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Podiatric Clinic – Requirements, steps and operation

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How to set up a Podiatric Clinic

The feet are the support of the body, so much so that experts in Reflexology have been able to find points on the soles of the feet that correspond to each organ of the body. That is why they must be treated in the best possible way and their roughness, which is usually many and quite large, must be smoothed out. We invite you to open a Podiatric Clinic to solve the problems of the local population from the root.

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Steps to Open a Podiatric Clinic

Follow these steps to set up your Podiatric Clinic and relieve the feet of your growing clientele:

Premises: rent or buy premises that you can compartmentalize with partitions. It does not need to be big, since you need a small space for each compartment. At the beginning, you can equip only one of the divisions, but as your clientele increases, you should evaluate hiring personnel to help you and work simultaneously with you, while the mini-rooms will have to be equipped.

Equipment: you need a special chair so that the client can remain seated comfortably and with his legs extended. You must also buy all the instruments, such as a garlopine, scalpel, lathe, files, pliers, nail clippers, etc. It is very important to have an oven to sterilize the instruments with high temperatures after each use. Finally, in each office you will need a light that illuminates from above, either a lamp attached to the seat or a powerful wall light hanging from the ceiling.

Supplies: in a podiatric clinic you should have items such as alcohol, iodine, cotton, razor blades, foot creams and other supplies that you consider necessary to use.

Requirements for Opening a Podiatric Clinic

Opening a Podiatric Clinic requires that you take into account the following requirements:

Business Plan: study the investment to be made by asking for budgets with different suppliers and choosing the best ones. Once you have everything detailed, you will be able to know how much your investment will be.

Market Study: study your geographical area and determine the best place to set up your Podiatric Clinic. Once you have determined this point, investigate what the needs of your area are in terms of podiatric services: diagnostics, foot care, foot esthetics, plantar, etc. and thus be able to concentrate on the products or services in greatest demand.

Knowledge in Podiatry: If you are going to be the one who attends the office, you will have to master the skill of Podiatry and know how to prescribe plantars to your clients. In case you are only the investor, look for qualified personnel to attend the business.

Personnel: Without a doubt, the most important branch of personnel are podiatrists. So focus on them to serve your customers as best as possible. A receptionist to inform and schedule appointments is highly recommended and then comes the administrative and cleaning staff. A good way to save on administrative staff is to hire the services of an accounting firm to take care of the accounting area.

Habilitation: you will be working with a health area, so you will need the permits as a company and the authorization from the Ministry of Health.

How to set up a Podiatric Clinic

Requirements to start a Podiatric Clinic

Having a training course in podiatry significantly helps you to be educated in the profession so that you can perform in a professional manner, always establishing a seal of quality and effectiveness in the service of the podiatric clinic.

Acquiring a space large enough to be distributed in different offices where to attend multiple patients, since, you will always have the capacity to attend several clients at the same time with quality and efficiency.

Acquire the necessary permits to start your business, it is required to hire legal services in terms of business registration and other registration procedures that the business needs to operate.

Tips for starting a Podiatric Clinic

Carrying out frequent training and updating courses, in this way you can be at the forefront of the technology used in podiatry, improving the reputation of the practice and attracting more clients due to the seal of quality and constant innovation in the field.

It is also recommended to always have the most updated surgical team, which will give the client clear confidence. Likewise, look for qualified personnel for the business in the same podology schools, so that this work is made easier for the company, since getting trained personnel can be difficult in this physical space. Likewise, it is suggested to try to distribute the space to have several offices and thus stimulate the number of clients that are attended during the day.

Advantages of having a Podiatric Clinic

Absolutely all people at different times of their lives will need podiatric assistance, the feet are the extremities that receive more work in life, for being the base or support of movement of the human body, this fact can represent the high possibility of receiving many customers every day in your business, presenting multiple problems, from calcification or bunions, to face or infections that need minor operation.

The service of podology can be expensive depending on the nature of the problem that, the client presents, what can be represented in good margins of profit, in addition this is a type of business that does not need of heavy physical work, night work or extras, which represents a clear advantage at the time of comparing with businesses of another nature and the sacrifice that each one takes.

Success stories in a Podiatric Clinic

Clinica del Pie Embajadores, is an example of what a successful business is in this field, since they maintain a wide range of offers and options for their clients, with personalized treatment according to the needs, such as treatment of dermatological conditions, osteoarticular pathologies, deformities, biomechanical explorations and analysis of the foot, orthopedic treatments with insoles, with splints, surgical, foot treatments, among others.

Another successful company is the Institut Catalá del Peu, which is a pioneering centre for the dissemination, training and innovation of knowledge about the foot, which allows for improved prevention and a reduction in the risks attributed to lack of knowledge about them. It is based on the idea that the feet are the support base of the whole body.

Problems that may arise

This is a business that is dedicated to the health of people’s feet, which can result in working with bad odors and very unpleasant scenes related to podiatric health, indicating that if you do not have the stomach for this business can represent a strong problem.

Sometimes getting people trained in this trade can be a challenge, so it can be represented as a problem starting in the business, it should be noted that you can always start alone, plus the influx of customers will be low due to lack of staff.