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Nutrition by Phone – Maintainability, Comfort and Service

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Nutrition tips by phone, a future business

The slimming products industry is developing more and more. Today promoting physical exercise, a balanced diet and psychological motivation to achieve weight loss, has disappeared, today the recipes for “miraculous” weight loss are everywhere. Unfortunately, these recipes are, in some cases, created by small companies that, in the search for profit, forget the purpose that can often be achieved through a balanced diet. One of the many activities as a business in the future, could be that of a nutrition advice by phone.

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Nutrition tips by phone

Business plan of a nutrition advice business by phone

To start this business for the future you must take the following steps:

The creation of a legal entity.
The purchase of a personalized mobile phone number that is easy to remember.
Make a presentation website.
Creating a membership program.
The promotion of business.

Nutrition advice by phone can be carried out through various nutrition therapy programs aimed at those who want to lose or gain weight, and also at people with heart disease, cholesterol or diabetes.

Income and expenses of nutrition by phone

This business of the future does not involve high expenses. The business can be created in a small space where you will provide the advice.

The income will consist of:

Income from the monthly subscription payment, (those who will join the membership program will have to pay).
Income from advertising or referral of certain specialized companies to your client portfolio.
You can promote gyms, exercise machines and sports equipment.


the investment in this small business idea is, up to $1000.
the market potential is a big business that can develop quickly.
It’s nice, especially because they offer real help to others.


Nutritional knowledge is required. You can call an experienced nutritionist, or if you master this art you can do it on your own.
in the start-up period it can be difficult to find the first customers.


It is considered one of the businesses of the future, due to the phenomenon of obesity that is increasingly common among young people, a nutrition business advice by phone is a pleasant activity that can take place at home. The deal does not require a large initial investment and can grow exponentially in terms of the number of clients in a short time.

Requirements to get started in nutrition by phone

Doing nutrition on the phone is about advising people and guiding them to eat as balanced a diet as possible, while continuing to consume all the basic food groups but in moderate amounts.

To open a nutrition company by phone, it is required to know the field of nutrition, preferably to have obtained a university degree that accredits it in order to provide the best advice, which truly helps customers who are looking for help to eat better.

Before opening Nutrition by Phone, it is important to choose the legal form you will take. This is the legal form on which the procedures to be carried out to set up the company will depend.

Problems that can arise in Nutrition by Telephone

One of the problems that can arise is whether people are advised to lose weight by applying the strategy of diets in which consumption of the basic food groups is restricted. Because the so-called rebound effect occurs and the person then gains more weight instead of losing it and keeping it off.

So, if you are going to guide people who want to lose weight, it must be done under strict professional knowledge and guarantee that you are doing a high quality professional job.

Nutrition success stories by phone

A successful company is Ania Nutritionists, which is a team of nutritionists committed 100% to the client, as they do not believe in or promote the miracles of strict diets, promoting a varied and balanced diet, equally encouraging nutritional habits and healthy routines, seeking to re-learn the client to eat and enjoy doing so.

Nutritional coaching institute, is a company dedicated to advising customers on nutrition, in addition to being a training center in specialized consultancy that offers training services for health and sports professionals.

This institute, has a wide range of training aimed at professionals and students in the field of health and nutrition in particular who want to improve their skills, both technical