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Medical Emergency – Requirements, standards and services

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Starting a Medical Emergency Business

Medical emergencies provide a dual solution to society. On the one hand, they free the medical societies from the work of the emergency, which are not always prepared to respond in the required way to the situation and, secondly, they provide the user with the possibility of being attended to as quickly as possible, in addition to the extra services that can be provided. In this article, we tell you everything about how to set up a Medical Emergency.

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Requirements for setting up a Medical Emergency

It is necessary to make all legal arrangements with the Ministry of Health of the corresponding country. This Ministry will evaluate and inspect the project, both before and after it is installed.

A doctor responsible for the Emergency must be present and the personnel you hire must also be trained in Medicine.

Then, the procedures before the Ministry of Labor must be carried out and the company must be registered in the organizations in charge of it.

The next step is to get the physical location. Finally, it will be mandatory to have the equipment and supplies that the Ministry of Labor stipulates to mount a medical emergency, which will include a fleet of ambulances fully equipped with medical resuscitation equipment within each one of them.

Starting a Medical Emergency Business

Responsibilities of a Medical Emergency

By paying a monthly fee, members are contracting a Medical Emergency coverage, which covers them for assistance in case of external accidents (traffic, burns, etc.) and internal accidents (heart attacks, brain accidents, etc.)

By setting up a Medical Emergency you are committing yourself to assist the place where the patient is and to help him/her, which should be done as quickly as possible and to assist him/her with full knowledge of what is being done.

Possible risks of demand in a Medical Emergency

When setting up a Medical Emergency you should know that you run certain risks that are much more dangerous than in other branches of business. The most typical are:

Mala praxix: when a patient dies or has important consequences as a result of the intervention of one or more doctors belonging to your Medical Emergency, his family will probably report it to the Ministry of Health and they will carry out an investigation. If your company is found to have committed malpractice, you will have to pay a very large amount of money to the victim’s family.

Negligence: you could say that, in a certain way, this is the opposite of the previous one, since in the former you acted on the patient, while in the latter the problem is generated precisely by not acting. It is very easy to verify since it will be seen that certain treatments or measures should have been applied on the patient and, simply, it was not done.

Avoiding these risks is possible by hiring the most professional staff and through training, updating and motivation courses from time to time, in addition to policies focused on quality and care as a first measure.

Services to offer

When you go to set up a Medical Emergency, take into account these other services that you can offer and charge separate fees for each of them: mutual service (have specialists to perform consultations), clinical analysis, occupational health card, medical examinations for the driver’s license, dental service, among others.

Within what is allowed for the sector, you can offer whatever your imagination conceives and your infrastructure allows.

Advantages of having a Medical Emergency business

Emergency medical support is extremely necessary in modern society, every day thousands of people come to need emergency medical support, especially people who have chronic diseases, the elderly or pregnant status, so that the business of medical support can be a very lucrative business, in addition to the expenses in what comprises the medical service is always valued in high service prices, representing significant profit margins.

At the same time, there is the advantage of taking advantage of the service of the business for the same family, which can be extremely useful and practical for the family.

Another important advantage is the connections that are made in the medical world, a very important factor when it comes to connecting the business in a good way with nearby medical institutions, this

can help improve the service methods of the business, speeding up the process required for patient relief.

Emergency Medical Business Success Stories

One of the leading and successful companies in this field is the Vittal company, which has two types of consumers, such as corporate, of agreements, mainly social works and prepaid medicine companies that request the Vittal service to attend their associates and retailers (family groups).

SAME is another prestigious emergency system, which is continuously mentioned in the media, because it is a system that attends to accidents, fires and major catastrophes, being one of the main actors in moments of emergency.

It is considered one of the most successful emergency systems in the world, since it has one of the lowest morbidity and mortality rates. It has achieved great prestige which translates into invitations, exchanges and requests for advice from other large emergency systems such as the NHS in London, the SAMU in Paris, the SUMMA in Madrid or the SEM in Barcelona.

Problems that can arise in this business

The medical emergency business requires many assistance tools and proper training in their use, so it can be a problem at first to get qualified personnel and acquire all the necessary equipment to operate in this business.

In addition, the assembly of this business, between the expense of the equipment and the acquisition of the surgical support units can be a difficult business to assemble correctly, which can represent a strong problem at the beginning of the business, so it is convenient to take extensive advice before starting.

Tips for starting in the Emergency Medical Business

First of all, to be trained in a very good way in the use of surgical support equipment, tension tools and other medical support devices, so that you can be well informed and have mastery of the elements needed to run this business.

Surround yourself with medical professionals and trained personnel to help provide a state-of-the-art service, improving the reputation of the business and ensuring the quality of the service provided when the medical emergency of the customer using the service occurs.

To have a good investment capital, this way it will be possible to cover all the necessary expenses in the acquisition of equipment, medical support units and medical supplies needed to attend the patient in emergency.