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Pymes Hot Cakes, For breakfast at home – Start and requirements

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Start in the breakfast home business

Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, so opening a home-based hotcake business can be a lucrative business.

Many people eliminate breakfast from their daily diet because they don’t have much time in their daily lives, wrongly reducing its importance. This food is vital for the chemical balance of the body. These are very important reasons why this business can be very profitable for the entrepreneur.

If you like cooking and you are looking to start a profitable business, this may be the idea you were looking for.

Let’s get started!

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First steps in the breakfast house business

It is important to start a venture with a thorough research, which includes not only the type of products you should include in each breakfast, but also the preferences of the customers and in this sense, the approach you prefer to start. You can start by making decorative breakfasts for special dates, breakfasts designed for the elderly, general breakfasts for companies that want to offer them to their employees, among others.

Once you have studied the types of menus you can offer, you must look for ways to promote the business. The most viable at this time are websites, although other forms of business promotion such as brochures or leaflets can be maintained.

How much should I invest? If you start the business from home you would not have to pay for the premises, saving this cost. But if you don’t have a space at home to start, you should include it in your business plan. You should also include the costs of advertising and marketing, the costs of supplies that will depend on the breakfast menus you plan and whether you offer breakfasts for special events.

Running a breakfast home-based business

Running a breakfast home-based business

In major metropolitan cities, rising rents for commercial space and restaurants mean that it makes sense for those starting a business to try to squeeze every last penny. Instead of paying that higher rent, some restaurants, after doing the math on a breakfast menu, find that it can be extra work and that it can also offset the costs of food that can translate into enough income to help offset other costs.

Other entrepreneurs prefer to start the business from scratch, offering breakfast at home and with only one item, such as hot cakes. However, other more creative and resourceful entrepreneurs can expand the concept and offer breakfasts for special events.

What do I need to sell breakfast at home? Requirements to start

First research, if possible with the support of a nutritionist who manages the food pyramid, the group that should be placed to provide a balanced and nutritious breakfast.

What should breakfast at home include? Although aspects such as decoration and presentation depend on the approach you want to take, it is extremely important that it meets the requirements of a suitable breakfast. So, contain carbohydrates, preferably slowly absorbed like those provided by whole grains, whole grain cupcakes, pancakes, bread, among others. It should also include proteins such as eggs, lean chicken or turkey meat, fresh cheese or similar cheeses of vegetable origin, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

A business that handles food requires permits as well as a certificate of hygiene and food handling. A sanitary register and an inspection of the place where breakfast is to be prepared are usually required.  Another aspect to take into consideration is the legislation in each country. Therefore, one should find out how to handle the tax aspect, in order to record the expenses in an accounting way.

Key tips for starting a breakfast home-based business

Key tips for starting a breakfast home-based business

Don’t forget that, in many cases, variety must always be present in the preparation of breakfasts, and we can’t forget that the preference for vegan and vegetarian diets is growing, so you must include combinations containing vegan products and vegetarian options to have a much wider menu to the variety of clients you can count on.

It is very important, especially at the beginning, to provide a daily and constant service. To do this, you must gradually build up a portfolio of customers, which can start with those closest to you. The variety you build in the types of menus can give you the portfolio of customers needed to boost the business.

Likewise, you can expand the possibilities of acquiring breakfasts, which can be offered by the possibility of ordering by Internet or by telephone depending on what is most convenient for you.

Weaknesses: One of the frequent problems you may encounter is customer satisfaction.  If there is not something new that the customer is paying for, he will feel that he is wasting money for products that he already has in the fridge and that he has to prepare the same tea that the supermarket sells and that he already has in his cupboard.

You may also feel that you are probably paying for products that may have been made the day before and that are finally products that are no different from what you would normally buy in any supermarket.

Pros: It’s a business idea that involves creativity and a lot of passion for cooking, so if you have them, you have the two most important elements when undertaking a project like this. A breakfast business at home responds to two important preferences, on the one hand the possibility of receiving a delicious breakfast if we do not have the necessary time or we do not like to cook, even to give a gift, and on the other hand, the option of receiving it at our door.

The investment costs are really low if we take into account that we will not need to open a store to receive our customers, and that, according to each order, we will need to buy the products that we will include. Don’t forget to always add some decorative or additional element for your customers, this will undoubtedly improve your image and you will always be the one preferred by them.

Success stories

Many businesses that today are market leaders in the field of food have started their paths at a slow but sure pace. An example of this is the list of companies that have managed to open franchises, such as those shown in the following link. Get to know them to analyze their ways of working and be inspired to launch your business today.

Start by offering some tests of your breakfasts and watch the reaction of your customers. Evaluate their responses to vary the presentations and give a lot of creativity to the design of the breakfasts offered.

Remember that quality is your most important pillar, so it must be present not only in every food in the breakfast, but also in the attention you give to your customers.

You have everything to start, it’s time to launch your breakfast business at home.