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Sexology Clinic – Steps, advice and help

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Start a Sexology Clinic

Sexual problems are commonplace in our society. Whether due to stress, anxiety, lack of self-confidence or eating, this scourge finds its way into the lives of thousands of people. If you are a sexologist or thinking of becoming one, this article is for you, because we teach you all the details to set up a sexology practice and work on what you like best while enjoying a profitable business.

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Steps to Set Up a Sexology Clinic

As in any business or enterprise, certain steps must be taken to organize it. Below, we detail the step by step so you can mount the Sexology Clinic and leave it impeccable.

Training: the first step is to become a sexologist. Make the career and receive your diploma, since you will need it to practice. In case you are not one yet and you want to ride it anyway, partner with someone who is and share expenses and profits. Whoever is a sexologist will be the one who appears as the owner and who will be in charge of the consultations.

Focus or General: decide if you are going to take care of all the areas that concern a sexologist or if you are going to choose to stand out in one in particular.

Physical Location: you must think of a place to settle. Although you can do it in an apartment, it is well known that setting up a sexology practice is an ideal activity to do in a house, since the rooms are spacious and comfortable, the client finds its access easier and you as a professional gives you more prestige and presence.

Decoration: the way you decorate your office and reception is very important in what makes the assembly of the site. The plants at the entrance are always welcome, but in small quantities. The carpets give a feeling of warmth and comfort; the armchairs with cushions also invite conversation and relaxation, while the color palette, which should be in light tones, if possible tending to warm, will exercise a crucial visual effect when talking about such delicate problems. Having a library with important volumes, both in quality and quantity, will give the patient the confidence of being in the hands of someone who has read and mastered all that knowledge. So include as much literature as you can at the reception desk and in the office where you will be consulting. Finally, the famous couch or armchair will be the star; keep in mind that you will be receiving couples, so you will need a wide one, in which both enter comfortably seated.

How to promote your Sexology Clinic

After setting up the Sexology Clinic, it’s time to make it known. You can use mass media, such as television or radio, to promote it. In turn, you can advertise in the classified phone book, which will make you always available to anyone who needs a professional in the area.

Start a Sexology Clinic

Requirements to start in Sexology Clinic

Firstly, training in sexology, you must have adequate certification so that you can gain the confidence of the client, this training is achieved at the university, located in a slope of the medicine.

Adequate physical space for patient care, so that there is confidentiality and privacy to deal with problems that may arise from the client using the service, is not necessarily required a large space, but a private area.

To acquire the permissions to be able to mount the business, one must be trained on the legal requirements and company registry, in its defect a lawyer can be contracted for such aims of registry.

Tips to start in Sexology Clinic

Always be well trained, with a university degree in sexology, so that you can be well updated on new technologies that serve to correct and improve the patient’s sexual life.

In this way we will always be at the forefront of the business, constantly attracting new customers, under the promise and confidence of a good quality service, as well as the security of being able to provide solutions to the problem presented by the patient.

Trying to find an accessible location for the business, it is recommended to be near other centers that present a service in the field of medicine and health that covers another need, to take advantage of the reputation and influx of customers from the neighboring business, once the user sees the location and the service being offered, he knows he can return and solve his medical problem in sexual matters in the same direction where he already solved other situations of different medical nature.

Advantages of having a Sexology Clinic

In modern society there are thousands of people who daily present sexual problems in multiple forms, from

forms, from sexual dysfunction for physical to mental or psychological reasons, which can represent a broad clientele recruitment, implying important profit margins.

The center is easy to set up, does not require very expensive equipment or very large space, so the costs of renting the premises can represent a reasonable expense, implying an excellent advantage to manage this business.

The business does not require large trained personnel, only their presence and training is sufficient to carry out the administration of the business, you can always hire a manager or secretary so that it is even easier to run the business.

Problems that can arise in this business

Patients who use the service often present trauma, concern or anxiety, due to the private nature that implies the problems of sexual function, everything depends on the problem they present, so wearing this type of profile can be a challenge, you must be very tactful and know how to treat the patient progressively.

Business registration processes can take some time and contradictions with the public entity, due to the multiple procedures and time taken in terms of registration of the business that the business presents.

The patient who presents problems of this nature, often refuses to attend a help center, because of the cultural shame that this implies, a reason that can represent a problem to attract clients at the beginning once the business has been opened.

Success stories of Sexology Clinic

A successful company in sexology, Prado Psychologists, has a group of very well trained professionals who attend to problems of a sexual nature, which may be affecting the client and the couple’s relationship.

The centre is aware that suffering from sexual problems is a sensitive subject, since it can be delicate to start a therapeutic programme of this type. Therefore, they consider it necessary to find prepared professionals who offer confidence and with whom the problem can be exposed safely.

The centre has a team of sexologists who are experts in sex therapy and have extensive experience in solving problems of intimate life, as well as carrying out sexual coaching, for those couples who, without having a specific problem, want to improve their sexual relations.