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Nail Sculpting – Independence and Creativity

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Start to Build Built-Up Nails

Are you looking for an independent business that also allows you to exploit your creativity? Then we have the venture for you! Get involved in Nail Sculpting and sell a product that will take it off your hands.

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What You Need to Make Built-On-Nails

At the beginning, you will need to get a work kit in order to successfully manufacture Built-On-Nails. For this, the nail art set with UV lamp is the work kit you need. These materials, which include transparent UV gel, gel cleaner, acrylic powders in various colors, acrylic tips and their corresponding glue, UV lamp and a set of tools to design the models on the nails, such as glitter powder, 3D stickers, shiny stones

As for the UV lamp contained in this set, it may be very slow acting, as it includes only a 9w light tube, when the ideal for these locks is 36w. Therefore, you may want to get a more powerful one, but only if you find it necessary.

Finally, buy a case to carry the set around comfortably and easily. With this, you will be ready to become a professional manicurist.

Profile of Who Decides to Make Nail Sculptures

In this business, a woman is preferably required, since the work will be done to women and the bond that is generated between client and manicurist is one of much camaraderie.

In addition, this woman, apart from making sculpted nails, must have a profile inclined to cosmetology, since knowledge of other beauty treatments will complement her profession so that more work may also arise among the same clients.

On the other hand, the person must have many manual skills, be neat, punctual and meticulous, apart from having a clear vocation for service and being able to hold very pleasant talks, since this is also what the clients of these services look for.

How to Recruit Nail Sculpting Clients

It should be noted that women who have their nails carved are far from being housewives, mothers or workers who use their hands, such as factory workers, deli dispensers, etc. Therefore, clients should look for themselves among the idle upper classes, if they are adults, or, in the case of adolescents, they can also be found in more mixed social classes, since at that age, little is done with their hands besides showing them off.

So, using advertising techniques that allow you to reach your target audience, you must transmit a message based on beauty, elegance and extravagance, since these are all characteristics that clients look for from those who have chosen to make Built-On-Nails.

Finally, having a website will also bring you many customers, since those who require this service, usually look for it in this way on the web.

Start to Build Built-Up Nails

Requirements for Nail Polishers

Having a functional and practical space where to start developing your business, if you have little money you can start with a small space, acquiring the basic implements to start, however, if you want to attract a large clientele you must have a variety of models to choose from for the client.

You must have the necessary tools to start your business, a table where to lean and bet the hands of the client, multiple implements for the nails, paints, hot light for drying and other necessary elements to perform in a good way the vocation of the nail modeling.

Tips for Making Built-On-Nails

Seek training in nail sculpting so that you have the necessary knowledge of the product you are working on, perhaps you do not intend to work directly on the nail sculpting, but knowing your business is vital to manage it properly.

Try to always acquire good quality products, so that you avoid problems due to the bad quality of the paints, for example, always ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of the customer.

Surround yourself with competent and professional staff, if you do not have a good staff the business will not take the desired reputation so you should be careful when choosing the right payroll that is able to always establish a seal of quality in the service provided by your business.

Advantages of Nail Sculpting

In modern society, nail modelling is part of daily life, from its maintenance for health to its artistic and showy presentation that attracts people’s attention, which makes this type of business very sought after by users, a factor that can represent an important affluence of clients in the business.

Once the business is established and the clientele is captured, there is only

This business model is susceptible to grow as much as the owner wants, there are very large rooms with capacity for up to 100 customers a day, which represents very important margins of profit, everything depends on the physical space and the number of nail sculptors on the payroll.

Success stories

One of the successful companies in this market is Economic Nails, which has migrated to the network with wide acceptance and offers a diversity of products for sculptured nails. Providing the opportunity to purchase high quality products for a very affordable price.

In the online store you can find products for Gel Nails, Acrylic Nails, Permanent Enamel in addition to liquids, supplements, appliances, furniture for care, among others, proving that the quality is not at odds with the price.

Problems Making Built-On-Nails

Acquiring the necessary working tools can be very expensive, which can be a problem if you do not have sufficient resources to work, so if you do not have a significant variety it is difficult to compete in the market and fully satisfy the customer.

This type of business operates on reputation, so it is expensive for the client to model nails due to the cost of the work elements and the skill of the person who is providing the service, so attracting clientele can be a challenge at first.

The replacement of the work equipment due to breakdown can represent a problem, due to the cost of the same, so the equipment must be taken care of and only give them the necessary use during the working hours, in addition the replacement of paints that can dry due to lack of use or excess of the same can represent a strong cost in the margins of expense for the business so it is necessary to be prepared.