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How to open a spa – Requirements, location and care

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How to open a Spa?

How to open a spa? What are the little “tricks” and “secrets” to enter the world of wellness? How to take care of your body.

First of all you must obviously have a passion for this world. The pleasure of making other people feel good and solving small and big problems related to aesthetics, is a key aspect in providing professional services.

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Requirements for opening a spa

From a regulatory point of view it is essential to have a beauty diploma to open a spa. Usually, this diploma is obtained by attending a course organized by the region, which lasts about three years, after which you will have to take an exam.

Once you have your degree you can seriously think about opening your own spa. This requires a number of permits issued by the municipality, both in the activity of beautician itself (such as obtaining a license to perform work) is related to the premises at work, which must be in accordance with the law from all points of view.

Opening a spa through a franchise

One of the ways you can open a spa is by franchising. Basically, you have the ability to operate under a certain name, already known nationally or even internationally, so you may have certain advantages. Obviously, to work in the franchise, you must meet all the requirements that the franchisor (or the company that gives the name) demands.

Locate where to open a spa

Searching for the perfect location is the key to success. Many of your future customers will find your center for the event, which happens with the car or on foot. Most spas are located in urban areas. Then there are those found in shopping malls, hotels and gyms.

To help you decide on this, first determine your target market and then identify where the spa should be located for visibility.

How to open a Spa

Think of something unique to open a spa

As a “beginner” spa, it is very important to offer something unique to your potential clients: the goal of attracting their attention to your spa and none of the others, present in your area. Create more reasons to be unique, essentially, by being authentic and faithful to your “quality policy”.

Attention to fashion and trends

Staying on top of fashion and market trends is critical to success and to always be ready to meet customer needs. If you specialize in women’s nail care you should always keep a watchful eye on the news coming from nail art. The same can be done for makeup, for example.


The total investment for a minimum of 500 square meters of spa starts from 700 to 800,000 euros, but it depends on the finishes and the presence of additional services such as the area of aesthetic medicine, where the dietary plans or beauty treatments for outpatients are prepared, or the snack or lunch.

Advantages of having a spa

Every day people need a place to relax and receive cleansing and beautifying skin treatment and multiple features of personal presentation, so this business can represent good profit ranges in the process, also if you have a good location the influx of customers can be very large.

Mental and physical health through relaxation is very important in people’s lives, so having personal access to a spa can represent a very important advantage, in addition there are treatments to which few users have access, which can bring great benefits to the body and the growth of hair and nails, which represents an immediate door to the enjoyment of good health and beauty.

Tips for starting a spa

Try to locate your business in a viable direction, so that customers have easy access to the service, so that a high number of customers can be attracted during the working day, acquiring good profits on a continuous basis.

Surround yourself with competent personnel in the area of services that comprise a spa business, acquiring experienced personnel will always be an advantage for the business.

Having the space always clean, with a good smell, this factor will always have the client satisfied, encouraging him to always return to his business, it is recommended to have a maintenance person always available to clean and tidy the sauna and massage living spaces.

Success stories of a spa

A successful business in this field is the Beer Spa, which has several pioneering spa centres in Spain dedicated exclusively to beer. This ancestral drink has medicinal and therapeutic properties that make it the ideal ingredient for any spa treatment. Clients are immersed in a

barrel of beer and also receives a pleasant massage made with this foamy liquid.

Problems that can occur

There is the possibility in this business of presenting problems at the organizational level, if you do not know how to take a good administration and maintenance of the place this can easily decline, distancing customers from the business.

Dealing with personnel is not an easy task so you must be empathetic, understanding and at the same time assertive and a leader, a situation that can present itself as a problem if you do not know how to handle your personnel and the balance of treatment that this represents in the working relationship.