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Gardens Express – Home Gardening Services

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Start the Home-Gardening service

Aesthetics are part of our society, whether we like it or not; with a business called Express Gardens, you can add that touch of distinction that every entrepreneur aspires to.

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Express gardens can provide multiple benefits and a large profit margin. Find out how!

Step by step of express gardening project

You should start by knowing in detail the activity you are going to use your business for, so this implies taking horticultural classes to have knowledge about all the tasks that a complete gardening service requires. Having this information will help you to define the type of service you will offer and the sectors it will target, an aspect that is of great importance for the moment you register your business.

It is time to write your business plan. This document, which actually becomes the map of your business, should detail the activity and focus that your home gardening service will have and how it will operate. In addition, it should include a market analysis that allows you to identify potential competitors, the preferences of your audience, and the rates that are being managed to set your own prices. Don’t forget to include your promotional strategy to make yourself known, it must include digital and physical advertising.

Social networks and a website can be very efficient tools to spread your work, since you can publish photos of arrangements and services you have done to attract the attention of your audience.

What do you need to open a garden express business?

What do you need to start your home gardening? – Requirements to start

First of all, you must have knowledge of gardening. If this is not the case, there is nothing to worry about, as there is plenty of information on this subject and you can find courses and training that will allow you to get to know this world better. Secondly, you must be very resourceful in your design, as well as knowing the existing styles in gardening: Islamic, English, French, colonial, cottage, etc.

Thirdly, although it is not an exclusive requirement, it is very convenient to have a mini nursery. In this way, you will not depend on the price of the nursery that provides you with the plants. And finally, it is important that you are very clear about the reproduction system of the plants you are going to use. In this way, you will be able to make new seedlings from the adult plants you have, which will save you from having to buy them separately.

Remember that it is extremely important to invest in quality tools, since the quality of the service you offer depends on it.

What an express garden service offers

How does a home gardening business work?

An express garden service has a wide range of options to offer. The most popular services are: the assembly of gardens for companies, which want to generate a good image of their facilities with a meticulously designed garden.

There is also the maintenance of gardens, which can vary in mode depending on the season. You can even offer professional garden design projects for decoration of events and parties. The solution here is cut flowers; another service that your express garden company must provide without fail. There will be no lack of events that ask for blue coves to give sobriety to their corners or roses with orchids to decorate their tables. To do this, you must cultivate good plants that serve as a base to extract the cut flowers.

Express gardens offer a comprehensive service in terms of green spaces. From budgeting different local works to carrying out a landscaping project, express gardens are a pleasant and relaxing profitable business.

Start the Home-Gardening service

Key tips for getting started with home gardening 

Although you don’t need to open a working place for your business, we recommend you to have a small area as an office, from which you can communicate with your clients, organize the garden designs to each one of them, as well as a space where you can know the novelties and last tendencies of the market to offer originality and actuality in each service. When it comes to naming your business, make sure it is short and easy to remember, this will undoubtedly be a plus for remaining one of the main references for your clients, whenever they need a gardening service.

When looking for your target audience, as we mentioned, you should take into account the specialties of your home service, since, according to that, it will be the search for customers who are interested in your work. For example, if you specialize in industrial garden designs, it is convenient to offer this service to established companies and businesses, if you focus on physical arrangements and decorations

for events and parties, as your main focus should be on event agencies, for example.

And finally, don’t forget to keep a record of your finances to know what your expenses and earnings are, so you can evaluate the performance of your service, as well as determine what the value of the income you will be receiving is and how it will be distributed according to the elements and aspects in which you must invest for each address,

Weaknesses: one point to consider and one aspect you compete with, has to do with the current garden servers, since there are established companies that have this service and have, especially, business customers, on the other hand there are the event companies, who are responsible for including the decoration with flowers. However, this does not mean that the whole market is against it, but it will be necessary to find a way to distinguish yourself, including an innovative and novel service that allows you to differentiate yourself from the others.

Points in favor: as we mentioned, it is a business idea that does not require previous experience, but if possible, knowledge in the sector to make the best services. The investment capital will only be destined to the tools with which you will make the arrangements, as well as your transportation to go from one place to another. You will not need to have a working place and a major investment to open your own home gardening business.

Business cards are one of the best ways to get closer to your customers and start making yourself known, so always carry several in your pocket that you can hand out to potential customers.

Start with your project today and dazzle at the parties and gardens of the market leaders.

Success stories 

A prestigious company in home gardening is Gardenia Madrid, which creates unique spaces for the home. Developing landscaping projects from the initial concept, the digital design of garden, terrace, with the subsequent development and construction of the same. Likewise, it advises clients on the adaptation of the land and space to the initial idea of how to shape the exterior space of homes, public buildings, parks, among others.