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Opening a Muscle Stimulation Center, Tips and Advice

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Opening an electrostimulation centre 

Having a toned body and strengthened muscles is an undeniable plus, both in terms of meeting the canons of aesthetics, as well as maintaining a healthy body free of fat. There are many ways to achieve this, from the traditional ones such as gymnastics and bodybuilding, to the most modern options in electrodes. We tell you everything so that you can open your own Electro Stimulation Center.

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Why open an Electro Stimulation Center

Everyone seeks, or at least intends, to have a body whose muscle tone shows that it works on its muscles and makes them stronger. Some people even need to do this as part of medical treatment for rehabilitation, for example.

There are several ways to achieve this through aesthetics, which range from classic gymnastics, the appliance room, a personal trainer or, point here that is linked to certain medical indications for rehabilitation, the use of electrodes, which are offered in an Electro Stimulation Center.

The advantages of this system are multiple; in the first place you avoid doing excessive gymnastics that will end up damaging certain joints in your body. Secondly, you will say goodbye to the physical effort of lifting impossible weights and, something very important in modern societies: you will save time.

The electrode sessions in an Electro Stimulation Centre last for an hour and a half, three times a week on average. However, there is a line of Hungarian machines whose brand is Just Fit, which allow you to achieve visible results with a weekly 20-minute session. Do you still doubt the benefits and the consequent profitability of the business?

Opening an electrostimulation centre 

Requirements to open an Electro Stimulation Center

In the first instance, contact the state offices responsible for issuing permits for businesses. It is important that you clarify the sector of the enterprise from the beginning, since they will refer you to the Ministry of Health, which will also require certain documentation.

The next step is to start asking for estimates for the machines and their installation. You also need training in how to operate them, so it’s a good idea to get on the Internet and see how they work.

At the same time, get a room that is suitable for the purpose of an Electro Stimulation Centre, that is to say, one that has at least one closed compartment in which to apply the treatment based on electrodes. However, it is convenient to have two or three compartments and thus have the possibility of serving several clients at once.

Personnel for an Electro Stimulation Centre

When hiring staff, make sure they are both beauticians and medical students who know or can learn to operate the electrode machines quickly.

Another very important aspect is that they are friendly, patient, empathetic and enjoy dealing with the public.

Advertise your electrostimulation center

Since it is a service in high demand, you don’t need to explain too much about how it works, just by mentioning its results and making some attractive flyers, the message will be understood by potential customers.

Advantages of having an Electro Stimulation Center

In modern society there are specific diseases that affect the motor function in many patients, for example, those who have had a stroke, rheumatic problems or overweight, so the electro muscle stimulation can give excellent results in progressive improvement, this represents an advantageous point for this business, making it possible to attract many customers who need the service, acquiring good profit margins in the process.

In addition, it is a center that once acquired the necessary equipment is easy to manage, so it represents an accessible and comfortable business to carry over the years, becoming an excellent business option for a person who wants a quiet position that only requires managing the client and his access to the service.

Tips to start in the Electro Stimulation Center

It is advisable to surround yourself with people who have a great deal of knowledge about muscular electro-stimulation, these can be within the field of physiotherapy and the physics of the human body, in this way you can maintain training and competence to operate the specialized equipment for the rheumatic patient who needs it.

Acquiring a well distributed space, it is not necessary to acquire a very large space, only to have the necessary distribution to install the equipment and to attend in a good way to the user of the center, it is not necessary to have several offices, with only one starting is more than enough to begin to grow, so a local in a commercial center of 20 meters or less can work at the beginning.

Cases of success of the Electro Stimulation Center

EMS, electro-stimulation is a successful company because it has the latest generation Advanced Integral EMS Training System that exercises 350 muscles simultaneously in just 20 minutes.

Another company is Activo Electrofitness, which is the combination of traditional Fitness with the electro-stimulation system (EMS training system), guided at all times by a personal trainer.

This company guarantees results that previously could only be achieved through training for many years, as they can be achieved in 20 minutes a week with functional muscle stimulation.

Problems that can occur in the Electro Stimulation Centre

Specific equipment must be available to provide the service of muscular electro-stimulation, so the cost of acquiring it can be very expensive, representing a problem at first if you do not have sufficient resources to start successfully in this business.

At first you must know where to locate this business so that your patients have access to know the place, so if the premises are not located in an accessible address or where there are other medical care centers can represent a problem at first to attract customers.