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Open a Foot Spa – Beauty and Foot Care – Services and Requirements

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Everything to Open a Foot Spa – Foot Treatments

The health of the feet is responsible for the health of the whole body. Added to this is today’s need for attractive, undisturbed feet. To fulfill these services we propose to open a Foot Spa, a center dedicated to providing services to the feet of its customers. There is a lot to do in the area, you just have to follow our advice, be guided by the market trends and start using the lathe right now for the health of your potential clients. Are you ready?

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Services Provided When Opening a Foot Spa

There are many and varied treatments that can be provided by opening a Foot Spa. Below we highlight the most popular and demanded:

Nail cutting: it is done with a special tweezers or nail clippers. It is a matter of matching and straightening the client’s nails.

Polishing: it is to polish the nails and feet with a lathe whose function is to exfoliate.

Removing: calluses, corns and calluses are removed with the help of the chamois and the scalpel.

Massage: this is already an aesthetic-health treatment, as it fulfils both functions in a single service.

Aesthetic: the aesthetic service par excellence is the nail painting. It can be the same traditional or with the option of printing or making designs to the nails.

Requirements to Open a Foot Spa

What you need to open a Foot Spa is the following:

Registration and Permits: the company must be legally opened and have invoices in your name. In turn, it is necessary to obtain permits to provide health-related services and to show that the proper tools are available to handle people’s feet are risks of transmitting blood-borne diseases.

Sterilizing Instruments and Ovens: The instruments must be appropriate. On the one hand, there are disposable ones, for single use; while on the other hand, there are permanent ones, but they are sterilized in an oven specially made for that purpose, for which it is turned on at high temperatures.

Procedure Manual: Whether for the owner’s own use, to present to eventual inspections, or for employees to consult, procedure manuals are a fundamental requirement to know what the procedures are and what their order is to implement them when we are going to open a Foot Spa.

Equipment: each office or compartment must be equipped with the chair for the client, the zenithal light, the armchair for the professional, the sink to sanitize your hands before starting the service and the drawer to store the work materials.

Health and Safety Regulations: before starting work, you will need advice on what the health and safety regulations are in your country when providing a service of this kind.

Advantages of having a Foot Spa

Every day thousands of people seek to attend to podiatric needs with the purpose of seeking good foot health, solve a problem of pain, infection, face or simply seek to relax in a good way giving protection and health to the feet, which represents multiple types of customers who may need a foot spa, this represents a significant influx of users that can significantly increase profit margins of your business.

This is a business that breathes relaxation and good health, which indicates that you will always be working in a healthy and calm environment, which for many is quite satisfactory, in addition the equipment and instruments for massage or podiatry treatment can be easy to get and cheap which represents an important advantage for the business in terms of acquisition of work tools.

Tips on how to set up a Foot Spa

It is recommended that you attend instruction and updating sessions on podiatry, so that you can always be informed in the field. In addition, this knowledge will allow you to create new forms of treatment for relaxation and maintenance of your feet, establishing in your business a seal of quality and vanguard in the field of foot spa.

Try to replace the instruments that break down or are already obsolete so that the client always has a good impression about the innovation, modernity and hygiene of the place, in turn it is recommended to clean the business every day, maintaining a high level of health, this attracts more customers and will give an impeccable reputation.

Taking regular courses in podiatry or attending refresher courses and related topics is highly recommended, in turn it is recommended that staff attend these trainings so they can perform professionally in the trade that this business offers.

Open a Foot Spa

Success stories 

A prestigious centre is the Catalan Foot Institute, in Barcelona, which seeks to facilitate the interaction of all health disciplines involved in foot care, such as: prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all types of diseases, with the use of the most advanced technologies and latest generation, always following a comprehensive approach. It is a pioneering centre for the dissemination, training and innovation of knowledge about the foot, which allows it to improve prevention and reduce the risks associated with ignorance of the value of the foot. It is based on the idea that the feet are the support base of the whole body.

Likewise, Escape Madrid is considered a successful company in this market because, they work with ultra natural brands such as Fresh, Pure Fiji or the famous brand Santa Maria Novella, applying specific treatments, such as dipping the feet in Epsom salt and Sake Bath, to replenish the levels of magnesium and relax the anatomy of the foot. Also, exfoliate with natural brown sugar and citrus oils to tone up, applying a knee-ankle massage with a pinda composed of rice, aromatic herbs and medicinal plants, to hydrate, purify, relax and relieve insomnia.

Problems that can occur in a Foot Spa

At the beginning you should be aware of the area where the business is established even though the feet are of treatment interest to many it is not always so easy to get customers early, so it can be a problem at first to get them.

The business requires enough space to distribute and assign it to the different treatment phases that the foot spa may have, which can be a problem if there are not enough resources to make the necessary modifications so that the business is perfectly set up.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get qualified personnel, no specific certification from the medical school is needed, but you do need trained people with a podiatry course who can identify and solve the problems of the multiple users of the center.