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Medical equipment rental – Reasons, advantages and benefits

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No one is free from suffering an accident or illness, either their own or that of a loved one or relative. It is at these times that we need to have certain medical equipment in our home, so we will resort to renting medical equipment.

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Why use medical equipment rental

Medical equipment rental is a halfway point between buying and waiting for the equipment we need. It happens that buying medical equipment can be excessively expensive and, hopefully, we will only need it for a certain period of time.

Reasons that may make you need to rent certain medical equipment are: broken bones, sprains, trauma, convalescence, among other health reasons.

Medical equipment to rent

The medical equipment to be rented is: canes, three-legged canes, crutches, wheelchairs, bariatric four-legged walkers, common four-legged walkers with regattas, four-wheeled walker with seat, common two-wheeled walkers, post-operative arch, sobrewater, alternating air mattresses, console chair, anti-skid rollers, waterproof sheets, semi-electric articulated beds, latex foam seat, wheelchair with toilet, battery-powered wheelchair, among other similar equipment.

How to set up a medical equipment rental company

First of all you should think about the initial investment, which will be high due to the cost of the equipment. Perhaps you can apply for a credit from a bank or finance with the supplier directly.

Then comes the time to think about the premises, which should have a small part to serve the public and a part, either behind the premises or at the side, that serves as a deposit to keep the equipment to be rented.

Reviewing and checking each product once it is returned will not only ensure that the quality of service we offer is maintained, but will also prolong the life of each piece of equipment.

Registering the company and thinking of a name for it will be the necessary legal procedure to open a medical equipment rental company.

Start Medical Equipment Rental 

Working method of medical equipment rental

Once the client decides on a certain equipment, he will sign a pre-established contract, which will be completed with the client’s name, address, identity card, etc. It will also specify the number of days that the customer will rent the equipment and the contract will clearly specify that the equipment must be returned in the same conditions in which it was removed, otherwise the customer will be responsible for any repairs.

Something very important is to ask the customer to show his identity document and to present a proof of address, which can be an electricity, telephone or gas bill and which must be in his name.

Making ourselves known by opening a medical equipment rental company

The use of a website with a descriptive catalogue with photos will be our main tool.

You can rely sporadically on radio and television advertising, too.

Finally, brochures of very good quality will be distributed in hospital institutions and medical clinics.

Requirements to start in Medical Equipment Rental

It is important to know that the company owns several pieces of equipment that are intended for the elderly, people awaiting surgery, people recovering at home and other customers in need of hospital equipment for a short time.

Therefore, the target audience of this type of business should be kept in mind, since, the purchase of the equipment depends on the characteristics of the clients, because generally the rental of the equipment is given for a few months or days, which, ends up being much more viable for the client and quite profitable for the owner of the company.

Advantages of having medical equipment rental

Having a medical equipment rental company is very profitable and sustainable over time, since once the business is established and recognized, it has a stable portfolio of customers who in turn promote the business to others, achieving a significant demand that increases profitability and stability over time.

Tips to start in medical equipment rental

It is advisable to advertise the business on the Internet, because most people go there looking for hospital equipment to rent.

It is also advisable to invest in the purchase of sponsored links on search sites such as Google and Bing. Likewise, it is desirable to advertise the company on Facebook Ads to increase the popularity of the business in the region, as well as it is interesting to create a well structured site with the equipment available, and information for people and means of contact that are in


Medical Equipment Rental Success Stories

One of the successful companies is Biosistemas Ingeniería Médica Ltda., a supplier of medical equipment, aimed at continuous improvement, providing tools of the highest quality, which serve as support in the area of health and always seeking the welfare of society, to contribute to improving the quality of life.

Another successful company is Locatel, which rents everything from canes to mechanical clinic beds and even the most specialized items such as standing tables, equipment that helps rehabilitate people in wheelchairs, with a wide range of equipment for rent.

Problems that can arise in Medical Equipment Rental

Generally, one of the problems that can occur is when there is damage to the equipment and it is necessary to mediate with the client and enforce the regulations regarding the rental of the equipment.

Another problem can be achieving a company’s positioning through the internet and technologies, by means of SEO (search engine optimisation), which represents an increasingly relevant tool for companies seeking to improve the visibility of their business on Google, and to increase profitability. To do this, a SEO specialist is needed, who will promote the web portal, where medical equipment is shown and can be seen by as many people as possible.