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Guide to create mobile games – Guide, Features and Tips

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How to start in creating mobile games?

If we go to the app store on our phone, we can see the large number of applications that exist today, and are in all possible categories. However, they are still taking first place and that they would shoot higher return on investment remain mobile games. It is for this reason that, if you have knowledge in application development, creating games or just interested in this activity as a profitable business, you are welcome to stay until the end to tell you everything you need to know.

We know that starting a business is not easy, so we propose, in today’s post, introduce all the key information from what you know about its functioning, to the requirements, tips and other data more.

Let us begin!


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How does a business phone games?

A business like this is to make money through mobile games, which invest in their development, launch and operation, while at the same time, we can establish a fee for its use. It’s a business idea that requires no experience, but knowledge in the area, even if you’re the developer of the application, it will have to be on top of everything that happens, including any problems or concerns of users.

Now, how to make money with phone games ?, where profits arise? Creating mobile games can be just as expensive and costly than developing games for any platform, so we have to have a business plan that outlines how we will recover the investment. To do this you can set a regular fee for the use of the game, online shopping for resources and tools within the same game or monetizing with advertising within the application, although the latter often displease users, but can propose a payment for the disappearance of advertising.

What you need to start a business mobile gaming?

Appearance or image of a game can easily attract or divert attention from users, hence the design when making games for phones is so important. The design of the game itself should revolve around the gameplay. The story runs the game, personal and final appearance are key to the game designer. You can create a game for Android or iOS that is unique.

On the other hand, it is extremely important to choose the right technology for application development, it the following tools appear: HTML5, programming, Unity 3D native language for creating games and other items for creating games may be native, hybrids and crossplatform such as Xamarin, Marmalade or 2D Cocos.

If you want to create a good game you need good professionals. Platforms like Yeeply can help you find the right team for a project like yours.

How to start a business phone games step by step?

When planning to start a business like this, it is extremely important that we opt for an idea of ​​game whose dynamics are easy to understand, in this way will be more successful than games with complicated dynamic or difficult to understand. In the event that your game needs a more complex dynamic game we suggest you go introducing it gradually through a good ‘onboarding’. It is better to also use the first steps in the game as a tutorial explaining how everything and go to the user to launch the game without more work.

If you do not have expertise in this field, ideally find an expert for application development, which involves an investment of money that supports the mobile application. Make sure you have a professional, as well as a designer to create, as you like, the whole picture of the game to be released with the application.

Tips to undertake with key phone games

The first is to create a good idea for a successful mobile game. If you do not have a good base, an idea that we know will like and not get anywhere. There is no exact formula for success to get an idea of ​​this kind succeed and not fail, but with effort and dedication we get the results we expect.

It is imperative that unique, original, different. It is difficult to make a difference to creating games because there are millions. What we have to do is desmarcarnos what is already done. Although there are games that are similar to our idea, if our idea is good we have to work to make a better proposal.

Weak points:Today we can find a wide range of games available for mobile app stores, many of them operating in a “free” initially, so many users have become accustomed to accepting advertising use. It is why make charges for its use, you can make many users reject it at first instance.

Points in favor:It is a business idea that you can start from the comfort of your home, it only requires the use of digital tools at the range of your computer. On the other hand, online businesses allow rapid growth and have a positive outlook, because e-commerce is booming and increasingly use more applications for different activities, in this case, for entertainment.

Gaming applications are placed on the list of the most downloaded in the world, thus establishing variety of choices in languages, you can reach different countries, which will increase the size of your business.

Sure there are those who wait for your game, do not wait any longer and launch your own business phone gaming applications.