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Women’s Hairdressing – Services, requirements and more

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Open a Women’s Hairdresser

When we list the crisis-proof businesses, the Women’s Hairdresser appears brand new in one of the top positions. There may be no money, but women with sloppy hair, forget it! So, thinking about investing in a Women’s Hair Salon is a smart business idea for any entrepreneur who has the vision to make a difference and the personality to carry it through. Here’s a business that never melts down: Hairdressing for Ladies.

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Requirements for Opening a Women’s Hairdresser

Starting a hairdressing business requires very detailed planning, since there will be many materials, such as tools and furniture from the place to be purchased. At the same time, we need to have everything in order and have the right staff, since they will be the ones who guarantee the success of our venture, which they will do by doing a quality job.

Paperwork: you will need to open the company legally, not just its doors to the public. This will require several days in which you will have to collect the necessary documentation and present it at the corresponding state offices.

Business Plan: it is fundamental in every company, but especially in a Women’s Hairdresser’s, since there are many factors that will make you spend money, among which we mention electricity, water, cleaning products, maintenance and constant purchase of raw materials to perform the corresponding services. In turn, in the business plan we will detail the size and scope of the hairdresser’s shop we want to set up. On the other hand, the setting up of the premises and its decoration, as well as the equipment, should be detailed in this report.

Premises: according to our plans, we will choose small, medium or large premises. In turn, if it is not in condition, we will have to paint it, place the floors we want and the lights we need. The place where we locate the site is strategic for the concurrence of clients. So if we are looking for a massive concurrence, we will have to install it in the center of the city, while if we intend to have a more select clientele, we will locate it in a residential neighborhood.

Staff: we need to hire the right staff. The reception can be handled by the owner of a Women’s Hairdresser, while the services will be carried out by him and by the people he hires for that purpose. It is very important to identify the profile of the clients beforehand, as this will determine the profile of the employees you hire to work with them.

Services of a Women’s Barber Shop

In addition to the traditional services that a Women’s Hairdresser offers, it is important to be constantly innovating. We achieve this by attending courses and seminars in the capital of fashion: Paris. We have to be aware of new trends and new products to achieve the miracles that hairdressers do in women’s hair. This will allow you to be always at the forefront and have your clients always updated on the newest things the market has to offer.

Advantages of having a Female Hairdresser

Every day thousands of women are looking for a professional way of dressing, this is a very common characteristic in modern society, which represents an important affluence of clients daily for your business, representing important margins of profit for it.

Once the qualified personnel is acquired, it is all a matter of opening the business and waiting, which can imply an easy administration of this business model once it is well established, a situation that can represent a good advantage in the working life that it represents.

This is a business where you can breathe glamour, fashion and very positive energy always, environment that can be very fun and relaxing if you enjoy the world of stylist, also you get to know many types of customers represent a social circle often wide and satisfactory.


Open a Women's Hairdresser


Tips for setting up a women’s hairdresser

Trying to acquire used equipment in good condition, the acquisition of hairdressing equipment can be expensive so it is recommended to try to find these in businesses that are in the process of closing or change their item, so that these can be much cheaper, of course always watching the good condition of them, so that it does not come to give bad appearance for your business situation that may represent a problem if you are not careful with these criteria.

Always surround yourself with qualified professional staff in the trade of women’s hairdressing, the better your stylists are the better the reputation of your business, what is recommended in this case, is to seek staff directly with schools and training centers of hairdressing.

Success stories of Women’s Hairdressing

A successful company in this market is Péinate Tú, a hairdresser’s shop that is really turning around hairdressing in Spain. This business seeks through hair and make-up workshops to make its customers look beautiful all the time and not only when they leave the hairdresser’s. Under that idea, this place is a preferred space for women who want to explore their beauty and do their own hair.

Another successful company is Jean Louis David, a leading brand in hairdressing salons with more than 930 salons in several countries and a more urban and modern concept. Jean Louis David is part of the PROVALLIANCE Group. Its success is based on the consolidated concept in the Spanish market with more than 25 years and an experience gained in 55 years setting trends and style both in the country and internationally.

Problems that may arise

Acquiring hairdressing equipment can be expensive, especially if you want to offer everything related to women’s hairdressing, and if you change your line of business and close your business, it can be problematic to sell the equipment.

Getting good staff to work professionally can be a challenge, you must have a lot of patience since not everyone is a female hair artist, this can be a problem if you do not know where to look for the necessary competent human resources.

This business model operates with the reputation of the service, which can be a problem when it comes to attracting customers at the beginning, you must have a lot of patience while the business takes strength and reputation, attracting more and more customers.