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How to open an eBay store – Online store – Virtual store

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Start a shop on Ebay

You are looking for a practical way to increase sales of your company? A modern system ready to reach new customers? An effective tool by clicking buy the web? The answer to all your questions is called eBay. One of the most effective ways to start selling, stay to learn more.

So, why open a shop on eBay? Simply because eBay is the leader in online sales, it has no competitors and provides unparalleled visibility. It has more than 10 million unique visitors per month, with an average of one item sold every second (about 86,000 transactions a day).

In today’s post we tell you everything you need to know about how to start selling this virtual store located as one of the most important e-commerce.

Let us begin!

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What is eBay and how it works?

We begin by the main questions and it involves presenting eBay. Well, this is one of the portals major auction in the world, as it allows the sale of any product online, creating, in a few simple steps, a virtual store to manage autonomy, flexibility and accessibility, through your account private. In this way each person, trader or entrepreneur can start.

eBay becomes an excellent alternative for those seeking more efficient ways and fast selling products, because the platform already has recognition and market experience, what allowed has won many visitors and frequent users who always go in search something. So if you have products but do not want even open your own shop, either because they want to save, etc., this is an excellent way to start.

Start requirements for your eBay store

Before starting the sale of products and the use of the site in general it is extremely important that you take the time to familiarize yourself with it. Know not only its functionality, customization options, use of images, recommendations, etc, but also the conditions of use, the fee charged per transaction restrictions for the seller, among others that should be analyzed before starting.

In the same way, be sure that the images that you incorporate into your store, are good quality images and accompanying information must be truthful and be in real time. Place all the information that may be requested by users to streamline the decision, invite them to buy and if possible, add a video for the product you’re selling. Products must be in a specific category to give the exact search or at the least, as much as possible close of the user.

Getting started with your Ebay store

Now let’s proceed calmly to better explain how to open a store on eBay. For this you need to enter the main store page. Once there, you must register in section Open an eBay store, choose the type of store according to your needs, price value, products and other variants.

Once you have chosen, add a name for your store. We move on to the next point: the aesthetics of the store. There you can modify to customize most of the appearance of the page, and the functional factor, setting the terms of sale and delivery of the product, good management, marketing tools, among other options.

You can also set a period of closing the shop where buyers can not buy because you’re not there. All management operations and items can be easily done from the panel internal configuration of the store.

Start a shop on Ebay

Tips for Selling on eBay

Remember that much of the attention bears the image and overall design of your store, that although you do not have the possibility to modify all other accounts with many options to customize your own store within eBay. Be sure to give your own touch to start soon be recognized and differentiated from others.

Remember that on eBay, all available items can be arranged easily from the panel configuration at any time, gives you the opportunity to make any modification, addition or deletion of your choice. Be sure to create an attractive shop with bright colors and in which it is nice to stay while the user makes the trip looking for what you need.

Weak points:although not well need an official request for VAT to open a store on eBay, if your trade becomes a permanent need, with rapid growth and increased demand, then you worry about opening one. You’ll be able to become autonomous and responding to the implications that this entails. You can seek advice from an accountant to have more information on this aspect.

Points in favor: one of the points we should highlight when opening a business or eBay store is that we are selling on a platform that already has a good position recognition in the market, it is popular and therein lies much of our possibilities therefore has a very large influx of public, expanding our sales opportunities concrete.

On the other hand, start a business with a store how are you, allows you to concentrate on other parts of your business and even whet new sales channels while the public take advantage of having eBay. You can operate from home, so you do not require a local operation to launch it.

You just need to enter the eBay home page, where all its stores are stored to highlight business opportunities and profitability offered by this e-commerce platform. Be sure to focus well your project to appear between the user searches and thus have greater opportunities to sell.

What kind of business you have in mind? Tell us your idea!