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Sale of clothing through social networks – Features, Tips and Problems

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How to sell clothes for social networks?

Social networks have become mandatory place, businessmen, traders, shops and entrepreneurs should be present if they want to increase their number of customers nationwide, and internationally, and customer loyalty, among other great advantages provided this type of technological tools.

These platforms facilitate processes such as selling clothes, by allowing rapid diffusion and too broad when advertising products. That is why it is in our list of profitable business ideas. If you are interested to know more about this option entrepreneurship, then stay to the end to know even more.

Let us begin!

Generates fruits various Internet businesses

Running a business selling clothes in social networks

The sale of garments in social networks involves tasks such as uploading photos of products and information describing it, respond to comments, questions and inquiries from prospective customers and stakeholders, staying active in all social networks operation, to investigate demand of the audience, analyzing weaknesses of operation, examine the competition, among other necessary work.

One of the biggest advantages of this method of selling clothes, is that not having intermediaries, since the sale is made directly with the client, because this means higher profits, plus the ease of loyalty we have to reach.

Requirements to start selling clothes online

Since we’re going to focus on selling garments through social networks, the first thing you need is to define the sales network. Social networks most recommended product sales are Facebook and Instagram. In Facebook the operation requires the creation of a Fan Page that is generated from a personal account.

Especially in the area of ​​clothing, garments and colors used they vary with the passage of months, so it is crucial to keep you on both competition and recognized brands to offer fashion products where demand is much more high and moved. You must be an expert in your business and all aspects necessary for the process of trade.

Getting started selling clothes by social networks

Start a business like this, it involves thinking about product suppliers. This is perhaps the first and only party that will require investment, as well as packaging materials for shipping products. For choosing providers I recommend you make a thorough investigation about prices, arrival time and shipping (if you’ll have and distribute products directly), you make a first trial order to assess the quality and compliance, among others aspects.

Once you have suppliers and if necessary, have physical products, then you have to take care of the shooting, which must be of quality and good lighting where best appreciate the appearance of the article. Be sure to incorporate the best description for each product, maintaining active social networks and stakeholders answer immediately.

Tips for selling clothes in social networks

Most people have, at the least one profile on a social network, however, what I recommend is you have exclusive social networking accounts for your business and that these do not depend on your personal accounts. Constancy is a very important aspect, so you must stay active forever respond to questions and concerns that have your customers.

In social networks it is very important to create impact, so we recommend you create varied content such as videos of garments and uses creative and innovative photos, promotions, surveys, contests, articles, etc. This type of causes activities to the attention of other potential customers come to your page and will not be boring clothes page does not surprise his followers.

At the launch of your pages, focus on followers of other stores, frequent buyers of garments, forums, pages and groups, etc.

Weak points:In this type of business specific, they are very common purchases abandoned, which even with all the required information obtained, customers or stakeholders do not complete the purchase. To avoid this you need to emphasize our marketing strategies and offer attractive offers and plans to engage visitors.

Another aspect you should consider is the distrust product quality by customers, so we recommend you look very well your suppliers to your buyers with what they expect.

Points in favor: social networks and their operation generally allow them to become one of the best channels when selling, because in them we do not need to pay any commission or fee for conduct our business and further operations can access a wide audience where we can find potential customers into groups and pages that go with the same interest as the style of the clothes they sell.

Your chances are large, so you aprovéchalas to the maximum. Also do not forget the interaction and consistency in social networks, stay active every day, this will improve the positioning and your followers will not forget.