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24 hour home delivery business, Advantages and Sucess

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Beverage delivery business

Many people prefer to have their drinks brought home before going to the supermarket to get them. Therefore, the home delivery business is often a highly profitable business.

This is especially true in the evenings, when there are parties and people can’t go out to get drinks because the stores are closed.

Therefore, these businesses are usually open 24 hours a day. People usually work from home. There you have several types of drinks, which are common to drink at parties.

You hand out brochures to people about your business, put up posters or put up ads on the Internet with your phone number.

People interested will call you on your personal phone. They will ask you for your address and you will have to deliver your order to the customers. It is a fairly easy job that allows you to work on something else from home.

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Drinks on sale at home


This job requires some investment. Both to supply our beverage stock as well as a means of making deliveries.

You also need to have a good knowledge of the areas of the city and surroundings where you live, because if you don’t know the address you can’t get there and you would get a bad audience. You could also set up a schedule for a certain number of drinks.

This could be done, for example:

In the mornings, from 8 to 12 you could sell glasses and ice.
At noon, from 12 to 5, you could sell wines and champagne.
From 5pm to 10pm, alcoholic drinks could be sold.
From 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. the next day, refreshing drinks could be sold.

This is an example. You could also sell anything you want without a schedule. The good thing about doing it this way is that you could distribute the orders more orderly.

Drinks on sale at home

People mainly look for offers. That is why it is very important that you offer them. To make your offers known, you should look for different methods. Here are some small opportunities that you can copy to attract people:

You could make drink packs. These will consist of a refreshing drink with gas and another one without gas, like lemonade, another alcoholic drink and a champagne or a wine of the customer’s choice.
If a large number of drinks are purchased, ice packs or plastic cups can be given as gifts.
Non-alcoholic beverages may be drunk at a special price.
In a product that is quite expensive or that is not bought, so that people want it, you could give them things with it, like another drink or some stuffed animal.
Once the business has started and it is going well, you could start selling snacks, such as sweets and chocolate, sandwiches, chips or nuts.

Without a doubt, the business of drinks at home is very interesting. It offers the opportunity to work from home and corner a new market.
Remember to have a good physical space if you do it from home, as well as a refrigerator or freezer to keep drinks fresh in case your customer asks you to.
Sending the drinks to your home opens the door to extra income, such as the cost of freight, which with your own mobility, would be an addition to your profits.

Inconveniences that may arise: If we do not promote our service or at least not enough, very few people will know about our existence and orders will be few for the business. This is because the effort to segment the audience and launch ourselves to them becomes a necessity.

Final recommendation: Avoid focusing on a particular type of product, that is, alcoholic beverages are perhaps one of the most requested especially in the late hours of the night, however, surely you will have customers who will ask for soft drinks, juices, water and other products for their guests at a party, a meeting, etc. Don’t forget the snacks to go with it, especially if you can offer them as a gift when considerable orders are placed, for example. This way you can gradually build up customer loyalty.

Sending the drinks home opens the door to extra income, such as the cost of freight, which with your own mobility, would be an addition to your profits.