied by chiropractors to achieve an energy treatment that promotes sleep and relieves tension, which is recommended for states of great mental and physical activity.

Problems that can occur

At the beginning if it is not located in a correct area it can present problems to attract clients, besides this is a service that the public generally acquires as a gift, gesture or specific event, so it could be projected in the business as a low daily clientele affluence.

You must acquire a space large enough so that you can perceive more customers, if you have a small place this may represent low capacity, which is projected in limited profits for your business.

About the advantages of having this business.

There is an atmosphere of constant relaxation which can represent a healthy and pleasant environment to work in, in addition the clientele that is captured in this business is always older and quiet public which represents an advantage when considering dealing with the public, unlike other types of business where the client is younger and a little more complicated to deal with.

Massages from the business environment created in the 50’s, have always been part of the life of the entrepreneur and the administrative worker, so the influx of this type of client represents safe money, which implies a respectable margin of profit for your business.