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Preparation and sale of desserts in premises or at home – Creation and equipment

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A delicious and profitable business idea

Desserts are one of the most delicious and appealing products not only after the main meal, but also an excellent product to give as a present on a special date, to eat in the afternoon with a lot of heat or simply to consume at any time without any reason because the variety of flavors and formats in which we can find them makes our mouths water just thinking about it. So, why not take advantage of this business that in itself has a solid demand?

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Let’s see how it works and what you need to get started if you are passionate about the food industry and the preparation of these types of products:

What product are you going to offer and how?

Desserts: These will be desserts that will be made by ourselves and put on sale either in a physical location or taken to your home. In this sense, it would work as follows:

Premises: Buying or renting premises for sale, instruments for preparing desserts, tables and shelves, chairs and stalls for customers to sit and eat, packaging material and decoration of the place. Staff (optional)

Address: We will also prepare the desserts in an area at home or in a small area not accessible to customers, from where the orders will be sent to each customer’s home. This includes packing material and home service (by bicycle) or contracted.

A delicious and profitable business idea

Business location

If you are planning to set up your business in a location open to the public, then you will need to look for an area close to public places, such as parks and family entertainment venues, as well as places close to the city’s restaurants and shopping areas. In this way you will be more visible to the public with whom you will have more opportunities to sell.

The appearance of a place plays a fundamental role in attracting customers, so we recommend working on the decoration of the place and its appearance to make it attractive.

Selection of suppliers

In your business there should be a great variety of desserts and flavors, however, for its preparation we need base products, which will be provided by suppliers, for this it will be necessary to contact distributors and manufacturers of these products for the assembly of our desserts.

I recommend you to keep in touch with at least two suppliers so that there is no risk of running out of stock and do not forget to evaluate the operation and work of each one of them.

Business equipment

For the preparation of desserts we will need a number of essential items and products, such as:

Products: Decoration products, sprinkles, creams, ice cream, fruits, accompaniments.

Instruments and machines: Mixer ingredients, pastry bag, silicone sheets, oven, brushes, molds of different types and sizes, mortar, food processor, tables, knives, portable thermometer, syringes, pasta cutters, scales, measuring cups, rollers, baking paper, silicone sheets, oven, dessert ingredients, spatulas, fondue, strainers, squeezers, blender, press and other utensils.

Packaging material: Plastic bags, disposable dessert items, eating utensils, napkins, etc.

Textile: Protective clothing and food handling

Remember that for a physical place, we must include the decoration of the place and the personnel of attention to the public, cleanliness of the place and preparation of products.

Create your own product catalogue

With a lot of creativity, imagination and above all, the main ingredient: love, you will build a catalogue of products that will allow people to know the desserts we make and want to enjoy the delights you will prepare for them.

You can take ideas from the market, conditioning and creating new products with original presentations that give the touch of difference to your business.

What product are you going to offer and how

Business promotion

Both digital and traditional advertising are suitable for this type of business, since with both you will be addressing your target audience. Use the flyers and ads to announce your launch, especially if you expect to open a store that is open to the public or start production if you plan to offer them at home.

You can create a website for other potential customers to see the products you have and place orders to try your desserts.

Inconveniences can arise: Especially if you are selling desserts at home, it is important to take into account that the customer orders, if possible, should not be from very distant points as the desserts could get spoiled in the way due to their delicacy and structure. Also keep in mind that there could be a fraction of the public reluctant to try new desserts especially when they are loyal to big brands, so you will have to highlight the qualities of the homemade and innovative flavor you propose.

Final recommendation: Vary and have fun with the creation of your desserts, offer a wide variety of flavors and presentations that delight customers from the moment they see it, thus creating a product with the flavors and combinations preferred by the public starting from those who like it best.