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Setting up a Sushi business at home – Step by step and Tips

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Starting a sushi business at home

If you like Japanese food and especially sushi, you can start a sushi business at home, as it has also become one of the most demanded dishes in the market. So, in today’s post we want to show you how you can learn to make sushi and start your business.

Sushi has a very fast preparation and also as a business it takes considerably low investments. We offer a great sushi menu with something innovative and you are sure to get a prosperous and very good business.

Let’s get started!

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Step by step of the sushi business at home

If you have a menu ready to prepare, knowledge and experience in the preparation of this type of food, then it is convenient to start organizing our business according to the inputs we will need, as well as the tools and other utensils. If you don’t have them, we recommend you practice the dishes and make sure you specialize in their preparation, you can even consider hiring professional staff.

Sushi is currently sold by the unit or in packs of 6 or 12. The value of the unit may vary in price, depending on the ingredients and labor involved. Currently, the simplest unit of sushi is sold for 5. Each unit of sushi is making a profit of between £2.50 to £3 per unit. If we sell a 6 unit sushi pack at £30 Euros, we will make a profit of £15 Euros per pack. Not bad for a simple business.

Now, promotion is a crucial aspect in a business like this. You can sell both to individuals and to restaurants that don’t have this type of product and want to offer it to their customers. All this implies a much broader promotion. The first thing is a website from which you can expand your horizons, publish photos of your preparations and include social networks to be closer to your customers, there you must add the means of contact. Then, it will be good to have business cards, flyers and posters in nearby areas to attract the attention of the rest of the public nearby.

Starting a sushi business at home

How a sushi business works

This business idea is simple: the goal is to develop quality and varied sushi, you can start by using your own kitchen to make each one. From there you will take them to where they are ordered, so the key will be to promote your business in the city where you are.

To be in touch with your customers, you need a phone line, an optimized website and a vehicle to deliver the orders. This is how a business like this works, which is growing more and more every day, because it combines the profitability of the food sector with the irresistibility of home service, a mix that already has opportunities in the market.

Business requirements of sushi at home

The first thing is that you must ensure that you have all the necessary operating permits, which include operating licenses, health records and reviews, company registration, certifications that guarantee food procedures, among other keys to secure your business.

On the other hand, the purchase of the products for the preparation of sushi, must be acquired in places of confidence that guarantee the quality of each one of the products. Therefore, we recommend you to evaluate several possibilities and suppliers that assure you this and acquire them there. The quality of your service will depend on the quality of the products you buy, so a product in bad condition can cause important problems.

To sell sushi you need to have basic notions about its preparation. First of all, you must know that rice and seaweed are the most important ingredients and the taste of a good sushi depends on their quality. Make sure you work with good suppliers.

Regarding the seaweed, it is advisable that you know the wide variety that exists. The main ones are: wakame, kombu, agar-agar, nori and arame.

How a sushi business works

Key tips for a sushi service at home 

For the preparation of this type of product, we recommend having a space apart from your kitchen if you plan to assemble it from home, as this will avoid many unnecessary costs, since your service is at home and you do not need an establishment to receive your customers. This brings us to another point and that is the transfer of the food. You can be the one who prepares and distributes in the initial stage, but with the increase in demand, you will need to focus on one area and hire staff, either for preparation or home delivery.

As an extra service you can also offer customers mini sushi courses, aimed at people interested in learning the specialty for home preparation.

With respect to the algae it is recommended that you know the wide variety that exists. The main ones are: wakame, kombu, agar-agar, nori and arame.

Betting on a clientele of commercial palates, you can offer your product to an almost massive public, mainly young people and young adults.

Weak points: nowadays many inexperienced people or with little precaution have launched themselves to prepare this type of food without considering all the care it requires from beginning to end, this, given the delicate process the product goes through to be served. As a result, many businesses have lost credibility and the product has been moved to specific restaurants that have not had a problem, so achieving customer confidence has been a challenge. So we insist on taking care not only of the permits, but also of the procedures.

Pros: One of the biggest benefits of a business like this is that it can generate high profits, especially if we consider that it does not require a place to operate, but can be started from the comfort of your home. Even at home, if you focus on people close to you initially. It allows you to manage your own schedules, because the only thing immediate will be the address to your customers.

And finally, we cannot leave out that the food sector is always one of the best to undertake, because you have to taste it with the products you request.

Success stories

Many food businesses have started with processes that seemed so simple, and have achieved great recognition in the sector, as today they are consolidated as the market leaders. That is why we present you with a list of franchises of companies in this field so that you can analyze their operation, take ideas and be inspired to undertake your own project, establishing as an objective the success that, like these businesses, can also reach yours.

Sushi is so fashionable that today in many Latin American countries it is possible to find it in restaurants and supermarkets that have seen it as a very profitable business.

Japanese cuisine is millenary, rich in fresh products and provides a very balanced diet, as much or more than the Mediterranean one.

Do you still doubt its profitability? Start your business today.