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Car cleaning service at home – Public, Materials and Advice

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Start a home car cleaning service business

Home-based businesses are one of the most significant trends in recent years, and the truth is that it has moved not only to food businesses, but to a wide variety of fields, including: cleaning and the automotive sector.

Given the daily occupations, many people do not have the time to travel to a car wash center easily, although sometimes this is also because they do not have a car wash facility near where they live or where they are located. This has given an opportunity to businesses and new projects that propose home cleaning services, being more and more demanded and desired.

A great list of home-based businesses you can see here

To know how to set up this type of business, stay until the end, where we tell you everything you need to know.

Let’s get started!

First steps in home car cleaning service

When offering this type of service, you will need a series of instruments that will allow you to carry out your work correctly, such as: chemical cleaning products, flannels, cleaning utensils such as brushes, rags, buckets, buckets, shine products, among others.

Take into account the services that the clients access, the type of car and the schedule, since in this way you will be able to establish a rate for each one of them. We recommend that you do not exceed the cost initially, since you will be making yourself known and gaining experience, in addition, this will give your customers more confidence by being the first to enjoy the service, which will help with customer loyalty.

How to promote your business? You have several options, including distributing flyers and posters in your area of location, as well as you can use the media to call your customers, use the Internet to announce it, so you will cover a greater extent as soon as you can offer this service to a greater extent.

Start a home car cleaning service business

Operation of car cleaning service at home

Nowadays with the changes of climate, the need of frequent use, the alternative service of e cars as transport, among other factors, imply to maintain the car in perfect conditions, nevertheless, in many cases the owners do not have the sufficient time to go to the car wash whenever they require it, so that to contract personnel at home becomes the best option.

This is the way this business works, where you are the one who goes in search of your customers with an efficient and quality service that culminates in the satisfaction of each car owner who goes through your car wash at home. You need to have all the implements, and if possible, your own means of transport to go where you are called.

Requirements for home car wash service

The first thing will be to establish the type of customers we will serve in our business. You have several options, among them some like: private persons who require the service of cleaning regularly, cars dedicated to the school transport, vehicles for the transport of food that work in a particular way, among others.

It is necessary that you have knowledge about what you are going to do. In fact, it goes far beyond removing the mud that may have been stored in the car. Cleaning must be done both inside and outside the car, so look at each part very carefully, as some areas are more delicate than others.

Transport: Make sure you have your own means of transport, or at least one that you can easily occupy and that is at your disposal every time a customer calls you. We can be talking about anything from a bicycle to a van. This will depend on your initial conditions and your possibilities, as long as the means you use allows you to transport all your work material.

Requirements for home car wash service

Key tips to improve your home cleaning business for cars 

Although with an own business we have the possibility to choose our own schedules and rates, it is necessary initially to build to be on a solid foundation, by this I mean that in the initial stage you dedicate more time to your work and to build your business. Organize your schedule according to the needs of your clients. For example, people who use their cars to go to work during the week will need the service either in the evenings or for the weekend.

More services: To increase your income and be preferred by your customers, you can add other services besides cleaning, such as waxing and polishing for the car, as well as the sale of items and accessories for cars, among others.

Weaknesses: With this type of business it is very common to find customers who will ask you for much more work than you can do, making you overreach and even give more for less. The best thing is to do the specific job that was agreed with the client, if the client wants another service, that will depend on whether you offer it and your disposition, but avoid doing more for less if it was not agreed from the beginning.

Favorite points: It is a business in which you become your own boss and you can manage your schedule as best you can, as well as choose the type of customers and cars you want to focus according to your specialties, so you can cover different types of cars. Remember that during your growth and knowledge in the business, you will be able to add more services, which will give more income to your business.

Success stories 

Below we would like to introduce you to a series of franchises dedicated to the vehicle sector with different types of services. This will allow you to create alliances, but also to know how they work and how you can innovate in the market.

Stay solid in your business, and with a lot of commitment and perseverance you will see how your business starts to grow.

Don’t forget to offer the best customer service that your clients can receive, this will undoubtedly make the difference.