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Home make-up service – Professionalism, Techniques and Activity

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Starting the make-up business at home

The make-up service is a type of business that is not only sought or required for special occasions, such as events, celebrations and parties, but it is also required for other types of situations, and it can even be a service that is frequently used in spaces such as photography and modeling.

Therefore, if you know make-up techniques and you develop this service in a professional way, you can obtain a better benefit if you offer it at home, expanding the profile of clients and acquiring a lot of experience for your resume.

Discover in this post how you can start your own business.

at home you can have your business, see everything here

How a home make-up service works

This business idea proposes a modality that is currently a trend and is the way to offer it at home. We know that makeup can be required in a large number of fields, whether formal or informal, so we take advantage of trying it out in a market with a lot of movement, putting our skills and techniques into practice.

Why start a business like this? Because it is a profitable business that allows you to enjoy your time, because you establish the working days, as well as you have a very wide range of public, which increases your chances of performance. A good way to start is to focus the service on a specific group. For example, you can start with a make-up service for girls in their 15th year and then you can also offer the service to brides.

Starting the make-up business at home

Requirements for offering make-up at home

To offer this type of service it is extremely important to be constantly updating our knowledge and techniques, since new trends, tricks and tools appear all the time that our clients will know and want to practice, so we must be aware of everything that happens in the middle.

Besides the technique, the products you use must be of the highest quality to guarantee permanence and durability, as well as care and protection of the skin of each of your clients. If possible, you will need the following:

Eye makeup: Eyeshadow, gel eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, eyelash or mascara, frizz, eyelid frost, shadow brushes, blurry brushes, eye primer, etc.

Eyebrow makeup: Eyebrow shadows, eyebrow eyeliner, eyebrow fixer, eyebrow tweezers, eyebrow scissors, etc.

Lip make-up: Lipsticks, lipstick, cream lipsticks, matte lipsticks, frosted lipsticks, glossy lipsticks, etc.

Face make-up: Foundations, under-eye concealer, imperfection concealer, contour powder or gel, bronzer, blush, translucent powder, gloss powder, highlighter powder, highlighter gel, application brushes, blending brushes, pre-base, etc.

Step by step of the home makeup business

To determine the total value you will need, it will be necessary, initially, to make a quote for the makeup you will need.  It is advisable to acquire bases, shadows and lipsticks of different colors and in different formats, which may be the most needed at the time of making a special makeup. Bear in mind that you will not need to invest in a physical place, but you will need to pay for a transport to offer the service at home. Don’t forget to promote the business through flyers and Internet presence.

Your main strength should be customer service. Even if you make the most spectacular make-up in the world, if you don’t treat your clients well or give them confidence and security in the process, they will surely not come back or recommend you.

Let them feel good while they receive the service, tell them about the makeup you have planned and if they like it or if they can make some changes, however at this point you must be careful, because many women have deep-rooted makeup myths that you must break and explain to improve.

Requirements for offering make-up at home

Key tips to undertake with makeup at home 

We know that it is key that you have knowledge in different make-up techniques so that you can advise your clients and offer a quality service. Don’t forget that you can perfect your techniques and learn about trends through courses. On the other hand, in case you have not been using cosmetics and creating make-up looks for a long time, I recommend you to practice with different techniques, for different skins and different occasions, this will help you refresh your memory and put into practice new techniques that you are going to implement and why not, develop your own techniques to provide this to your clients.

It is extremely important that for each client your brushes and applicators are completely clean with sterilization processes to avoid the spread of infections that could cause problems on your clients. This must be done for each of them.

Weaknesses: if you do not have good capital to start with, it is advisable to wait and save it to begin with. Cosmetic products can be found in the market in a wide variety of prices and brands, and although I recommend using some of good quality, these do not necessarily have to be the most expensive, but neither the most generic and low quality.

Also, keep in mind that all your customers will want different looks, they have different skin tones and will vary the occasions for those who require makeup.

Favorite points: beauty and aesthetics have always been part of our lives, because in many fields they determine and give an account of how much we care about ourselves and our personal appearance, so that makeup, especially in the case of women, becomes a necessity, but also a practice that we enjoy in order to see all the color possibilities that match our skin and feel much better.

That is why makeup has become such a wide field in which professionals not only focus on arranging people for special events, but also to do it for any occasion.

Success stories

The truth is that the beauty sector includes a great variety of businesses, among which makeup is consolidated as one of the most important. That is why on this occasion we present you the hair and beauty franchises whose companies have managed to stand out in the market and become leaders that we should not ignore, since they also become models and references from which we can be inspired and grow.

Practice your techniques, study your market, renew your knowledge and start offering one of the best make-up services at home, a field that doesn’t wait.

Start today!